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Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by benbenben3, May 3, 2012.

  1. Noxor

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    "Egde of the Acid Condenser"

    -Dual Wield
    -Piracy or Crossbow
    -Rogue Scientist

    First few levels skill your Sword. Damage is nice. Then skill acid canister of rogue scientist and increase its damage with leveling in Alchemy. Now you can choose either making a strong sonic beam and increase it with tinkering or enhancing your melee abilities (Armory/Dual Wield). Piracy is optional but the +75 counter chance buff (4 turns) is a surviving wildcard.
    With this skills (Crossbow) I managed Vlad Digula in GRPD.
  2. 765Pro

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    Right. I'll post a build without mods for now, just because I think they have garner more interest and I'd certainly like for some suggestions.

    "Acid Reflux"

    -Rogue Scientist
    -Wizard Lawyer
    -Daggers / Master of Arms / Artful Dodger / Axes / Polearm
    -Burglary / Communism / Shield Bearer / Demonologist / Dual Wield
    - Archeaology / Other stuff already listed

    Clearly, I am still tinkering with the last three skills. The idea is pretty simple and although I haven't tested it nearly as much as I'd like to, it's a cute build. Drink Alchemical Ooze, Verdant Poison, or some other liquid death and use Objection to toss it onto a target. Objection is a very very cool skill and it's a shame it's overlooked so often. Infernal Contract? Objection! Necropains? Objection! Acid burn? Objection! Vegan Shame? Objection! It all works. I'm still screwing around with the others, but I think this is the most fun and needs the most work. I'm looking to work on my acid resistance but it seems infuriantingly underused in the current trees, sans Alchemy, which is included for the resistance and to put the poisons you'll troll in to situational effect, like invisiblity potions. Mostly, I've been killing things on poison and daggers alone, but I can see Polearm or Axes working equally well. (Defense is niiiiiiice) I've tried using Archeaology to help rush for Objection, but otherwise as you can see it's pretty under-tested.

    Rogue Scientist gives you Alchemical Ooze everytime you kill a blobby-monster. Very nice as Alchemical Ooze has such a delectably nasty debuff. Pairs nicely with Alchemy and as you all know Rogue Scientist is just a very good tree in general. Won't go into details not pertaining to the specialty of the build.

    Perception, at the second skill, gives a %10 chance to find pretty common items, many among those being poisons. So so so so helpful to start stockpiling right away.

    Alchemy gives much needed acid resistance, and more importantly lets you turn surplus poisons into heals and other situational nessecities. And, of course, goes great with Rogue Scientist in the late game.

    Wizard Lawyer is a great tree. I love Gag Order. I love the grabby-item thingy. I love the transformation thingy. And I really really love Objection. Self-explanatory.

    Daggers is nice for the stealth (Yeah, I use Stealth. Problem?) to help avoid aggro and pick Diggles off one jar of poison at a time.

    I'm trying Burglary out right now, though I'm near certain I'll pick Demonologist next time. Burlgary was fun with Archeaology to help rush for Objection and other buffers, but in the long run I would've much perfered the Holy Circle thingy and even going as far to try out something like Infernal Contract w/ Objection.

    Archeaology, with Daggers, is pretty cool as Daggers are hard to come by as it is and lets you flip most of your artifacts into oh-so-precious XP. Of course... there's a lot of other luxuries I'd love to take.

    Anyone have any suggestions or know of some good acid resistances?

    (Originally this build used the Forestface mod from the Steam Workshop. First skill works like Objection, plus a heal, plus acid damage. Veeeeeryy nice. Third skill provides acid resistance, too! And corrosive death cloud! Oh such a good mod. Can't recommend that enough but... I'm trying it with Wizard Lawyer. Maybe I can still make it work.)
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  3. HenrySpock

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    Actually, my first win against Dredmor was a pure rogue, but that was back when the reroll buffs on weapons went to infinity.

    I had to actually learn how to play the game when they changed that.
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  4. Kablooie

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    I'd keep the Ooze to convert into plastics . . . . then Noxious Brimstone Flasks for Zoo's. Lucky Find ( and Luckier, Luckiest) is fantastic for loot and crafters.

