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    I had several ideas for skills, and thought to collate them into one thread! Thing is, I'm no modder and don't really have the time to learn, unfortunately. So, they remain suggestions unless/until someone else makes them.

    Vicar of Lutefisk - a Wizard Skill
    As an ordained devotee of the Lutefisk god, you can call upon him and his mysterious power for aid. Starts with a pair of Fishy Floppies, footwear that boosts your enemy dodge reduction stat through its most holy odor. Alternatively, as Tomes are now an item type, starts you with The Word of Cod, a collection of the Lutefisk God's scriptures (grants righteous damage and resist or something along those lines)

    Sample skills:
    Holy Odors: The basic first skill. Grants you passive dodge and enemy dodge reduction due to your powerful holy stink. Also gives some scaling acid/putrefying resist in the tree.

    Holy Empowferment: To most, lutefisk is a vaguely unappetizing foodstuff. You, however, have seen its true power, it's TRUE POTENTIAL! You can sacrifice a piece of lutefisk with this spell to empower yourself. Gain a bonus to your magic stats, and deal extra righteous damage on hit.

    Just a Little Fishy: Summons one of those new fish enemies to be your celestial companion. You know, to get in the way of stuff trying to kill you and to die horribly in traps meant for you.

    A Little White Lye: hurls a blob of lye at the foe dealing some acidic (yes, I know, but basic damage isn't in the game) or putrefying damage to the foe. There is a 50% chance nothing will drop, a 25% chance to get soap (useless) and a 25% chance to get a bit of lutefisk.

    Power Word SKOL: The most powerful skill in the tree. Deals hefty transmutation damage as it transforms your foes flesh into the food of the god. Leaves behind a stack of Lutefisk roughly proportional to the amount of damage dealt.


    And now, ladies and gents, I have developed a new skill concept! Tremble in awe!

    Knight Errand - a Warrior Skill
    Bound by mysterious, and long, vows to Inconsequentia, goddess of pointless sidequests, the true Knight Errand knows no weariness. He also knows no end to the laundry list of things Inconsequentia will have him do.

    Sample skills:
    Questant 's Fervor: A Knight Errand's work is never truly done; his devotion and extreme belief are his shield. Grants a bonus to burliness and stubborness. Tree grants a scaling buff against existentialism damage.

    One More Thing! Being Inconsequentia's chosen one is not easy, but it has its reward. All quests from Inconsequentia now have two objectives, but also have higher odds of giving better loot.

    Questing Beast: Inconsequentia sends her pet Pelly, the Questing Beast to aid you. You assume. You've never really seen it, to be honest. Summons a perpetually invisible ally to your aid

    Oh, and Another Thing! Inconsequentia's got your number now. Literally, that fancy iPhone you brought with you (don't think she didn't notice) and she's just remembered something else she forgot to tell you! Once per character level, Inconsequentia will give you a quest out of the blue. (This quest will only have one objective). Grants a passive bonus to burliness and stubbornness.

    Her Favored's Favor: Blessed are you! Increases your probability based statistics (Enemy dodge rate, critical hit, spell haywire) a little. In addition, has a chance when performing an act to increase the odds of that occurrence. (i.e. You dodge an enemy, you get a bonus to dodge. You counter an enemy, you get a bonus to counter) This buff does not stack with itself.

    Last One, Promise! Truly, thou art a model of patience. Quests from Inconsequentia's shrines now have three objectives, and her cold-call missions now have two objectives. That said, you're getting good loot! In addition, For every quest objective completed, you gain a bonus to health (or some other good stat). This bonus is retroactive, taking into account quests already completed.


    Cryogeneticist - a Wizard Skill
    "Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology." Thus spake the great wizard Clarke. And behold, the capability to use the incredible infinite possibilities of the structure of life to control the laws of thermodynamics. It's VERY highly advanced magic.

    Gives the player a pair of "Cool Jeans" at character creation. Stat block left to your imagination. Also, the tree gives stacking cold resist.

    Histone Cold: by carefully spooling your dish of eukleotide DNA with special histones, you take thermal energy out of the air and you create a blast of sudden, severe cold. typically meant to be directed at one's foes. A short range projectile of hyperborean damage (similar to Dragon's Breath.) Leaves a lingering field of hyperborean damage (like Dragon's Breath) (Ok, to be honest, this IS Dragon's Breath, only Hyperborean)

    Carbonite Freeze: by creating sympathetic reactions between the common carbon atoms within your foes and your spell components, you can freeze your foes solid. Stuns a foe for a short time and turns them into an immobile impassible, un-targettable block of ice. When the foe is frozen, it cannot damage or be damaged in any way. Castable on self (just be careful not to kill yourself).

    Fimbulvelter: Fimbulvetr is the harsh winter that precedes the end of the world and puts an end to all life on Earth. (Credit: Wikipedia). And for the low, low price of bits of your genetic code, you can call a bit early! Creates a frigid storm of cold air around you, dealing hyperborean damage in an area around your person for several turns. This field moves with you at its eye.

