Shrines still spawning on top of other [potentially useful] items

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by tcjsavannah, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. tcjsavannah

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    Might be anecdotal, but in my current game, I had a monolith spawn on top of a Throw vending machine on Lvl 1 and on top of an Uberchest on Lvl 2. Usually it's spawning on top of grog or something relatively useless, but even I must admit the lost opportunity with both of these, especially since I'm on the "No Time To Grind" option.
  2. Blue

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    I'm watching a tooltip for parmigiano reggiano cheese when hovering over an eyeball shrine right now and I was all in the mood for pasta, dammit.
  3. DragonRider

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    In my last game, I stepped in a Satanic Displacement Glyph and wound up inside a Mellow Shrine which was on top of the other end. I could move off of it fine, but obviously couldn't use the teleporter in the other direction. I don't think that rooms are ever accessible solely by a teleporter and not regular doors, but if they are, it might be possible to get permanently stuck this way.
  4. shaf

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    This Shrines spawning over an item is an old bug that was reported in an earlier version, either re-occurred after 1.08 or was never fully fixed. I believe it was reported in 1.02.
  5. Knallis

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    More often than not I too find shrines appearing ontop of things, particularly alcohol. Half the time that an item is under the shrine its grog. Which leads me to believe that piratical drawfs hired by dredmor to move the shrines into the dungeon got too drunk and were crushed beneath their cargo.
  6. kino5

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    I get this bug too, and lots of times. Usually it's booze or food, but sometimes a vending machine or a piece of equipment has been found too.
  7. Godwin

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    Confirmed, watch
    (shameless self-promotion) :p

    EDIT: auto-fix links ignores time indication :confused:
  8. Garlyle

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    I can confirm this is still going on too.

    It's infuriating because any knockback effect to move a shrine around will move the goods under it the same amount too, so you can't even get crafty and push it off to get at the treasure underneath.
    (Though this would be cool)
  9. Akule

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    I can confirm that is still going on. I have a current version from the 22nd. Attached is a screenshot. Ironically, I can interact with the Mellow Shrine by clicking on it, but if I attempt to drop my quest item onto it, it won't allow me to.

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  10. J-Factor

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    Not for me. The item and shrine seem to be knocked back random amounts.
  11. Benanov

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    I had monolith spawn over top one of the displacement glyphs last game - it made the trip one-way, but didn't crash the game (amazing, considering on I'm on Linux).

    Seems like the quest shrine code doesn't check for an empty square.
  12. Nighpher

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    Interesting, in 1.9 I can bash it with the shield and the item fly's back, while the shrine stays in place allowing me to pick up the item.
  13. Loerwyn

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    Just want to confirm it's happening for me, too. Not missed anything particularly important, but it can be a little annoying.

    It also happens with the blue crystals you get from switches (you know, the 3x3 grid of them) as sometimes one will be spawned on top of a switch or something else and you're unable to pick it up.
  14. Tycho

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    Happened to me as well, Eyeball Shrine sitting smack dab on top of some aged cheese. I also constantly have problems with the healing-crystal levers and some object of some sort blocking one or more of the squares on which the crystals would usually spawn.
  15. madel

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    I can confirm that with the latest steam version (and all the DLCs) it still spawns the displacement glyphs inside the shrines. The monolith is on an island and there is no way out. I have a potion of spatial distortion to use in the pocket dimension but will use no more glyphs on this floor. This would definitely have ended the game without the potion. Char does't teleport.
  16. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    ^^ Oddly, that would have ended your run even if there wasn't a monolith there, because you can't step off the glyph and back on if it's on an island.
  17. FDru

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    Why not? Plenty of islands that are larger than 1 square...