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    Actually, it can, but it requires pretty much trying to do that for decades (if not centuries) without rest, so it might as well be impossible for it to happen.
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    You'll never manage to extinguish life on the planet - and that's a challenge ;).
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    Actually, we (as in, the human race) could do that if we tried. The problem (or rather, the good thing) is that it would require coordinated efforts of many countries which do not wish to work together, as well as consent of many people to whom various military MacGuffins were left, most of them having been screened beforehand to ensure that they will not to so because they'll have no motivation to try to destroy the world. Well, that and the fact that it would took longer for the results of such an action to finally show than any human would survive after doing it.

    But whatever, let's just nuke the moon. And return to the original discussion after that.
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    I doubt it. You'd need to somehow create an environment that is toxic to every living creature - and extremophiles are pretty zany.
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    And I think we could do that if we tried - it's just that we at least recognize the fact that it is too stupid to try (because it gives us nothing at all).

    And, once again, let's get back to the main discussion or Daynab will eat us... If you want to continue this one, we can do it via a conversation or we can ask him to split that part into a new thread.
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    Yes, in the interest of shifting the conversation away from non-nutritious nukes...

    Who all has tried Quinoa? It's supposed to be a good non-meat source of protein, and I've had it mixed with mushrooms for dinner and fruit/oatmeal for breakfast.
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    One more petty off topic post. I missed out on this and just wanted to point out that there are life forms somehow thriving on the carbon control rods in nuclear reactors. An ox-acetaline blow torch is about the same temperature as what they thrive in. And removing them does *NOT* kill them. So we are literally incapable of killing all life on the planet unless we put massive engines on the planet and push it into the sun. And some speculate that even the sun could have life in it. Sounds crazy, right? I have yet to enter the sun to see if there is or not. I volunteer whomever posts off topic next, provided I do not.

    Now back to the conversation at hand. Probably 1/10th my food intake is Oatmeal Raisin Cookies with Almonds in them. I buy them from Braums like where I buy the Milk I mentioned earlier in this very thread. They are very good. Some days they are all I eat. (Just a few, some days I am not hungry for anything.)
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    I think by using all our current uranium and plutonium to make nukes, and then use them on the surface, we could potentially brick our planet.
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    I found some "Full fat 100% Pasteurized Raw Milk" at my chinese super market ^_^ It's funny because when it's skimmed or semi-skimmed it's written in big letters on the pack, but when it's whole, you have to check the ingredient list to know it is. Provided there is an english translation which is rarely the case.

    I'm not sure they know what "raw milk" means, and I wouldn't drink non-pasteurized milk in China anyway :p

    Back in france i eat a lot of oatmeal, but here the Quakers are sold in huge family-packs (1kg or something) so i settled for Corn Flakes :)
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    This is one of the most woefully uninformed websites I've had the displeasure of reading in a long time. The stuff about imperialist politics in Africa is largely right, but the stuff about how vegetarian diets are "more efficent" than omnivorous diets is completely radically opposite. Here's the thing -- cows and chickens digest things we don't, like cellulose. Of the stuff we grow, the part we can't eat is much larger than the part we can, but animals can and do eat it, and that allows us to take advantage of much more of the food we grow than we can as vegetarians.

    Furthermore, the "inefficiency" created by animals pooping out a large portion of their diet is actually a good thing assuming you're putting that poop back into the ground as fertilizer.

    Also, from a few pages back,

    Oh, dear.

    Not really.

    I wrote that a couple of years ago after a long bit of research with my nutritionist mother-in-law. tl;dr: the only soy that's good for your is fermented soy (tempeh, tofu, tamari). Soy protein in particular is dangerously high in phytoestrogens, and soybeans themselves have multiple other significant problems.
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    With all due respect, (yes, Wikipedia I know, but it has sources for all the claims)

    Your link is unsourced, by the way (dead link) but I have done a cursory google search to find if it was a consensus. Far from it (mainly the claim that phytoestrogen is actually converted into estrogen in men.)

