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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by sickfreak, Nov 13, 2012.

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    Idea what i would like to sea, but have no skills to accomplish. A slot machine could look similar to vending machines. You could gamble your zorkmids for some gear or random stuff. You could be able to summon it or it could be in pocket dimension and/or replace some vending machines. By summoning i mean the floor with rune sockets in ground, found out it has a free combination. I would like to know is it possible and would anyone be willing to create something like that?
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  2. You couldn't have it replace random vending machines (those are hardcoded), but it would be easy enough to mod a new room that showed up from time to time and included a lever-pull with those effects, or (if you were willing to tweak core-game files) add a special 'lotto ticket' item that only spawned as an alternate rune combinations.

    Heck, if there are any spriters willing to throw together a shiny image for a slots machines I might even add one to my own mod.
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    I like the slot machine suggestion. That would be cool.