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    Hey, all.I said I'd make the skill, and I did. Witcher is essentially a grab bag of different skills, based on the Witcher series of short stories, novels and games by Andrzej Sapowski (I have a signed English copy of The Last Wish :D) . It's supposed to be a bit of everything, as is the flavour of the character, andthe skill reflects that. Technically it's a rogue skill, but it makes use of anything and everything.

    Please comment on the stat boosts, too.

    Witcher is intended to be limited by the following: a) poor mana efficiency, b) lack of range, c) the reliance on many different stats, making some skills useless if you power others by stacking certain stats, and d) high buyins to the good stuff at the end of the skill tree. If that's still not enough, I may have to come up with different weaknesses.

    I don't think having two multibuff buffs on at the same time should have that much of a problem (tested with Combo Breaker from RR and Heliotrop active at the same time), but if there're any issues, please tell me.

    Any and all comments welcome. Without further ado:


    Changelog for v0.2:
    -More nerfs to stat bonuses.
    -Quen now drains mana only on block, but drain% and mana upkeep increased, bonuses decreased.



    "Going under the name of 'White Eyebrows', you travel through a gritty fantasy world slaying monsters for money, exploring social issues, and being witty and sarcastic in general."

    Level 1: Mutant!


    "Various Trials performed on you as a child have enhanced your vitality and sight, as well as giving you some basic training in alchemy to prepare your Witcher's potions."

    *1:life_regen:, 1:sight:, 1:alchemy:

    Level 2: Sign of Aard


    "One of the small spells Witchers use to aid themselves in combat, the Aard sign allows you to use a powerful telekinetic force to shove away enemies and objects in front of you."

    *1:sagacity:, 1:magic_power:
    *8 turn cooldown.
    *Knockback in a 2x3 box (template 89, accompanied by (2+0.1:magic_power:) of :dmg_blast: and :dmg_aphyxiative:. Intended to be a support spell.

    Level 3: Sign of Igni


    "Another Witcher's cantrip, the Igni sign allows you to damage enemies in front of you with fire and explosive energy."

    *1:crit: 1:haywire: 1:dmg_conflagratory:
    *Cost: 12-16 :mana:
    * (8+0.45:magic_power:) :dmg_blast: and (3+0.25:magic_power:) :dmg_conflagratory: damage in a 2x3 box (template 89), followed by a small residual flamefield that does (4+0.1:magic_power:) :dmg_conflagratory:.

    Level 4: Toxin resistance


    "After having imbibed so many of your own potions, you've built up a measure of resistance to poisons in general."

    *1:resist_toxic:1:resist_acidic:1:resist_putrefying: 3:life: 1:life_regen: 1:alchemy:

    Level 5: Combat Acumen


    "Years of slaying, negotiating with and uncovering the truth behind monsters has left you with a quick mind and - and reflexes, if need be. When you counter, you have a chance of getting a third attack on a monster."

    *On a successful counter, 50% chance to get a third attack.

    Level 6: Sign of Yrden


    "Using the Yrden Sign allows a Witcher to create a magical trap that will snare anything that steps on it. The Sign is rigged such that you can't harm yourself with it, but stepping on the Sign yourself will waste it."

    *1:savvy: 1:sagacity:1:trap_level: 1:trap_sense:
    *Cost: 16-20 :mana:
    *Creates a 1x1 non-permanent mine on the ground that lasts 20 turns and stuns for two turns, followed by root for another 6. The effect is unresistable.

    Level 7: Sign of Quen


    "A defensive Witcher's Sign, the Quen Sign provides heavy protection and shocks all enemies around the Witcher on a successful block. Be forewarned, though - when the Sign is active, mana will not regenerate and each hit taken will drain some from you."

    * 2:armor_asorb:, 5:block:
    *Cost: 12-20 :mana:. Drains :mana: at 1 per 3 turns.
    *Activated buff. When active:
    -3:armor_asorb: and 12:block:
    -On successful block, shocks all enemies around the player for (30+0.65:magic_power:) :dam_voltaic: (template 20)
    -Drains 8% of total :mana: if the player succesfully blocks.
    -Mana does not regenerate while Quen is active. (I.E. -99:mana_regen:)

    Level 8: Sign of Heliotrop


    "Made by crossing one's arms, the Sign of Heliotrop not only acts as a buffer against magical forces, but also enhances a Witcher's reflexes to inhuman levels."

    *3:magic_resist: 5:reflection: 2:dmg_aethereal: 2:resist_aethereal:.
    *12 turn duration, 36 turn cooldown.
    *Buff allows two attacks per turn (multibuff=2) and grants 10:magic_resist: 10:reflection:.


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    Very cool, long skill, too! I'll give it a try soon.
  3. Null

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    This seems pretty cool. It may be a bit strong but I certainly like a lot of the ideas in it.

    Just to mention: the amount for knock has absolutely nothing to do with how strong it is and doesn't affect anything afaik.
  4. lccorp2

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    Thanks for the heads-up!

    Like Radiant Wizard, the numbers can definitely be tweaked down if need be later, but I'm trying to get the mechanics up and running right now. I'm not completely sure if blockBuff works in a buff tag at the moment (and can't really test it out), but hopefully the current setup should work for Combat Acumen, at least.

    Edit: Fixed some issues with the Quen buff. The proc should be working properly now (even if it does nothing in 1.0.9 due to drainmana being broken)
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    First level seems a bit strong (compare to 1st level Alchemy). 4th level seems a bit weak, but probably made up for by the decency of levels 3 and 5. Overall, I like this. :)
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    Hmm, I might shift one point of regen from level 1 to 4, then.

    Edit: Done.

    Another edit: minor nerfs to stats given are in the works. Nerfs to Aard, Igni, combat acumen, Quen, and Heliotrop are in the works and under playtesting. Also, fixed some spelling errors. Gah, I should have opened my eyes more when testing.
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    Minor update for 1.0.10.
  8. Essence

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    Have you tested the mana drain on the Sign of Quen? Last I checked, the drain command was borked.
  9. lccorp2

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    Yes. It now uses drainCasterMana instead of drainMana.

    By all accounts, it should now be fixed.
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    I had to add an ID number to the skill, and refer to it in the skill levels in order to get this mod to work.

    IE: ID="###" and skill="###"
  11. lccorp2

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    What version are you running? The skillname syntax is only available for 1.0.10 onwards.
  12. Essence

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    Actually, even in 1.0.10, some mods have had random problems with the naming conventions. Compleat Essential Skills uses ID numbers because, if I tried to run it all by skillname, half of the skills randomly didn't give archetype levels. So it's not quite perfect.
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    Hmm, I've never had a problem with it myself. I'll go and do a couple of Witcher runs, see how things work out.
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    Hey Lccorp2, I just wanted to say this is hands down your best work (and one of the best single skill mods on the forum at that) and I'd really love for it to be on steam workshop.