    As for Rogue Scientist, get Baromatic Pulse Device early, it's very useful early game. I didn't use Acidic Projector much, but it does offer a smidge of :resist_acidic:.
  5. 765Pro

    765Pro Member

    So are you suggesting I run smithing too? (I /do/ really like Luckiest with Smithing. Oh god the weaponry)
  6. SkyMuffin

    SkyMuffin Member

    Currently on DL 8 with this build:

    Master of Arms
    Dual Wielding
    Viking Wizardry
    Fungal Arts

    Fungal Arts is such a good complement for Vampirism. Invisibility, some extra armor and HP buffs. An extra lifesteal buff. Healing from faeriewodgers. A familiar to tank for you...

    Haven't used Viking very much. Mostly because I have never maxed it and so I i've leveled up the skills I do know first.

    I got lucky and snagged an Ulmish plate from a mysterious portal early on. At this point, my block and counter attack is so high that I can wade into the middle of a monster zoo and shrug off everything.
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  7. Ruigi

    Ruigi Will Mod for Digglebucks

    The Artificer

    Magical Law
    Rogue Scientist
    Blood Magic

    The goal here is to take advantage of the "Wright's Irrefutable Argument" capstone ability of the magic law skill to exploit every single powerful cooldown ability in the game.

    Roguescientist gives you powerful ranged abilities like baromatic vortex and toxin canister, Burglary gives you the "move in mysterious ways" ability, and blood magic tops off your mana so you can spam these abilities into zoos, and later will give you an infinately recursive hp and mana healing ability (phylactery). Alchemy and tinkering boost your offensive capabilities and give you nice ranged attack options.

    You get off to a slow start, relying on ranged attacks to survive, but as soon as you reach a certain threshold, you're practically unkillable. Archaeology and burglary will get you leveled up as quickly as possible. You also don't have enough spell slots for all of your abilities, so you'll have to do a lot of micromanaging.
  8. Kablooie

    Kablooie Member

    Not necessarily - that build already has Alchemy, a crafting skill, that's all. Having Perception without a crafting class, now, that would be odd to my mind. I guess you could sell all you find, but seems wasteful.

    Keep in mind Rogue Scientist will give you levels in Alchemy (and Tinkering, too, I think). When fully fleshed out, you'll get 3 effective levels of Alchemy. So you could probably drop Alchemy altogether if you wanted to replace it or something else with Smithing. Yet that would change your "I like to poison critters" build, I guess.
  9. Kablooie

    Kablooie Member

    I take it Magical Law is going to be the primary method of attacks / need for mana? With Alchemy I question the need for Blood Magic. Get or craft some decent :mana_regen: buffers with Alchemy, and you could rely on those in addition to the numerous :mana: potions you can make. Rogue Scientist doesn't use :mana: until you get to Aetheric Death Ray (not counting Thaumatic Rebreather, which I hardly used), and it's not a great Zoo cleaner, being short range as it is. With enough :savvy: you'll drive down the costs of Wright's and others. Good synergy, though, with RS + Alchemy and Tinkering, you'll get RS's powerful attacks some kick.

    I'd swap out Blood Magic for either another Rogue skill (to pump up the :savvy: and :sneakiness:), or other things - maybe even consider Wand Lore, or Perception (which will fuel your two crafting skills with lots of items).

    I might have to try this one, I've been looking for an excuse to use Magical Law.
  10. Ruigi

    Ruigi Will Mod for Digglebucks

    the blood magic is to fuel "Wrights Irrefutable Argument" while you're killing giant zoos, and phylactery.
    You should actually avoid getting aetheric death ray, since you won't really need it. you can do much more damage with your other attacks by resetting your cooldowns.

    But perception would be a good substitute for blood magic
  11. Warlock

    Warlock Member

    DIY Clockwork Scientist:

    4x crafting skills
    Clockwork Knight
    Rogue Scientist

    You may not have as many fancy-shmancy skills as your fellow eyebrowed brethren, but who needs skills when you can have infinite loot, no equipment problems ever, EYE LASERS, and tons of consumables. Your clockwork knight skills, rogue scientist skills, and wands will do absolute tons of damage to whoever you're facing.

