Shadowrun Returns

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    I just started playing. It's cool, but I guess games like Fallout and so on have me spoiled. I miss the open-world feel of those games that make you feel like you can go anywhere and do anything. I haven't played a game like this in ages, and actually forgot that there are games like this (and why I tend not to play them). Anyway, my impression may change as I get further. I'm playing a dwarf Dekker (ie. hacker).
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    Yeah I played it last night and going to play again tonight ^^
    Really like it so far. Bit rough in spots but that's charming actually and doesn't rub me the wrong way.

    Playing an Elf Shaman and really liking it so far, really curious to the Decker's Matrix world, but I'm sure I'll get one in my party at some point, and if not I can see myself replaying this on the hardest difficulty.

    The editor is... well, extremely 'exposed'. Meaning it's not streamlined or changed in major ways to make it more user friendly. I fiddled with it just a little and it seems you can do a lot with it! Maybe it's not such a bad thing that it will probably have a bit of a threshold to get into.
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    Played more.

    Get it.
    It's good :D

    A little rough around the edges, but that's part of the charm.
    Visuals are great, combat is fun (the way I am playing.. all classes are vastly different, can't guarantee those are the same) and the roleplaying and talking is done very well.

    Really, don't have anything to complain about so far, already eager to try a new character class on my second run, but I am not even halfway yet on the first though.

    Editor and steamworks ensures nice fanmade content as well.

    Only possible downsides I can think of is:
    1) that very rarely (had it once now that it bothered me) you cannot judge well enough what will happen when you choose something to say.
    The 1 time I had that I was doing a job for someone for 200 Nuyen and on completing it and giving the item to the person I could choose either: "Now, I don't think we've discussed payment yet..." and "Here it is." Since we HAD discussed payment I chose the later and as a result didn't receive my payment, apparently I had to make sure I got it before handing it over.
    Admittedly these things happen in the real world in rough places where gangs etc make their home, but the checkpoint system (which is good since it forces you to think and just go with how your game turns out) made it a tad annoying that I couldn't easily redo that.
    2) there can be a little short crackle in the music when loading.

    The rest is really good:
    Atmosphere is fantastic, music is just good, writing is a tad rough but charming and you really get into the world. The amount of lore is apparent and the world is believable. i like the roleplaying and the talk system and how you unlock new talk options by noticing things and investigating.
    The 'quest system' is simple and unobtrusive, interface does it's job well and doesn't get in the way.
    Combat is fun and well.. See for yourself ^^ I just took a small break to write this but I'm going back in :D
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