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    This is a mod based around the 7 Deadly Sins, and your mastery over them/their mastery over you. This is my first mod.

    The skill is a rogue skill that is designed to flesh out just about any melee build. It fills in some holes (mostly defense and crowd control, things that rogue skills generally do poorly). I am hoping that at this point it is underpowered, not because I want it to stay that way, but I'd rather work up than work down, if that makes sense.

    It is likely filled with typos. Although I did my best and proof-read many times, I suck at spelling and what not. Please mention any of those you find. Also balancing I am sure needs to be worked on.

    So now, without further rambling, the mod:
    Deadly 7 v0.3.2
    Evil isn't for everyone, but from the wicked slant to your eyebrows, it looks like you'll do just fine. But remember, Evil always has a price.
    A rogue mod by DragonDai​
    Level 0, Greed: Gives 2 :caddishness:, midas effect on hit a small amount of the time (scales with :caddishness: instead of :magic_power:, but otherwise is identical to the standard on hit midas effect). Try to limit your insatiable need for gold.​
    Level 1, Envy: Gives 3 :nimbleness: , :crit: buff on hit some of the time, stacking 3 times, lasting a short while. While buff is up you have very small chance to spawn a money-centric item on crit. Just be careful not to get caught stealing.​
    Level 2, Lust: Gives 3 :savvy:, ability to charm a monster for 10 turns on a moderate cooldown. It also makes you very randy.​
    Level 3, Sloth: Gives 2 :resist_existential: , 2 :resist_righteous:, 2 :resist_transmutative:, and 2 :resist_nercomatic:, ability to go invisible for a short time or until you move, with a moderate cooldown. This could cause complications.​
    Level 4, Gluttony: Gives 4 :stubborness:, ability to spawn random food (or food related item) on a short cooldown. Just don't demand too much to the universe lest it demand something in return.​
    Level 5, Pride: Gives 4 :sagacity:, ability to spawn a buff with moderate :block: and :magic_resist: for brittle 6 with a long cooldown. Drawbacks may exist.​
    Level 6, Wrath: Gives 5 :burliness:, ability to cause 2 square around caster AoE :dmg_blast: damage (that scales with :burliness:), 1 square around caster 2 turn paralyze, and gives a moderate buff to :crit: and a small buff to :melee_power: and :edr: and makes every hit while the buff is up hit everyone within 1 square of you for a short time. This ability has a very long cooldown. Remember to take breaks between fits of rage.​
    Contains a new item, a Firey Pitchfork, which you start with. It's a staff that does 1 :dmg_conflagratory: and 2 :dmg_piercing: .​
    Contains a couple of other "surprises."​
    Change Log follows in pretty explicit detail:​


    -The pitchfork that comes with the mod has been updated for the new patch. It has been changed from a staff to a polearm and has had it's filename changed so as to not conflict with the vanillia polearm_pitchfork.png.


    -Surprise fixed/modified (hopefully).



    -Buff provided by Cease to Be has been modified. 100 :magic_resist: added to make sure you really don't exist as far as AoE effects and mines and what not are concerned.



    -Many of the buffs (both good and bad) were stacking when they shouldn't have been. This is fixed (hopefully).


    -Surprise modified/fixed.


    -Charm length of Primal Attraction increased from 10 to 20 turns.
    -Cooldown on Primal Attraction increased from 30 turns to 40 turns.
    -Surprise modified.


    -Suprise modified.


    -Surprise modified.


    -Buff provided by Perfection modified. :sight: debuffed further from -2 to -3. :magic_power: debuffed to 25.