    Sure it depends on the RNG at least in the beginning but once this build gets off the ground it's unstoppable.
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  12. Darxio

    Darxio Member

    Meat is Murder. Seriously.

    Magical Law (Star of the show)
    Killer Vegan (The whole reason this works)
    Big Game Hunter (Fuels your shameful wrath, gives extra experience, and hunting diggles are amazing)
    Fleshsmithing (Gives you early dungeon clearance and early corpse removal)
    Tinkering (Trap affinity, crafting, and tons of Savvy for mana cost reduction)
    Leywalker (For abuse with Magical Law)
    +Final skill of choice! (Seriously, the sky is the limit. I suggest something for combat of some sort, either melee or to boost your magic with fleshsmithing.)

    Rush Magical Law to Rune of Objection ASAP. Summon Zombys to maul floor 1. Rune of Objection is the key skill, and you don't need to rush the capstone of Magical Law just yet.

    Once you have Rune of Objection, the fun begins, especially when you get an Ingot Grinder. Vegan Shame, gained when you smack animals or eat meat or cheese, is one of the worst debuffs to receive in the game and deters most Killer Vegan playing. Rune of Objection turns Vegan Shame into a stupendous debuff. -5 to all primary attributes is crippling, and can even outright kill enemies since each application is -10 to their max health(-5 from the negative for burliness and negative caddishness). It lasts for 200 turns and can stack on enemies way more than the 3 times for yourself. Just smack and animal, or each Gound Meat or Shredded Cheese(Or even Lutefisk), and turn your shame into deadly ammunition. Abuse this and debuff strong enemies, or outright kill them if you don't want to deal with them, as if they are passive, it will not aggro them. If mana becomes a concern, combo Thaumaturgic Tap with the Magical Law capstone for nonstop mana regen(Try to make the capstone cost 15 mana per cast to get the most out of each tap). Thaumaturgic Tap stacks for some reason, so abuse that.

    The best abuse by far is killing Brax. Brax will take your debuffs and never get angry at you, but the moment he dies, sometimes Dread Collectors may start spawning(It varies for some reason, so always be prepared). That is why I suggest Fleshsmithing; remove his body immediately with Summon Zomby so that you deal with less Dead Collectors(They stop spawning altogether on NTTG this way). If they keep coming, Polymorphic Injunction can take care of any Dread Collector problems you have, making them a lot easier to deal with. Debuffs on Brax will stay indefinitely until you leave the floor(He's like, stuck in some sort of time stasis and debuffs don't start counting down until he goes hostile), so you can plan around killing all three Braxes on the floor if it's not NTTG slowly and steadily, and steal at your whim.

    Polymorph your own Zombys to make them better, or your Hunting Diggles(Though they are quite evasive and have high counter so they can tank well on their own up to floor 5 in my own experiences).

    A zoo can be cleared with summons early on(Seriously, hunting diggles are amazing up to floor 5), and the fleshsmithing capstone later. Fuel the mana with Thaumaturgic Tap and the Wright's if necessary.

    With proper planning, you can kill Lord Dredmor with 38 pieces of Ground Meat on floor 10, or 68 pieces of Ground Meat on floor15(Though the debuffs may start wearing off too early if you have to do other action with the floor 15 Dredmor. I suggest hurting him a little first, then debuffing him. Or vice versa).

    There's no reason to ignore animals with this build. Smack them, kill them, and object the debuff onto enemies. No enemies? Summon a zomby or Hunting Diggles and use them as debuff fodder. No meat? Summon your hunting diggles and smack them instead. The possibilities are endless when you think outside the box with magical law.