    That said, I have been slacking off the soy milk these days though and only drink something like a glass every couple days, and my parents have switched to almond milk (but I don't really like it myself) so I might look into other stuff. Thanks for the heads up regardless.
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    'Nuff said. :D
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    This is especially telling though. I did not know this detail of history. I knew Hemp was vital after WW2, but WW1 benefited greatly from Soy it seems. The article is a worthy read. (Hemp was vital for *Rope* due to it's fiber. Hemp is *NOT* the plant most people think it is. You could smoke your body weight and never feel anything besides carcinogens in your lungs from doing something so stupid. To clarify, Hemp is not a drug.)

    I removed the links from the quote of Wikipedia since I for one do not want to derail us to chatting about WW1 and WW2. Please try to respect that much. :)
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    Yeah, in the farms, soy (and every other kind of Fabaceae (legumes) is very good for the soil, since it makes links on the roots with some kind of bacteries which can fixate the nitrogen in the soil and, as whole plants, have great level of nitrogen themself within.
    Also, I think that, in the Old World, hemp was basically the bigger natural resource for economical regrowth. Soy came here in later years, while hemp was a millenarian plant for textile industries. Because, really, it can grow everywhere with any issues.
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    About Hemp. Do not read. Thanks. :D
    It is specifically against the rules to mention politics, but I cannot resist. It is illegal to grow Hemp in the USA even for industrial uses. Why? Because Dupont made Nylon and paid off politicians to pretend Hemp *IS* the drug plant Marijuana. My own Mother does not believe me when I tell her Hemp is useless as a drug. She thinks I am being deceived. And she is not alone. I have shown her the articles on Wikipedia for the plant. She still thinks it is a drug purely because that is the lie she has been told by mainstream media for her entire lifetime.
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    Yep, we lost hemp cultivation for nylon, too.
    And wait, Hemp IS Marijuana, just not a variety that has enough active principles to get you high. It was used as a base to strengthen those plants which had enough principles so they could be grown more than in a glasshouse.
    The biggest difference is: at the time, just a little wanted to use flowers of the plant to feel something (way less than any kind of the substance today), the majority were just growing a plant for textile industries, so not only those people didn't smoked hemp, but they weren't letting it growing its flowers. The fiber is the key of the plant, it's one of the strongest of the planet.
    Old vessels and ships used hemp rope to keep everything together. Those cool vessels we saw in Age of Empires II.
    About the politic subject, I think that the ban of the object is for the propaganda, and for fight. Politic is just everything we do as men.
    Like discussing about food problems and diets.
    Anyway, I think that meat is cool and awesome, I really enjoy eating it. It's just that one must not excede with it, since it's not good for health, like with everything else. It's also ok to be a vegetarian, but those should make an examination of conscience: why are you doing it?
    It's because of those poor little animals who are dying to let me eat a steak? It's ok to be on the animal side, but a vegan (not only a vegetarian) should think about all those MASSIVE number of parasites the plants fight over to grow up. All those living beings (bugs, mites, fungi, molds, other plants) need to be exterminate to let someone enjoy his vegetable dish (and thath, as like Essence told before, is like a dish half empty, since all those plant cells we simply cannot digest). Also, the very plant must be killed to let us eat it, as a whole dish (like vegetables), or after a while (fruit trees are felled after too many years, since a plant which is too old is not cost-effective, and a new one must be put in its place, even if the old tree isn't death yet).
    But, as I said, I'm not against vegetarians. I respect their choice, if there was a if there was a reasoning behind the choise.
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    Please link me some stuff about what Du Pont did and to whom. I could use the references.
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    If raw soy/soybeans was toxic for humans, the whole asian world would be dead by now.
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    You can not change the opinion a mother had her whole life, it is known :p
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    Kamimsa, do your research before you say crap. The Asians eat their soy exclusively fermented, which as mentioned eliminates the problems with soy.

    Daynab, I'll post more detailed research shortly.