    -Cooldown on Fly Off the Handle increased from 100 turns to 110 turns.
    -Surprise(s) modified.
    -Because of the change in the ordering of skills, some of their descriptions no longer made sense. This has been addressed.​
    -Changed ordering of abilities in skillDB to fix icon/description issues. Working as intended now.​
    -Added negative features to some of the skills, some obvious, others not so much. Evil should have a price tag.​
    -Moved Envy to skill 1, Lust to skill 2, and Gluttony to skill 4 in an effort to give more incentive to take this line slightly sooner in the leveling process.​
    -Added a few other surprises.​
    -Added a small, ultra-rare, super fun surprise.​
    -Changed the proc for Take What You Want from 10% to 5%.​
    -Added a small, SUPER ultra-rare, SUPER fun surprise.​
    -:savvy: bonus reduced to 3 to account for shift in position.​
    -Primal Attraction:​
    -Works!!! Implementing multiple casts of charm at the moment. Hopefully that will make it (almost) unresistible.​
    -Added small, ultra-rare, super fun surprise.​
    -Cease to Be:​
    -Increased cooldown by 5 turns from 45 to 50.​
    -Defensive Buffs removed because they just don't seem to be needed and don't make sense thematically.​
    -Added small, ultra-rare, super fun surprise.​
    -:stubborness: bonus increased to 4 to account for shift in position.​
    -Skill now gives a -4 penalty to dodge and a +1 bonus to armor absorption. Once you start packing on the pounds, it gets harder to move quickly. But hey, all that extra blub sure helps pad the blows.​
    -Hungry Enough to Eat a Diggle:​
    -Increased cooldown on Hungry Enough to Eat a Diggle from 40 turns to 55 turns.​
    -Because this is now level 4 ability instead of level 2, increased the drop rate of the better items, added more items to second tier, added new ultra-rare tier of food-related items, and added a small, ultra-rare, super fun surprise.​
    -Fixed the ability to only give 1 object per use, as intended. Now you have 50%, 25%, 15%, 5% and 5% to get the different tiers of items.​
    -Increased cooldown by 5 turns, from 60 to 65.​
    -Added a penalty to :sight: (-2) and :sneakiness: (-20) while active. Vision is limited when you can't stop looking at yourself and who wants to hide this level of amazing? You want to make sure ALL the monsters see how inferior they are.​
    -Removed buff to Armor Absorption. Increased buff to block and magic resist by 5 each.​
    -Buff can now be turned off manually.​
    -Fly Off the Handle:​
    -Changed the :dmg_crushing: buff in REALLY ANGRY to a :melee_power: buff.​
    -Reduced the damage of the after-affect SMASH EVERYTHING from 5 :dmg_crushing: to 2 :dmg_crushing: . Added a bleed effect. This should now also trigger with every attack, as intended.​
    -Increased the initial :dmg_blast: damage from 10 to 15 damage. Increased the multiplier from 0.35 to 0.40.​
    -Added small, ultra-rare, super fun surprise or two.​
    - Mod in a (mostly) working state, ready for testing. ​
    Hope you guys like it. If you see anything that is glaring wrong with the XMLs, please let me know. Likewise if you have balance concerns/comments, also let me know. And as always, older versions of the mod are available if needed. Thanks!​

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    EDIT: These Changes have mostly been implemented in one form or another. See change log for explicit details.

    So I have been playing with my mod pretty much non-stop (no internet means PLENTY of time to play with my mod to balance test it LOL). My thoughts so far:

    In General:
    -Gana try to work on the icons and descriptions to make them work the way I want.
    -Someone mentioned on the old thread that to make it more in-line with being a negative skill set (Evil is negative after all) that along with the bonuses, there should be penalties. I like this idea a lot and am looking into/taking suggestions on what would be a good way to do that.
    -I am considering swapping this with Lust. This would result in Lust giving 3 :savvy: and Gluttony give 4 :stubborness:. It would also give you a more offencive oriented ability a little lower in the tree. I was finding I didn't put any points into my tree until level 15ish, simply because I needed more offensive oriented abilities to survive. I think this change would make Deadly 7 a more attractive early game option.

    -I am thinking of increasing the cooldown a little, between 5 and 10 more turns. It is currently at 40. The free lockpick skill is 44, so moving it up 5-10 would take it from a slightly shorter cooldown to a slightly longer cooldown, in comparison.

    -Currently, when you use the ability, you have a chance to get nothing and you also have a chance to get more than 1 object (up to 1 from each list). I want it to just give exactly 1 item. Gana see if I can fix that.