    I'd level up Magical Law to Rune of Objection first, then one level in Thaumaturgic Tap, then finish Magical law, then max out Big Game Hunter, then Tinkering and other skills as needed.
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  13. Gaidren

    Gaidren Member

    Magical Law is probably the most overpowered skill in the game right now. There's just so many useful things you can do with cooldown resets/debuff swaps. Any random build that has ML + Piracy in it that doesn't die on floor 1 can beat the game.
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  14. Gaidren

    Gaidren Member

    Now that's cool. I had no idea it worked on friendlies. Magical Law, is there anything it *can't* do? :)
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  15. Ruigi

    Ruigi Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Magical law is about as strong as the mono blue counter decks from alliances/mirage block.
  16. Veleno

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    I'm kinda new in the Forum, but whata hell right? xD

    This is my Build, I'm playing with a lot of fun with it

    - Dagger (Sneaky Sneaky xD)
    - Dual Wielding (Yeah yeah... Double Daggers!)
    - Assassination (Smooth and easy)
    - Burglary (Because steal is goooood)
    -Berserker (AAARGH UURGH SMASH!)
    -Master of Arms (Soooo Shiny!)
    -Archaeology (Because Indiana Jones Rocks!)

    As I said, I thought it was a good build so far, didn't have too much trouble past the begining with the dual daggers. If any one have a suggestion on a build based on rogue and/or assassination please I really would like to know some good adivices or just comments about my build ;3
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  17. FurryDragon

    FurryDragon Member

    Anything with Promethean and Viking Magic
  18. Kazuhiro

    Kazuhiro Member

    Fairy Princess (An amazing mod that you can find in the mods section--it's not in the workshop)
    Little Pony
    Lunar Heritage a.k.a. Sailor Senshi (Sailor Moon)

    Why am I playing this build? You're asking the wrong question. How could I NOT play this build?
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  19. Corlindale

    Corlindale Member

    I'm in love with Burglary at the moment, so I'm trying to find a build that helps it as much as possible. The basic idea is that Burglary gives you all the tools you need to steal from Brax, which can give you access to high-end equipment early game (with some luck). It also doubles as a set of life-saving escape skills in general, of course.

    My current build is:
    Archaeology - for all the juicy bonus xp, especially with all the artifacts I steal
    Dual-wielding - to better use the powerful weapons I steal.
    Piracy - for the counter-attacking power
    Viking Magic - Not all that crucial, but helps survival early-game and gives a use for mana
    Fungal Arts - Very useful for any build. The Inky Hoglantern is particularly helpful here, for escaping from the inevitable Dread Collectors.
    Artful Dodger - More dodge is always nice, and it gives me an additional teleport when Move in Mysterious Ways is on cooldown.

    I'm having a blast with this right now, though it is also partly due to some good luck with items (managed to steal a Time Lord Scarf on floor 1). It's great fun to plan the next caper whenever I reach a new floor and find a well-stocked Brax :)
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  20. Veleno

    Veleno Member

    I would only change the viking magic for assassination or another suit up skill for the "Five-Finger-Discounter". But from what I can see, normally a thief in this game can be the luckiest or the unluckiest player in the game heh, but what about the weapons? Did you manage to use what comes in hand or not?


    For Viking magic and Promethean I suggest you go up something like this (supposing you are going for a BattleMage or Full Mage)


    -Viking Wizardry
    -Dual Wielding
    -Wand Lore or Staff
    -Polearms, Axes or Sword (Go for Axes that my opnion, if you are lucky you can find a pretty awesome Axe Like "Axe of Solar Discs [30:dmg_slashing: 15:dmg_conflagratory: 10:dmg_righteous:]" on mysterious portals)

    This can be a hardsh Build to start, but can be very powerful at middle-game floors or if you are a lucky player you can get awesome itens on mysterious portals and quests. Or you can do something that can be a little rash, when you find those "Bosses Chests" you can save up the game and open it, if you didn't get a good weapon or equipament or can die e reload your game, you can do the same for the Krong's Anvil... Not a "nice player" act but it works sometime if you can spare like 5~10 minutes for random weapons and stats xD

    FullMage (With Axe)

    -LeyWalking (must have)
    -Viking Wizardry
    -Magic Training
    -Perception or Piracy

    You can take out the Magic Training But I really rather not, choose between the Perception or Piracy for Couter Attacks and Buff up with viking Wizardry mosts of time. At long rage go for Promethean. I really can't say if that gonna work as well as it sounds. I will try myself this build, seen to be a good one so far (I never uses alchemy but... We can try out for mana and healing potions, even if food and driking can help up,,, Well there it is =D)
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