So I have some concerns about end game content.

Discussion in 'Clockwork Empires General' started by BillyBabel, Jun 28, 2016.

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    I absolutely love and adore clockwork empires, I bought the game as soon as it was available and have enjoyed messing around with it, but I must say when I saw the blog post that said that the game is now only months from release I have become a bit concerned because it still seems like there is a major dearth of end game content. Cultists still seem to be wonky, there aren't any impressive eldar gods except for a few minor nuisances, and we haven't really seen anything of the upper class systems except for a few models here and there.

    Should we expect a significant amount of the late game content that has been hinted at and planned to simply not make it, or is this like a case of having the frame built and everything else falling into place?
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    I can confirm they're definitely going to work on cults, and that upper class citizens will be used in an interesting manner at some point. (The devs recently mentioned it)

    Other stuff... well, I think they're saving it for the end. Nicholas teased us once with a pic of a massive brick defensive fort with a Gatling gun. Snoots (pipes networks) are still confirmed. Vehicles (I think) are still coming. I think they HAVE to use that Big Momma Obeliskian in the original promotional video - I mean come on, that's a must.

    I know, it seems unimaginable for all this stuff to come in a few months, but I think if the back end is solid enough, they can plug some of the more fun stuff in a little easier.
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    Agreed with the OP, although personally, what I'd appreciate the most is some assurance that Steam Workshop will be implemented in some timely fashion after CE is released (if that hasn't already been announced).

    There are plenty of changes and additions that can be made to the game once there aren't half a dozen updates coming through every month that blow away mods.
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    I'm pretty certain it's the latter, if you look into the game's files you can find a bunch of Fun Stuff sitting around and not really doing anything.
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    @Unforked I have seen the Big Momma; she is not nice!
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    Not the Mamma I mean. The one in the original trailer is massive... building sized really.:)
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    it looks like my fears are true, there is a huge slew of stuff that seems like it won't make it into the game.
  8. Daynab

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    We've been explaining a lot about what our decisions have been, and how we will keep improving the game and adding more stuff in this thread, if you'd like more details.
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    Looks like it's pretty much confirmed none of this is happening, at least in the initial release. Maybe the big Obeliskian, but not the snoots, vehicles, or upper class gameplay.
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    Just want to remind anyone who didn't notice that my post was from June.

    And I was, as I often am, wrong about certain predictions. At least I was right about Quaggaroth! :p
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    Oh, didn't mean that to sound hostile, apologies.
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    Oh not at all, just clarifying, since a lot of times when threads are bumped people don't notice the post dates.
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