So the Necromancy perk...

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  1. Lordxorn

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    I would like to know if anyone has successfully used this one and it's accompanying spell that basically kills you with your target, which makes handling more than 1 monster impossible?

    I was thinking maybe Vampirism, and Blood Mage? Are these enough to offset the curse you get for casting the Death spell?
  2. Nicholas

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    Take different picks to get you past L. 1, Necronomiconomics, Blood Magic, and Magic Training. Necronomiconomics is all about the spells *after* Deathly Hex, which is... admittedly, kinda rubbish.
  3. dbaumgart

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    I disagree!
    You just need to stack Necronomiconomics with necromantic resist bonus items/spells. For example the first level Astrology spell Radiant Aura gives 1 necromantic resist (if I recall correctly) and this will halve the self-damage from casting Deathly Hex. The Necro spell Mark of Chthon is even better and fully nullifies the necromantic damage from Deathly Hex - then what you've got is a really cheap and effective direct-damage spell.
  4. Codpanzee

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    I fully agree with David.
    I was lucky enough to find a +2 necro resist ring on the first shop! Just wearing that and using the Radiant Aura enabled me to spam endless Death Hex like crazy. Costs all of 2 mana, absolutely awesome spell.
    I used the mustache golem to get me started though, that is very powerful on the first level.

    And now the game crashes on loading that savegame. I submitted it to Gaslamp games for inspection, I had so much fun with that game...
  5. Lordxorn

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    Thanks guys, exactly the kind of tips I was looking for.