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  1. Aegho

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    I've finally worked out some of the kinks in this, and thought it was time for a public showing.

    It's a melee skill, that may or may not be overpowered. It has both a heal and a teleport, which is the biggest concern balance wise. It's also designed so that being near the player is unhealthy, to help with weight of numbers situations.

    And of course I snuck in a fallout 2 reference or two.

    Now, on to the skill!

    Mutated: 2:melee_power:4:life:1:resist_toxic:.

    Frog Legs: -2:nimbleness:. Ability: Frog Leap. Rook teleport, downtime 4. (I wanted to make it a 3 step teleport, but it was crashing so I switched to rook).

    Embarassing Growths: 2:dmg_piercing: -2:savvy:. [Defensive Proc]: 80% on playerhit. 2:dmg_piercing:+(0.2:dmg_piercing:x:caddishness:)

    Mutant Metabolism: 2:life_regen:7:life:. Ability: Eat Corpse. Heal 3+(0.1x:life:. )

    Glow in the Dark: 3:dmg_aethereal:10:magic_resist:2:caddishness:. Ability: Unhealthy Glow. Buff. 1:sight:. Deals (0.35:dmg_aethereal:x:burliness:) in the 8 squares around the player. Infinite duration, removable(so you don't piss off Brax).


    Changelog 0.3: Small bug update, thanks Glazed.
    Changelog 0.2.2: Embarassing Growth procrate upped from 28% to 80%, Eat Corpse now has a base heal of 3 in addition to the scaling. Glow in the Dark no longer has base damage, but has its scaling upped from 0.2 to 0.35.
    Changelog 0.2.1: Glow in the Dark dot effect truly infinite, not just extremely large duration.
    Changelog 0.2: Glow in the Dark properly stops doing damage when you remove the buff now.

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  2. Dray`Gon

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    Percentage based heals (from the looks of Mutant Metabolism) generally tend to be overpowered from my understanding. Perhaps a flat number and scaling is best if you choose to keep the healing.
  3. Aegho

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    Well, the percentage is quite low. If you have 30 hp, it's going to heal you for 3, if you have 150 hp it's going to heal you for 15. It catches up to healing potion if you have 200 hp, but from what I understand people don't tend to reach that.

    That's why I thought it was quite ok. Also since it requires a corpse, it's not entirely reliable.

    To compare, horrid thing has a flat 10, which then scales 0.15 with magic power. And it gives you xp.
  4. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    10% may not be too much. By the later levels a single hit can take half your health. Still it may make more sense to limit it to 0.05 * :life: just to be sure it is not too potent.

    *Edit* Ninja'ed again. Good Ninja post Aegho.
  5. OmniaNigrum

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    Glow in the dark does not cease to damage things nearby when you click it off in the buffs on the left of the screen. You need a decurse type effect to actually remove it after clicking it off, or extreme patience. I used the Druid Mod's Cleanse spell to remove it.

    The first time I clicked it off I figured that meant the effect went away. So I walked into the shop..and pissed off Brax. Reroll and try again. Just keep that in mind when you use the ability. It does however save loads of clicks for barrels and crates and such. Just move near them and they go splat. :) Nice mod. I like it.
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  6. Aegho

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    EDIT: Fixed.

    Got Glow in the Dark to stop doing damage if the buff isn't there, updated download. Compatible with old saves.
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  7. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    Thank you. I appreciate it. It was only a mere inconvenience before. And now you fixed even that. :)
  8. Aegho

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    Another minor update, because I wanted to, tested to see if it worked and it did.

    Glow in the Dark's dot effect now uses amount"-1" instead of amount="99999", and is truly infinite.
  9. Aegho

    Aegho Member

    Oh and another thing: Thank you for the bug report, which made me get off my arse and test code until I got something that worked properly. :)
  10. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    I try to make time to play with each of the mods as they come out. Usually I lag behind a bit in most. But you are most welcomed.

    It is possible to fairly get GitD on the first dungeon level. And at that point it basically wipes the deck with anything until level three or so. But this is fairly balanced in that it will piss off things that may not have sought you out before on later levels. (And the radius is small too, so it is not a zoo-killer by itself.

    I like this a lot. :)
  11. Aegho

    Aegho Member

    It wakes sleepers before you can get your free thwak at them too.
  12. Aegho

    Aegho Member

    I've been playtesting this more extensively now, and it's actually sort of weak... I might upgrade prickly defense to proc more often, and the damage on glow in the dark.
  13. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    It is weak by the end game, but it is entirely passive and nothing seems to resist it in any way. It is useful.

    But I do have a suggestion. Since it is supposed to be passive and damaging to enemies, make it stackable and make it cause a minor bit of :dmg_righteous: while debuffing a bit of :life_regen: and/or :mana_regen: for each stack. That way in later levels it can be a reasonably potent passive damage for a reasonable debuff.

    The stack limit is dependent upon how strong each stack is. So I leave that to you to decide. I suggested :dmg_righteous: because only a few monsters resist it at all. :dmg_aethereal: would probably work about as well though.
  14. Aegho

    Aegho Member

    It's weak by midgame really. Even on floor 4 it's kinda lackluster. Stacking might be an option, and making it debuff :mana_regen: seems kinda natural. But there's a problem... the damage effect is caused by a dot on the player, not the buff itself, so I have no idea how stacking might be accomplished. I might just remove the 2 base damage and scale it more aggressively.
  15. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    No one is pooping themselves about having a free 4-cooldown teleport on the 2nd level of this skill?

    What the hell?
  16. Aegho

    Aegho Member

    That's probably the best level of the skill. :p

    First level gives a slight power boost that helps on the first floor, third level is another slight power boost and defensive damage proc, fourth level is a weak heal, and fifth level is very good early, but quickly becomes weak as you progress... Also note second and third levels debuff stats.
  17. Quill

    Quill Member

    can't get mod to work when loaded this happens File named skills/aetherweaver32.png not found then crashes so is the file missing or am I doing something horribly wrong here? :confused:
  18. Aegho

    Aegho Member

    DLC beta file. Feel free to change it in your local files, or you can get the DLC beta here:

    If you don't want the DLC, you could for example go through the skillDB.xml and spellDB.xml in the mod folder for Mutant(my documents/gaslamp games/dungeons of dredmor/mods/mutant/mod/) and replace all instances of skills/aetherweaver32.png with skills/wizard/spell_white2_32.png and all instances of skills/aetherweaver64.png with skills/wizard/spell_white2_64.png (or you can pick any art you want if you prefer)
  19. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    If it's the best level of the skill, perhaps it should be moved to the capstone?
  20. Aegho

    Aegho Member

    Come on, that's a cheap shot and you know it. Rather I'm probably going to improve levels 3 through 5.

    In fact, there, done.