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    Ever wanted to be this?


    Or this?

    I just had to make it.


    Version changelog (25/8/12):

    *Updated again to match workshop version. Mostly evidence mechanics and maxstacks have been changed (to stack to a total of 3).


    Star Lawyer: "You're an up-and-coming rookie lawyer with a flair for the dramatic. With your lawyering skills, you're going to prosecute Dredmor into oblivion, or at least get that long-overdue restraining order slapped on him."

    Star Lawyer is a rogue skill focused mainly on keeping monsters at range and defense, with a little damage thrown into the mix. From the third level of the skill onwards, players will be required to gather evidence from defeating monsters in order to fuel the other skills in the tree, which in turn provide other buffs that are further comboed in other skills.

    Damage dealt by the tree is mostly :dmg_existential: and scales with :savvy:.

    Quick down-and-dirty summary for now, will write up something more detailed later:

    Level 0: Point

    "Rule one of the courtroom: know how to finger out your opponent! You have a chance of pointing dramatically at an enemy when you attack, dealing a small amount of damage. The damage inflicted scales with with your savvy."

    *33% chance on melee attack to deal :dmg_piercing:.Damage scales off :savvy:

    Level 1: Hold it!

    "No monster is going to get away with lying! Stop them in their tracks and stun them into silence with your thorough cross-examination! The more savvy of courtroom antics you are, the more unnerved they'll be! Also, be sure to not cross-examine yourself."

    *7 turn cooldown.
    *Deals minor :dmg_existential: and roots+silences a single target.Damage scales off :savvy:

    Level 2: Objection!

    "That smartass on the other bench getting a bit too cocky and going on the offense? Stop their reasoning dead cold with an objection and make their blows bounce off you! This requires a piece of evidence, which can be found when you defeat monsters."

    *15% chance on killing monsters to find evidence. Evidence stacks up to 3 times.
    *7 turn cooldown.
    *Consumes 1 evidence when used.
    *Creates a brittle shield with 3 charges that stuns and knockbacks enemies that hit you.

    Level 3: Seek Contradictions

    "Now that you've got the basics down, it's time to hear the monsters' testimonies and seek out the contradictions within! Doing this will help you build your case, restoring some health and letting you press home on any weak points you find. Naturally, you need evidence to be able to review it."

    *7 turn cooldown.
    *Consumes 1 piece of evidence.
    *Restores HP based on :savvy:.
    *Gives Contradiction Found buff.

    Level 4: Further Investigation

    "Thanks to your lawyering skills, the judge's ruled that a verdict is impossible at this juncture, and you've won another day of investigation! Go around town and nick objects of all sorts to present in court later! You also have an increased chance of collecting evidence off monsters' corpses. Cute forensic scientist sold separately."

    *Another 15% chance of finding evidence off monsters.
    *10% of finding random loot when defeating monsters.

    Level 5: Turnabout

    "This is it! You have the decisive evidence required to prove the killer's identity, all the pieces have fallen into place, and it's time to turn this case right about! While turnabout mode is active, all your skills are powered up and have different and stronger effects! Requires you to have objected, evidence and have found a contradiction in the witness' testimony."

    *75 turn cooldown.
    *Requires Objecting, Evidence and Contradiction Found buffs.
    *Activates Turnabout Mode for 35 turns, boosts stats.

    While Turnabout is active:

    *Point damage doubled.
    *Hold It! gains a small AoE effect. Be sure not to cross-examine yourself.
    *Objection! now deals damage when knocking away monsters.
    *Seek Contradictions's healing increased and decurses.

    Level 5(2): Cornered

    "The real killer is about to break down! Use this finishing move to rain down existential hell upon the killer and all accomplices involved! Requires Turnabout mode to be active and will end Turnabout mode when used."

    *Requires Turnabout mode active, consumes Turnabout mode when used.
    *Massive :dmg_existential: to one target, followed by :dmg_existential: in a random area (created by having templates that trigger other templates up to a maximum of 3 recurses). Damage scales off :savvy:.

    All prospective lawyers will start off with a blue lawyer suit and may end up with a red one at the end of their career.

    All bugs, feedback, underpowered/overpowered thoughts, comments, welcome.

    Couple screenshots:




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  2. Kaidelong

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    Does this in any way depend on Roguish Renovation?
  3. lccorp2

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    No. A separate itemDB has been made for the suits.
  4. AvzinElkein

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    Too bad that Dredmor has existential resistance, sorry.
  5. Just wanted to ask - you seem to have coded your second at +20%. As far as I know, you need to code it at 25% to get an overall 40% chance. Or did they change that last patch?
  6. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    Actually, you do have a "40% chance to get a 1 stack".

    It's just that instead of it being a 40% chance to get 1 stack, it is a 32% chance to get 1 stack and a 4% chance to get 2 stacks, and (32 + 2 * 4) = 40. The crucial difference here is that the buff stacks.
  7. Aegho

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    36% to get at least one stack, which includes 4% chance of getting 2 stacks. So for any single time this happens, you have a 36% chance of getting buffed, but an average of 40% to get 1 buff in a larger set of chances.
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  8. ^The fact that BOTH of your posts actually made sense to me tells me I should have paid less attention in statistic classes. Ahum... Anyway, thanks for clearing that up.
  9. Kazeto

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    Actually, he just repeated what I said in different words, so it makes sense for both of these posts to make sense.
  10. Mochan

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    I do have a question. How hard would it be to insert actual audio clips of "Hold it!" and "Objection!" and all into the mod? This is like, the one missing thing that would make this mod perfect. Is it something that can be done? Because if it can, I'd do it myself. Do I have like permission to mess with the mod?

    I'd like to have the "Hold It!" audio clip played every time you invoke Hold It! on a monster, same for Objection, Turnabout, etc.
  11. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    Well, for one, you'd have to edit the core files as sound effects modding isn't supported.
  12. Bohandas

    Bohandas Member

    Question: Does that include soundfx.xml files calling on sounds that are included in but not used by the core game? Because that might help explain why one of my own mods keeps crashing.
  13. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    I have no idea, I'll ask Nicholas.
  14. Mochan

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    Aw shucks, I thought it would be simple to include a sound file like you would an image and just add it in the XML. Well, it was worth a shot, thanks for the response.
  15. Arron Syaoran

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    I'll probably end up liking this mod more than Roguish Renovation and Magical Law combined. It's just that Phoenix Wright references are what makes Video Game Lawyers awesome.
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