    -This skills seems to be working exactly like I want it to work. However, in the old thread, someone said that you cannot have multiple on hit buffs and on crit buffs in the same ability. I have 1 on hit buff and 1 on crit buff in the same ability at the moment and it seems to be working as intended. Can anyone confirm that having 1 on hit buff and 1 on crit buff in the same ability is acceptable?

    -The skill is working exactly as I would like, except I think the cooldown is a bit too short. I was thinking of increasing it by about 10 turns. It is already much longer than most standard invisibility and you can't use while using it, so I am not sure if the increase is needed. Also, I have seen other invisibility spells with defensive buffs (mostly potions from mods), but I can't actually see any reason for them. Is there a reason to have defensive buffs ( :nimbleness: :magic_resist: and the like) on an invisibility ability?

    -Still not working at all, even after removing the resistible ="1" line. Something is screwy, gana try to fix. I REALLY like the multicast "fix" for making the spell unresistible. I think I actually like it better than the spell actually being unresistible because it means, very rarely, you'll have a monster totally resist the calls of Lust (those noble and virtuous monsters).

    -At first I thought the buff was REALLY overpowered. I got it around level 12. It seemed to last forever. Part of this issue may be related to the second point (below). However, since I have delved a bit deeper into the dungeon (levels 9+) I found it disapearing off me pretty quickly, so I actually think it just needs some scaling, as opposed to flat buffs. Can you scale secondary stat buffs? If not, any other ideas how to make this slightly less broken at lower levels without reducing it's current efficiency at high levels?

    -For some reason, at low levels, I would occasionally GAIN stacks of brittle. How is that possible?

    -Thinking about converting this from a brittle buff to a turn based buff, to help handle the issue of it being overpowered on lower levels. I REALLY like it being brittle atm (flavor-wise, it makes more sense that monsters shatter your self-perceived perfectionism as opposed to you just eventually stop feeling perfect) but if I can't scale secondary buffs, this might be the only way to make it less powerful for floors 1-6 or 7.

    -The explosion's damage feels very weak. I was thinking about upping the scaling a little, but that might lead to issues on characters with REALLY high :burliness:. I could just also increase the base :dmg_blast: damage, but I feel that might make it a bit overpowered at lower levels. The other option was to add some more damage that is more easily resisted by monsters, maybe :dmg_crushing:, and make it also scale with :burliness:, but at a lower rate than the :dmg_blast: damage. This way it would have a little more oomph at lower levels, but more of it could be resisted, and at higher levels, when you have more :burliness:, you're getting more oomph overall.

    -The buff's stats seem to be working really well, but I am worried that the attack template is doing a bit too much damage with every hit. I am thinking about lowering the bonus :dmg_crushing:. That number is already pretty low, however. I was also wondering, if I removed damage from the ability entirely, would the ability do any damage to the squares in the template that the player was not specifically targeting? AKA, with skills like Norwegian Axeando (which uses the same template as this), when the player strikes target A, he hits all the squares withing 1 square of him as well. Does he do his full damage + the bonus to the other squares, or does he only do full damage + bonus to A and only do bonus damage to the other squares?

    Anyway, gana keep playing with it some more. Overall I am really pleased with the abilities working and helping make the skill turn out to be the skill I wanted it to be. I'd love some outside feedback though.
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    I love the skill and the idea (At some point I actually thought of doing this myself long ago), but:

    I think you should focus on the seven sins "weaknesses" as a bit of a counterbalancing. /didn't read second post :p

    What about changing sloth and prides buffs around? It would seem more obvious to give pride existential resistance and righteous damage and to give sloth sagacity a nimbleness debuff, rather than a buff.

    Furthermore, a proc curse on both pride and wrath (triggering at 5% or something like that) respectively called "Broken" and "Cooking with rage" giving a defence debuff (the first curse) and a selfdamaging effect doing conflagatory damage (second one)?
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    I REALLY like the low proc chance of bad things happening. It's GOOD! I already got some ideas for how to make Evil have a price-tag, and they should be up later today, but I certainly like that a LOT.

