Sewer Brew achievment.

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    This is getting more and more OT, but I will reply again

    Hm... if this quote is only connected to DoD it´s okay, but if not I wonder if you try to provoke. If you talk about steam games in general it is a generalisation that is wrong and due to that every information in this quote becomes invalid. Some games have achievements that have no impact on the actual game, but others have.

    That quote explains a lot. In addition you could call every form of progress record irrelevant, esp. scores. But they aren´t. If "normal" scores in your games increase that usually means you have become a "better player", increasing numbers of achievements usually mean the same. Just for one second try to see achievements as a form of score.

    I played TCG and card games in general for many years and I also played tournaments, in the games I played Promotional Cards (same cards with different artwork) and Token Cards were given away as PR, for winning or just joining it. I never played "Munchkin" so I cannot comment that, but it´s sad that normal cards were only available at tournaments.

    Just one thing concerning your "only reason why people are upset is that it´s posted on Steam", my steam account is "private" since I started playing steam games, even my "friends" on steam can´t see my achievements or the progress. Hopefully this gives room for thought without explaining it again.
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    Steam achievements do not affect gameplay. Some games have in-game achievements that do, but these are not related to Steam, even if the in-game achievements unlock Steam achievements. In either case, it doesn't matter when applied to this game.
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    98% of achievements in the games I've played fall into one of two categories:
    1) Play the game (i.e. hit some plot point)
    2) Do something random

    They aren't measuring skill beyond the skill needed to play the game normally.
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    Anyway, it was a counterproof (and clearly visible as such), but yeah, has nothing to do with DoD.

    Perfectly fine, because maybe we just play different games regularly, most of the games I play have achievements that measure skill in some way, if achieved properly (in addition to those two categories that you mentioned).

    One thing, I don´t really understand why you guys pick just one thing out of the context and comment that, I think I gave enough away to think about or think different for one second and go back to what we were talking about before. No offense, but that´s somehow sad. :(
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    Again, those are in-game achievements. They just mirror the Steam achievements. Although, I suppose Valve could implement some sort of special system, seeing as they are Steam. It doesn't really matter. Those achievements don't really affect gameplay, as much as the (crappy) unlock system, especially now that you can buy anything. I hate TF2. xD

    Honestly, what I think is sad is complaining about achievements. It's just a difference in perspective, one which won't be reconciled. This is neither good, nor bad, it just is. I'd go so far as to say that this entire argument is pointless. I like to argue though, so... :D
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    I´m not that much of TF2 player, in fact I haven´t played it much, but as far as I understood it, if you manage to unlock a certain amount of steam achievements for your class you get some weapons for that. That has an effect on the game, even if that effect isn´t that big (I really don´t know how strong those weapons or hats or whatever are), other games have stuff like this too, take KF, it gives you some skins for some achievements and so on.

    I just wanted to express that some achievements have an impact on games to break that "steam achievements have never ever an impact on the actual game and so the are not part of the game" "argument". Because that is wrong.

    You think it´s sad to "complain" about a part of a game that someone likes, but that is executed (changed) in a way that he cannot fully enjoy, but could through an addition that won´t remove anything intended or take away anything from others? Hm... :confused:
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    Sort of. It's a bad system, honestly. I think after you get certain achievements (milestones), you can get some new weapons. Some things are given according to the achievement, but most are just completely random. You get them upon death. There are servers who's sole purpose is to kill you over and over, so you can get weapons. I loved TFC, but TF2 just isn't the same.

    It does remove something. It is intended to be an exclusive achievement for those who have shared a drink with the the developers. Changing it removes the novelty, and exclusivity of the achievement.

    For the record, I couldn't care less if it's changed or stays the same. I just think it's a silly thing to worry about. ^-^
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    That´s right. I still want it dammit ;)
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    There are many things in life that are personally unattainable. I truly believed that my 8 year old nephew could be anything he wants to be when he grows up. Then I found out what he wants is to be is a ninja. Ok, so maybe there are exceptions. You can't always get what you want.

    I understand people wanting things. What I don't understand is the feeling of entitlement to those same things. I paid for the game. I got the game. I play the game. I lost nothing by missing out on the achievement. Would I like to have the achievement? Yes, so long as I actually earned it. But I live far away, so that's that. I have not lost out on anything by not getting it, just by not earning it.
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    I thought that smiley was enough to show that my "I still want it dammit" was meant as a joke, apparently it wasn´t.

