So who else thinks inventories are way, way too tiny?

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    @ComradeP I don't think it works that way. From what I've read, each character has, for the lack of a better term, pre-set "inventory" slots for every single container, whether they possess one or not. If you have two anvils, say, and fill one up with items, close it, and open the other, you should see the same items you put into the first one. I have yet to test this, mind you, it's just what I've read.
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    @Daiug Are you sure? I've only checked it with empty crafting tools, but those stack normally whenever you click on sort. It's possible that they won't stack if there's something in them, haven't tried it yet.

    @Detnom I haven't tested it yet, so it's just a theoretical possibility. If the items would be the same when you close them and open them again, the question remains what would happen when you place items in them when multiple containers of the same type are open at the same time (haven't checked whether that's possible, though).

    Edit: Hmm, yes, must've ran into a one time glitch as you're right Detnom, you can't open two tools of the same type at the same time.
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    I actually just tested that too, got my hands on two ingot presses because I wasn't sure, and showed the same result. Nice to know for sure, at least.
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    All crafting items of the same kind share the same inventory screen. This is useful when, for instance, you put a crafting item inside of itself along with some other stuff, and then close the window - in order to get your stuff back, all you need to do is find another copy of that crafting item and open it.
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    Yeah, I walked around until I found more tools and tested it on a distiller. I only recall getting two anvils to pop up at the same time, but that was probably a one time glitch. It was too good to be true. Well, it would add a lot of micromanagement ("what did I put in anvil 10?") but it would also give a significant boost to inventory space.

    As I posted on another forum, currently the sheer amount of stuff remind me a bit of Arx Fatalis where you'd find truckloads of stuff with an unclear purpose that you just want to pick up because we're used to being packrats in RPG's. Of course, the same applies for many MMORPG's or Bethesda titles, but at least you have convenient spots to place your items there (in some house you claim for yourself, for example).

    I recall how I enjoyed creating sort of a bag of holding/bottomless Pandora's box for random stuff in Ultima Online back when it was released, with layers of chests in the inventory containing all kinds of stuff from closets to weapons. Everybody could be a walking supermarket/furniture retailer/hardware store/arms dealer all at the same time.
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    @Skymuffin If you need 2 full rows for food, you must be doing something wrong.
    You barely need more than 1 full row in your quickbar. Just stock up on diggle eggs, convert them to deep omelets, and stack the really good healing cheese items in your hot bar. You really don't need two full rows ever.

    And for potions, you don't need that many besides the healing and the freeze potions for the frost golems in floor 4.
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    Just joined to chime in here, I'm surprised by the inventory size as well. If this was a simple Roguelike game then it would make sense, but it's a Roguelike game with an item crafting component.
  8. I went pure rogue. Between all the traps I pick up, tinker components, different arrows it leaves very little room for much else. I can't imagine taking 2 crafting skills.

    Would love to see a quiver at the very least.
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    Crafting is what really puts a burden on the inventory system.
    How about this: For each crafting skill you take, you start with a crafting materials bag of maybe 10 or so slots.
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    What about findable/craftable pouches? Or a skill! "Packrat". The skill line would give you extra inventory slots and maybe some other minor things, though I'm at a loss as to what.
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    @Varil: bonus spiritual damage based on how many different kinds of cheese you're carrying :)
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    If Dungeons of Dredmor was an ironman game where you had to use something or lose it when your inventory filled up, the cramped space would make sense.

    As it is, making hoards is in your advantage - the only negative is the huge amounts of time wasted for the player. There's no reason not to have a larger inventory space as a pragmatic thing.
  13. Bronze

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    Maybe they could just add recipes to crafting skills that allow you to create a separate inventory bag for extra space. It could be tagged so it only allows you to put crafting materials in them. It could be themed to fit the skill for example blacksmiths tool box, Tinker's utility belt, Alchemists portable lab (think suitcase full of vials or some kind of camel back type pack)

    Not sure there are enough items in game though that would make sense to combine to create those kinds of things though. I guess these new kinds of materials could always be added as new crafting items. :)

    A tailor skill would be cool if it was a hybrid that allowed you to use it as a healing skillset (sewing wounds up, creating bandages) and be able to create sacks, pouches, packs.

    I realize thats all complicated to add in. The simplest solution would be to just make default inventory bigger.
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    "So who else thinks inventories are way, way too tiny?"

    *raises hand*

    The time I spend running back to sell things and sort through my inventory to figure out what I want to keep would be better spent playing the game. I loved how in Gothic 2 you could pick up everything and keep everything without having to worry about "will I need this later?"

  15. EchoingZen

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    There are far too many items for the backpack space available. One addition line of backpack per craft skills sounds pretty sexy.
  16. mellow

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    I think it's fine the way it is. If you're running out of space, just drop the items on the ground near an exit.
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    I think all craft item shouldn't even take up ANY space. Just make a list. And instead of putting items in, just drop the whole put in cube thing, replace it with the select recipe list we already have, and simply click/confirm on the recipe to make the item directly.

    And with that implimented, REDUCE the current inventory size so we still have to make good choices about useful items and consumables, and not rather we should even choose craft skills at all.

    Fungal should just give a 15% or 20% chance to drop random mushroom per kill. That way we won't have super spore farm every monster on floor 1 and 2. While much less tedious, it is also much less OP than the current 100% chance.

    Come on now, the difficulty of a game shouldn't be about how tedious it is to craft, or grow mushrooms. Interface should be simplified and quick so we can spend more time to to kick ass or die.
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    I think it's perfectly fine. Of course you'll be tight for space if you choose all of the crafting skills, plus crossbow or throwing skills, but that's the price you pay for not specialising.

    If it did become possible to craft bags for ingredients, then the bags should a) take up one inventory space, b) have four or six slots of capacity, and c) only hold the appropriate ingredients.
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    So the price people are paying is how "tedious" it is? I don't buy that.

    The price of Craft is 1 skill pick and 4 levels. The price tag is already high enough even before the inventory. And if that's not enough, then make it 5 skills. Don't make tedious as a mean of balancing the game, because then every top build will be the played the most tedious way conceivable. (ex. Fungal, Archeology)

    And yes I played a craft character before, while I never felt like I can't decide what to throw away, it was still tedious as hell. Manage inventory, look at recipe, look at craft components, put parts in, craft, find space in inventory to put back in, throw away something......

    Or to put this in DoD terms, please don't balance the game with real life Lingering Dullness, Soul Price, and Curse of the Mind.