    Summon Maxwell's Demon: Calls forth a demonic servant of the dread wizard James Clerk Maxwell. This damage deals hyperborean damage to everything it hits and conflagatory damage to everything that hits it in accordance with the laws of thermodynamics.

    Ice 9: The most powerful hyperboran spell of all. Uses specially modified thaumites to deal damage over time to your foes. When the foe dies by any means, this spell explodes, damaging all targets in the square around them and infecting them with the mighty, but somewhat less powerful Ice 8. When those foes die, they in turn explode and inflict the not quite as mighty Ice 7. And so on and so forth. These ice spells do not stack; foes are only afflicted by the most powerful form they have been exposed to.


    Thief of Time - a Rogue Skill
    You know how people are always complaining about not having enough time? That's because of you.

    Starts the player with a Second Hand Watch. "It goes ding when there's stuff!"

    Stolen Moment: You steal a moment of your foes time. This manifests as a single item in your inventory. This moment can be consumed to give yourself two actions on your next turn. Don't do it more than once, it'll cause a paradox. (Lutefisk explosion)

    CLOCK!: Sometimes, you just have to take them out. Hits an enemy over the head with a clock. Deals bludgeoning damage and can stun.

    A Snitch in Time: Your past self, future self, or maybe your present-future-past...something... self stole an item from Brax and left it waiting in a special temporally locked (i.e., the key got locked inside) chest outside for you. Using 10 (or so) moments allows you to unlock this chest safely.

    Second Guess: Ok, that last turn did NOT just happen. And it didn't. Costs 15 (or so) Moments, long cool-down.

    EMERGENCY TEMPORAL SHIFT: Consumes the remainder of your Moments to make your getaway! (Requires at least 25 or so.) Teleports you to a random location on the last (or if not possible, this) floor.


    I will continue to add skills as I brainstorm them. For future speculation, here are the names of some skills I have devised:

    Law Ninja
    Power Suit
    Page of NI!
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    I like it. Seems like a fun use for lutefisk. Maybe they should start with a horadric lutefisk cube?
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    Updated with another skill-set! Welcome all, the Knight Errand!

    EDIT: This post is now a home for the skills that wouldn't fit in the first post.

    By the Book - a Warrior Skill
    Build those puny academic muscles, clobber those monsters, and chase away your boredom with some engaging reading material all at the same time!

    Starts the player with a book: "Colonel Sassacre's Daunting Text of Magical Frivolity and Practical Japery." The absolutely preposterous size of this book made it ideal for passing great lengths of time when you were stuck at home, but it may come in handy on your adventure too, now that you can lift it. Grants bludgeoning damage and resistance.

    Not-So-Dumbell: Years of training have enabled you to lift your books high enough to hit your enemies over the head. Nicely done. Gives some combat (and possibly magic) benefits when wielding books.

    FOR ACADEMIA!: Sometimes you put a little extra effort into it and leap (a full three inches!) through the air and whollop your foes a little harder. Has a chance to deal extra bludgeoning damage and puts your foes to sleep.

    Black and Blue and Read All Over: Bit by bit you're getting better at making sure it's them as much as you. Gives you more combat bonuses when wielding books.

    Fayd-ed Glory: After fighting with these things so long, you almost forgot there were words in there! Calls forth an effect based on the tome equipped. (In the event of dual-weilding tomes, a 50/50 chance to use either, or only use the "main" hand, as the devs think is balanced.)

    Textbook Smackdown: You got tired of broken bindings and decided to try hitting them with the other side. Just from the sheer size of your weapon alone, those paper cuts have GOT to hurt. Has a chance to deal crippling wounds and bleeding out in combat.

    Knowledge is Power: Knowledge is power, and power is proportional to mass; no wonder these books are so heavy. Gives massive magical and combat bonuses. THIS is how you use your Intelligence score in combat!
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    You know, just going to mention this: modding. Maybe that's not a good idea because you'd want it implemented in the core game but it can always be modded.

    Well all of the inconsequentia quest-related skills wouldn't work. But L4, maybe L2, and all of the lutefisk tree are possible.

    Questing beast would need a skill to activate.
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    True enough Null, but I don't have the time, or quite frankly, the skill, to do it. So I merely come up with ideas...
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    I'd mod it for you if I had icons.
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    Yeah, icons really are the toughest part of skill mods. :D I generally just use and do some really stupid basic 5th-grade level alterations to existing icons. XD

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    The amusing part of this is that Dave draws those things at something approximating the speed of light.
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    I've only really made one part of one icon total (but it looks pretty good). I just need to get one skill to stop glitching out (it's not even an error in the xml, it's really odd and I've described what happens). Actually I'll probably add one other skill in which case I need to make an icon.

    Probably should not get off topic like this.
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    And lo! Shake in terror (or cold), men and diggle-kind alike! The Cryogeneticist walks among you!
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    Well Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome all, the Thief of Time. A minor change to the equipment of the Vicar of Lutefisk skill! Finally! My SECOND post has been updated with a new weapon skill idea as I ran out of space on my first one. Didn't know that could happen.
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    Actually, if anyone thinks that they can mod these skills into the game, by all means go ahead!