[Skill] Elemental Warrior (beta - 1.0.9RevB version)

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by kino5, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Essence

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    No problem. :)

    Exactly. With 1.10, you can trigger any Xbuff from within a buff tag, so have fun. :)

    Gaea=Gaia, it's just a transliteration thing. Americans use and understand both.
  2. kino5

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    I'll have fun, no doubt ;)
  3. OmniaNigrum

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    The big G is not actually female or male. And the spelling is just as irrelevant as I understand it.

    The mod is good. Very good. I think I finally have a decent warrior build going with the following:
    Blood Knight
    Clockwork Knights
    Dragon Knight
    Elemental Warrior
    Practical Geology

    Those and ID are the only mods I am running for the build. It is a good combination that provides a reason to shy away from Magic Power boosting items unlike every other warrior build I have mixed even a single magic skllset into.

    As per my usual, I am using debug to instantly level up so I can see what I will have with the combination. But this one is good. I will reroll and grind a while.

    Thank you for making it. :)

    The following is quite off topic, but I am just going to spit it out anyway. I hope you do not mind.

    I know this is not the right place to ask this, but anyone know where is best to talk about builds? If one does not exist yet, would it be appropriate to make a "Suggested Builds and Build Help" thread here in the Mods forum, or would another place be better? I am intending it to not be about the base game or RotDG, but focused more on mod builds and open to any type of build.

    I have had a bitch of a time making a decent warrior build at all. And I still lack a usable warrior build that includes digging. If I add Golemancy in place of something it makes me focus on MP again. The two teleport skills in this build I am currently testing are enough to get me out of bad situations, but as a warrior I suppose I do not need to teleport most of the time.
  4. kino5

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    Thank you for liking and playing it :)

    I don't, no problem. Maybe in gameplay section? I'm talking from memory, but I think there are already some threads about builds, so use the same subforum to yours, and I think that would be ok. Someone please correct me if I'm not right :D
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  5. OmniaNigrum

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  6. Daynab

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    Feel free to talk about builds in gameplay or general, and I've never noticed any frowning about using mods there.
  7. OmniaNigrum

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    Cool. Thanks. I will stop polluting your thread though. I do like the mod. :)
  8. Essence

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    Ruigi would be hurt to the core to see you take Clockwork Knight without taking a crafting skill to go with it.
  9. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    Well, I did bother to add the Clockwork Debugging Wrench, so I can make anything up to skill level four when I wield it. (With maxed Clockwork Knight skill.) But the higher items are still out of reach unless I get a good level. And from what I read, some items are ONLY craftable. I may have misunderstood though.
  10. kino5

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    Clockwork Knights + Tinkering + Smithing. That's how its done. Period. :D

    Now, I'm looking for ideas for another mod while I wait to 1.0.10 to be released. In the meantime, I'm starting to adapt Elemental Warrior to the new version. Also, Samupo and I are already discussing about spending more time with his DoD Modding Tool (which I'm eager to help), since it's been idle for a while now.
  11. OmniaNigrum

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    I could probably live without Ninjitsu and Practical Geology for Tinkering and Smithing. That would get me uber gear and Tinkering would give me loads of trap skill.
  12. Lorrelian

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    kino, were you planning on doing an update for 1.0.10 for this, or is this pretty much how its gonna hang for a while? I'm wondering if I should start my review run now or wait. I kinda hate changing files mid-run.
  13. kino5

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    Well, I've been pretty busy but I was waiting for the 1.0.10 final release, and to have a little time to understand the new syntax (I've started with that already). I think I could have the new version ready a week after the release, since it will not have major changes, only an update to add a couple of things I left out because of not knowing how to code them.

    I'll start as soon as I can, and maybe I can start testing it with the RC, and release it almost at the same time. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for the review :)
  14. Lorrelian

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    Looking forward to it!
  15. Xanirus

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    Trying to load this mod, and something's wrong.

    "File named mod/skills/warrior/gaiaswrath_64.png not found. The game will probably crash."

    And it does.

    The thing is, the .png is there, so I don't know why it doesn't see it. The thing is I'm curious with this mod's zip file. I installed it just like the other ones, I created a folder called "Elemental Warrior" under C:/....Gaslamp Games/Dungeons of Dredmor/mods/Elemental Warrior, but most mods have folders such as "mod" and sometimes others like "skills" and "sprites." This mod has it "skills" folder in the "mod" folder. I tried just leaving it as is, but the mod won't even show up in the mod launcher. So then I tried creating a "mod" folder under "Elemental Warrior" and put those .xml files in it, (trying to match up what other mods have) and leaving the skills folder seperate. The mod will show up, but then the error above appears.

    Other mods I have work.

    (Update: K, well it works, found out why. "skills" had to be under "mods" to work as the zip file was. But the "mod" was supposed to be under another created folder. As in elemental warrior/mod/skills." But half the skill mods I downloaded also had a "mod" folder but under those "mod" folders had an additional "mod" folders with "skill" or any other kind of folders seperate, meaning you had to rename the first folder. This mod only contains the second mod folder, and unlike others the seperate "skills" folder apparently wasn't supposed to be seperated, so I got confused.
  16. kino5

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    I have not understood so well what you did to install the mod, but it is not necessary to unzip the file to make it work, it just needs to be placed into the "mods" folder, and the file was tested before uploading it, it "should" work.

    If you have any trouble, let me know :)
  17. Silvertongued

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    I've been playing with this and like it a lot. Thanks for the fun skill!
  18. kino5

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    You're welcome, thanks for playing!
  19. Ferhargo

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    Don't worry about the Gaia Gaea thing. It's a translation from ancient Greek, and it was translated phonetically I believe. Because English is weird, both of those spelling are phonetically correct. And just from looking at this mod I like it. Gives some great passive buffs to warriors, a good escape skill, and from reading comments some good activatable buffs and procs. May be a little unbalanced, but at least one of the thousands of heroes who have tried the dungeon has to be, right? basic logic.
  20. Essence

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    It's almost the 5th -- are you planning an update for 1.0.11?