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    Ok, well assuming that you want this to be a balanced kind of thing, there are a few basic things that need to happen just to start.

    First, the entire second skill has to go. Entirely. It's unsalvagable.

    Second, the first skill should be split into two consecutive levels that each give "just" +1 to all 6 primary stats. These two levels are the "entry fee" that you pay to get into the rest of the skill, where the meat is.

    Psycharmor's passive stat bonuses should go away, but the active skill is fine It's basically "you spend 25% of your turns much harder to hurt", which is fine as a level.

    Seasoned Veteran would be fine if you just take the Magic Reflect away. It's definitely on the strong side, but not so much that it's breaking.

    Desolate Arts needs to choose between the +3 spell/melee power and everything else. Either one of those is a very strong level on it's own; both at the same time is nuts.

    True Indy Fan needs to lose the active skill, it steps too directly on Archaeology's toes. The +5 Trap Level is far too strong, it should be dropped to +2. And Plunder is broken anway, so having it doesn't do anything.

    Deth Stalker is actually fine as a capstone skill to me.

    That's my take on it, take it or leave it. :)
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    Skill 2 can't be salvaged for legit? do you mean the lockpicks or the crafting bonuses?
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    Both. Burglary gets the ability to make three lockpicks on a 45 turn cooldown, and the crafting bonuses basically invalidate five other whole skill trees.
  4. I was considering making a skill tree like this, one that provides extremely high bonuses, but I was planning on merging it into the spirit of Dungeons of Dredmor humor by calling it "Munchkin", and adding in a bunch of occasionally proccing "Low-impact character flaws". I'd also throw in a handful of references to some of the most notorious Mary Sues in the realm of fiction.

    Dungeons of Dredmor isn't like Minecraft; a lot of the fun comes not from the crazy stuff you can do in the game, but in the difficulty of actually beating it. As such, balance is absolutely CRUCIAL in a mod. If you don't have it, you must, MUST make sure you balance it, and until then, you HAVE to make sure that anybody downloading the mod knows that it's overpowered.

    I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. If you make an unbalanced mod, and somebody uses it without realizing this, and uses it to beat the game for the first time, that would be a sad, devastating realization that would render their first victory utterly empty.

    I'm like Essence in that I'm honestly confused as to whether or not you actually realize that this skill tree is overpowered. If you're aware of it, you should add a sizable disclaimer to the OP to make it EXPLICITLY clear that you're aware of this, to avoid more pointless banter on the subject.

    If you DO want to make this balanced, however, I'd be happy to help.
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    i see your point... taken into consideration for a legit version but lets discuss something. Lets say you want to make a dual wield warrior proficient in BOTH maces and staves for crafting weapons... that boggles down 5 choices if you take alchemy and smithing. Then maybe berserker and assassination to round out the seven . So in essence with the present version of this you could go the above route and take a more dmg oriented approach and possibly survive the named mobs with something like: dual wield, maces, staves, Dungeon Master, Assassination, Perception, Berserker Rage. I would've wanted to add the "dual wield" proficiency to this tree as well but couldnt find the variable to make it happen. I'll work on some polished versions in the upcoming days but my 49cc motorized longboard is coming in the mail later today so i will be a little distracted, LOL.

    and on the lockpicks... so lets say i make the skill take shredded cheesex1, ground beefx1, and spawn lockpickx1 CD 10 turns?
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    See post #19.
  7. Can you elaborate? It honestly looks on the face of it as if you were simply dodging the question there. Nobody here can help you until you actually give a straight answer on this point. Do you want to balance this or not?

    And on another note, constructive criticism actually does consist of criticism. It sounds like you think constructive criticism is just positive feedback.
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  8. That's actually drastically underpowered, surprisingly enough. How about this:

    I'm all for a "jack of all trades" class, so that you don't find yourself forced to take multiple skill trees just for that ONE ability that's "have this or die", but the key thing is the other half of that term. It's jack of all trades, MASTER OF NONE.

    If you wanted to change the level to 1 in every crafting skill and a much higher-cooldown version of lucky pick, that would be great probably.
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    Ah, I know what you were going for with this mod and post. I used to make posts like this that would confuse the shit out of people, completely unintentionally, about what my tone was on it and get a lot of flack for it. I try not to do it anymore because you can't pass tone through the interwebz, as I learned....
    I was captured by the name of the mod, being a D&D player, but I don't think it's my cup of tea. I guess other peeps can have fun with it.
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    Thank you man. while it does overpower you, i like it for goofing around after one to many deaths with permadeath activated, if you know what i mean.
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    It would be nice if the OP would list the new crafting recipes and items as well as the skills and whatnot. I had a devil of a time figuring out which of the mods I have installed was giving the blank craft outputs that were crashing my game on mouseover, and it would have been much faster if I'd be aware in the first place that this mod came with new recipes. (-runs off to try and edit the files to make the crashes and blank output boxes go away).

    Update: It looks like the OP might have intended to include crafting recipes for the new items he made, but didn't get around to changing it before uploading, as the file was still pointing at old item names from I think..swashbuckling and the Clockwork Knight mod. I went through and switched some things around so its no longer pointing at objects that dont' exist, and instead points to the new objects that came with the mod. I'll upload the craftDB.xml here so anyone who actually wishes to use this mod for testing purposes doesn't end up with errors in their crafting dialog just by having the mod installed. Just replace the craftDB file in the Dungeon Master/mods folder.

    Btw, I'm a bit lazy to look up the stats, the the items that came with this mod are:

    Trapper's Ale

    Silver Dagger
    Rainbow Bat'leth
    Fireman's Axe
    Dwarven Urgosh
    Frying Pan
    Pan of Pippin
    Zombie Feather

    Gorgoneion (Shield)
    Hobbitskin Boots
    Swashbuckling Galoshes
    Chef's Hat
    Executioner's Hood
    Gas Mask
    Fingerless Gloves
    Surgical Gloves
    Aphrodite's Girdle

    (Note, I'm not the OP, just a fellow player of DoD who happened to DL the mod and found the errors. Any criticism -be it constructive or not- should be directed to the OP)

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    This class doesn't look balanced for general play but it would probably be good for use while debugging other mods.