    As for Sloth's ability, the reason it has :dodge: and :magic_resist: is just so that while invisible, there is no way you can have anything interact with you. Basically, the idea was that you simple cease to exist in the dungeon, temporarily. But as I played with it recently, it didn't seem necessary at all. I have seen invisibility spells that other modders have created that give large defensive resistances, and that is why I did that in the first place. But the more I play with it, the more it seems like invisibility = invulnerability, so long as you don't hurt yourself (cast a damaging spell, step on a trap, etc). Does anyone know of any monsters that can dispell invis or see thru invis or anything like that?

    But yeah, played a full game with it, got a lot of good info (because up until that point, I hadn't actually played with any of the abilities I had made) from that run and I am gana work on implementing some changes (as in right now I am working on it) and there should be a new build of the mod up later tonight! :D
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    Good luck with that!
    Glad I could help and I will certainly check on your progress :p
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    I thought there was a few monsters that always see through invis. But I never tested for it. I think there is a type of Commando Diggle that does. But I am just not sure. :(
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    Well, I think I am gana test it without the buffs...just a invis that doesn't let you move. Makes more sense that way, cause being slothful doesn't exactly make you super nimble.
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    So, interesting development...I wanted to include a craftingDB...for reasons...But the craftingDB.xml is crashing Dredmor on startup.


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    FaxCelestis Will Mod for Digglebucks

    You have five components when it can only contain up to four.
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    Well, that was easy! Thanks! :D
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    So, along with the update (it did go in last night, just...you know...super late), I also would like to announce that I actually have someone working on some real skill icons for the mod, as opposed to those silly rage faces. So yeah. Give my mod a bit of credibility and what nots! They should be up and running pretty darn soon, so stay turned.
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    Updated with a small change to the wording of the descriptions of the skills to make sense with the recent skill shuffling.
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    Updated to v0.3.0, mostly balancing issues. This will be the last major balance update unless I get a lot of feedback from others, as I feel it's in a good place. The mod will update to 1.0.0 once I get the artwork and then it will also go up on Steam Workshop. Until then, here you go! :D
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    DragonDai: I think you should keep the magic resist buff, since you can't move out of an enemy mine spell if you cast it or break the invisibilty, right?
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    Hmmm...Very good point...and I really like the idea of being completely immune to whatever area affect crap you happen to be standing in at the moment that you press it. Would something like <secondarybuff id="11" amount="100"/> work out to make you totally immune?
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    If not totally immune, damn close, ne? I don't think there could be many AoE abilities that can do anything to you with that much defense.
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    Updated as such. v0.3.1 contains the above mentioned change only (100 :magic_resist: added to the ability Cease to Be, from Sloth).

    That being said, I hope someone is playing with this and enjoying it. :)
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    Mod has been updated to v0.3.2. New version has one small bug fix and changes the pitchfork in the game so that it will work with the new Polearm skill line. Nothing major, but if you like the new polearm skill line, this is for you.
  19. I really think envy should STEAL the stats, rather than create a money item (money already covered by greed, so yeah). I.e. buff you, and debuff them by the same amount. Sometimes, it backfires and has the opposite effect. How does that sound?

    Edit - From a flavor point of view, I just thought i'd point out that, while there are disagreements on everything else, "pride" is usually considered the top of the deadly sin pantheon. It should, imo, serve as the capstone.
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    As for the suggestion about Pride, yeah, I totally agree, that Pride is generally considered the deadliest. However, for game-play reasons, I felt putting a buff near the top was a good idea, but making it the capstone felt silly (the mod went thru several alpha iterations and in many, Pride was a much more powerful buff near the top of the tree). So I swapped it with Wrath. Gives something really fun at the top. If I ever get all the bugs worked out, I'll have Patience at the top of the 7 Heavenly Virtues mod I am working on, for similar reasons. Ordering them correctly doesn't bother me much, I'd rather the mod be fun.

    As for Envy...I REALLY like that idea and I'll have to give it some play-time...I am not crazy about deducting crit from enemies (just cause basically every mod and their mothers already do that), but I do like the stealing stats idea. Never worked with debuffs for monsters before, so that would be something new and fun to work with.

    Thanks for your suggestions! :)