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    I've been looking for a way to get level 6 or 7 in smithing, required to craft the best items, but nobody seems to know. I assume there must be an item with a smithing skill increase, or even a potion like the potion of alchemical inspiration - but I've yet to come across one.

    Does anyone know how to accomplish this?
  2. HowlingLotus

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    There is only a potion in the base game that increases Alchemy by 1 level for 30 turns that I've seen so far.
    The developers have said the increased levels for crafting will be discovered soon enough (sign of expansion!?).
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    Only way to get :smithing:6/:smithing:7 is in the expansion. There is a special "blessing" you can receive on the very lowest floors that'll boost all your crafting stats by 2 (except :wand_burn: because of a bug). The room where you receive the blessing is hidden behind destructible walls.
  4. New expansion or RoTDG?
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    There is a way to use the recipes, but it involves a secret room that only appears after floor 10.

    Otherwise, it is a sign that an expansion is coming.
  6. The current implementation is sort of lame. Looking forward to a new expansion and paying Gaslamp for their work. I have bought many packs of this game that I regularly give to friends!
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    Spoiler: It's a diggle god