Shadowrun Returns

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Aegho, May 3, 2013.

  1. Aegho

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    Anyone else having an eye on this? Looks like a decent old school RPG with turn-based isometric combat.

    It's also a kickstarter game that's getting released in june, and for those who didn't back it for a reserved copy, it's 10% off, 17.09€ for the preorder on steam.
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    Yes me :)
  3. Daynab

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    Preordered it for $15 directly from the devs a while ago. So many oldschoolish RPGs coming out, it's great.
  5. OmniaNigrum

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  6. Dratai

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    Aw yissssssssssss
  7. Aegho

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    Release date has been set. July 25.
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  8. OmniaNigrum

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    Fans are equally distributed between those who are writhing and foaming at the mouth, and those who have something they call a "Life" and are not foaming or writhing. :)

    I can wait. I follow my usual habit of arguing to no effect with people on all manner of forums about how it will be better if we are patient than having something clearly alpha-level released like happens with practically everything these days. (It is a great way to kill time until it is released.)
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  9. Godwin

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    *foam* *foam*

    At first it said june 17th, then it said june 26th, and now juLy 25th??? AAAAaaaaaAAAAAaaaaAAAAARGH!!!

    For the record: I have a life with WAY too little time to play games :p

    But yeah, bad news (I mean I like them delaying so it can go smooth at launch and am okay with it of course but I do not like them apparently not yet being at that point): I was SO looking forward to this... really... a lot :p
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    I too was looking forward to another *Real* RPG. (No offense to DoD or Gaslamp Games. I think you know what I mean.) I could have way too high expectations as well. Time will tell. Apparently a lot of time will tell. :(
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    The way I look at it is that if a game's release is delayed, there is generally a good reason for that. If the game is good, then a good reception will mean all the more support and future updates to the game. If the game is not good, there's no loss in delaying it's release. In other words, let them give us the best game they can, and if that means delays, so be it.
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    That is how I see it too. I spent some time arguing with people to no effect on those points on Steam forums. But that gets real old really fast.

    That says it all. :)

    Also, just to show my true inner troll...

    *Edit* Other trolls got to me. I need to avoid the forums on Steam...
  13. Daynab

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    I also usually see delays as a positive thing more than anything else. Rather wait more for a game than play an unfinished one. (Not that delays guarantee it will be good)
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    Underrail is a game that has a one man army making everything. As another here said, it is a good, but unfinished game. I bought it months ago. I have downloaded three different builds of it, and even installed one, but I have never played it. I am sure I will enjoy it much more if I wait until it is officially launched as a completed game. There may be a patch or ten after that, but what game worthy of playing does not have that? Here is the link to the petty comment about Underrail.

    I love some games much more than others. I loved Deus Ex (The original) for the cyberpunk genre aspect it had that was unique to a few games only at the time. Shadowrun Returns is that core mechanic expanded and made fair. (Read "Fair" as "Insanely Hard".)

    I have played every Fallout game, and every Deus Ex game in pretty much every way possible. And even past that I have played the Pen and Paper Shadowrun games a few times.

    I do not believe we will be left waiting long, nor disappointed at the end result.
  15. OmniaNigrum

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    BTW, I read my own comments as somewhat mouthy. If anyone at Gaslamp Games disapproves of my comments on any thread, please feel free to tell me to shut up. No need to bother with a PM either. Do it publicly so everyone knows why I stopped ranting.

    As you know I rant often. But I also try to follow the rules. These two probably often conflict. Do not hesitate to tell me to shut up. I will take no offense. At times I really do not understand why people are inflamed or irritated by my rants, but I sometimes recognize it. Although it sounds demeaning, the best way to put this is "If I do something that is going to cause you grief, please tell me to shut up. Usually I will understand. If I do not, I will PM the person who told me to shut up and ask for clarification of why I was asked to shut up."

    Remember I am Bi-Polar and not always able to see things the same as others. But despite having ample means to get past any block, when banned for any reason I abide the block. (I have a VPN with 351 different IP addresses to use, and can chain this to Tor if I wanted to be a jerk.)

    Presuming you read this and find it to contain details you want excluded, please remember I gave everyone at Gaslamp Games permission to edit/delete any post I make with or without reason. (That has been a while.)

    Reading this post I find I must be a bit manic to write this. Oh well. C'est La Vie.
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  16. Dratai

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    Well, for a "real RPG" they're making that game called the eternity project or whatnot.
    Which is, if I recall, semi-torchlight, semi-tabletop?

    I haven't been paying attention to the updates lately. xD
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  17. Haldurson

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    "Project Eternity" -- It's based on the same engine as Baldur's Gate and the like (Which makes me extremely unenthusiastic about the project -- I found it to be awkward). But I know it's a popular engine. I really dislike the modern AD&D rules set as well, but I can't tell if this will use that or not. If there's a demo and it doesn't use the AD&D rules set, I may at least try it out. Otherwise, I'm giving it a pass.

    I'd love to see either turn-based combat, or at least 1st+third person switchable as in Skyrim, as opposed to what they are proposing, and a less convoluted games system than AD&D.
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  18. OmniaNigrum

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    I was looking at Project Eternity this very morning. (Trying to think of how I can save up the $29 to be a "Slacker/Backer")

    I liked basically every game ever made in the style they hint at, but they really do not say much of anything specific about what the game(s) will be. I expect that it will eventually develop into a whole different game that is subscription based rather than purchased and owned.

    The Kickstarter managed just shy of the four million dollar mark. To say there is a lot of promise in that is an understatement beyond my capacity to speak.

    Wasteland 2 is currently being made by the same studio, so PE will have even more people working on it once they finish Wasteland 2.
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  19. Dratai

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    I chucked some spare change into it early on, they've been feeding us constant updates per a mailing list.

    Then again, I chuck a lot of pocket lint on occation. Because certain things show more promise than a lot of the other crud games that already do exist.

    But then I'm norwegian and the cheapest of ice creams costs like equal to five dolla--- or used to.

    The krone took a hit last week. Not a bit one but a hit. Eh.
    I haven't really spent money on anything in particular for over a year.
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  20. OmniaNigrum

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    SR was released today. I have installed, but not actually played it any. This post is just a reminder to everyone who bought it.