    My posts before that weren´t about actually getting the achievement, they were about the (im)possibility of getting it and I delivered suggestions to that topic.

    I assume you have read the posts before but here is my first post on this topic again

    If you read the orange stuff you should notice that this actually means that this achievement might not be reachable for me if they make it tough enough, but that´s okay because it´s possible, it´s just my skill or time that takes the chance of getting it away. The normal conditions are just impossible for many people including me.

    I tried to be constructive and said what I don´t like or what I think isn´t solved well BUT also made a suggestion that might improve it and I tried to reply in a proper and respectful way, thinking about what I wrote and what others said, even if some things were just polemic or trollish, but finally I´m tired of replying to "look down", "get over it", "let me explain life to you", "I don´t care, but post anyway" and "let´s rip that detail apart, before I have to think about the meaning" posts.
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    I completely agree with guys who want to get a possible chance of getting this achievement. So you can see that almost half part of 1% got this achievement:eek:

    I can`t believe that many guys bought some beer to developers for getting achievement

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    You could have it be an either-or: either you drink 10,000 sewer brews, or the devs give you a code for a 10,000 sewer-brew-counting superdrink when you go out and get tanked with them, you use the code and drink the superbooze when you get home later, and it automatically trips the achievement by virtue of beating the achievement in and of itself. That way, there's still a "Hey, you went out with the devs and got trashed" incentive, but it's still achievable via regular (albeit grindy) play.
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    Thing is, it's exclusive for all the wrong reasons. Usually, the qualifications to get an achievement are skill and/or patience (plus a lack of bugs *coughTheCriticcough*). Thus, any exclusivity comes from being one of a small group of people who have demonstrated the high levels of skill and/or patience necessary to overcome a particular challenge. What are the qualifications here?

    - Must live in the USA, or have the time and money to travel to conventions on another continent.
    - Must be of legal drinking age (21 in the USA?).

    The reason it's "exclusive" is that you're excluding people based on age, wealth and country of residence, rather than anything to do with the actual game. Doesn't sound so cool now, does it?

    For me, the bottom line is that any fan will want to buy the devs drinks anyway should the opportunity arise. Tying an achievement to it makes it more like "buy us a beer if you want this achievement", which is not how these things should be.
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    While I do agree with Velorien here in that achievements that aren't achievable for anyone are kind of meh, do we really need to get every possible achievement?
    I mean, it's not like our lives will be ruined because our friends saw that we don't have an achievement in a game, one that they undoubtedly don't have either.
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    You mean you don't attach your entire sense of self-worth to pretty pixels awarded for doing difficult virtual things in a videogame? What a strange person you must be.

    Seriously, though, the entire achievement system is designed to appeal to the kind of personality that wants to get every single achievement and score maximum points even when they don't have any meaning outside the context of the individual game. Just like football championships are designed around having people rejoice over the victories of teams they identify with, even though those victories have no practical impact on their lives whatsoever.

    Imagine if you introduced a rule saying one particular player is allowed to touch the ball with his hands. It's a minor change that doesn't affect the day-to-day life of a single fan, and is a drop in the ocean in the world of professional football itself (especially if the player is low-profile, the way DoD is next to the Half-Lifes and Dragon Ages of this world). But it will cause an enormous uproar, precisely because the world of pro football fandom is the kind of world where rule fairness is held sacred.
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    Why yes, I do hear it quite a lot (that I'm weird). But honestly, between work, writing a novel, making mods and other stuff to make sure I don't get out of shape with programming, helping a friend of mine with writing a tabletop RPG campaign, and actually not being a fully-fledged single, I don't have that much time to play games. Heck, I didn't even have Steam before, as I only got it to buy the diggle god DLC for DoD, so while achievements are pleasant to get, I don't see the point in obsessing over getting them.

    If football? 1/11 of players can do that already, so meh.
    And I'd say the whole "achievement for drinking with devs" is more akin to a rule that said these players who were in the leaning tower in Piza can have a sticker on their shirts during the match. Some would riot, but most simply wouldn't care.
    Because frankly, there's nothing to gain by getting that last achievement, unless one has a compulsive whatever syndrome (in which case said person should not be playing a game as random as a roguelike can be).
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    Maybe did some dlc for people who want this achievement?)