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    It's a very odd build because it has no real focus. It has two skills that are primarily melee, so what you are saying is correct. Plus there are few synergies with CK and RS (normally you want some crafting skills with either). They do partly synergize with each other, but by late game, if one or the other is your primary offensive skills, you want them to be as good as possible.

    That said, not all builds are about being as strong as possible. Ask anyone who plays with random or themed builds. Sometimes you are doing it just for fun (which is what it sounds like this is to me). To quote,
    Still, it has some good sides -- several escape abilities through Burglary and CK, a heal, some ranged and some defense (plus pets through Fleshsmithing). It's not optimal, but it's not bad either.
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    Yeah, it wasn't meant to be a serious attempt. But suddenly I find myself at Lvl11 with no real difficulty as long as I am a bit careful.

    I haven't played much for the last week (Father's Day + work) so that might be why I haven't died yet.

    I have played over 200 hours (always Rogue, Small Rooms, Permanent Death, sometimes Random) with no Dredmor kills so I do desire to finally get him.
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    By small rooms, I assume you mean No Time to Grind -- I find it actually a lot harder to win with that than normal because you end up with less of everything -- ranged weapons, good weapons and armor, food, potions, crafting mats, etc. Still, I like playing that way also at times. It certainly makes the game go faster.
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    Here I would like to make a difference between "Pure Warrior" and "Pure Melee". "Pure Warrior" means no Rogue or Wizard Skills. "Pure Melee" means no ranged, but can have Wizard and/or Rogue skills.

    Also, Curse of the Golden Ratio is one of the "Extremely Expensive" spells that shouldn't be spammed. Recursive Curse and Calculus are much cheaper, and Recursive is one of the best Single Target moves I've found, even for late game.(It gets resisted, but 2-3 casts for about 10 mana as a Pure Mage at level 27+ should kill most mobs easily without too much mana drain).

    @Kirk United, I already know that for Offhand, Rogues use tomes, Wizards use Orbs, but I REALLY meant the Main Hand Item for Pure Rogues/Wizards. Especially for Rogues. Should it be Daggers with Dagger Skill, BiS Weapon of any type w/o skill, or another Orb/Tome?
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    I have Burglar because it is painful not to have it, I have CK/RS/Perc/Paranormal because they are the Crafting Support Skills (I think, Perc is in NTtG). I actually have found 2 rings that boost wandcrafting now so think that I might take the final skill on RS to get the encrusts (the shield one seems great, and if I can find the hat then that gets me the hat one too).

    I have Geologist and Fleshsmithing to have early survivability and because they are good in general.

    It is basically a crafting build without any of the main crafting skills.
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    I kinda agree that Burglary is overpowered, but is absolutely essential to a Vanilla Pure Rogue build, just as how Master of Arms is OP and Essential to Pure Warriors(and maybe Pure Melee).

    Not taking the base crafting skills is kinda interesting in NttG, but I agree that Perception is absolutely necessary for a NttG Crafter.

    I tend to allow mix builds if Random Builds and Pure Builds are proving too difficult. I've never really gotten into encrusts though.
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    that is pretty funny. Yes, wand encrusts are great. Paranormal + burglary fixes lots of sticky situations and builds.
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    Well, I am facing Dredmor. He is easy at least if I don't close (so far). I haven't even went and gotten my holy grenades.

    He only damages me with his F Bolt (the Viking spell?) which does ~50 and is healed up in ~3 turns.

    I maybe should put in the tome and the 2nd diggle ring to make it go quicker though.

    My pants went a bit unstable (I didn't double up any encrust), but it was my best pants by a bit so I kept them on. It is only tentacles and the only real negative is the -3 nimbleness.

    I also took fleshbore which was a total waste at this level, I should have taken eye lasers or lock or quake.

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    OK, I did it. At about 600 life I just jumped next to him and destoyed him in melee (also no problems, but maybe lucky?).

    Final was:
    Burg 2
    Flesh 3
    Rogue S 8
    C Knight 7
    B Geo 5
    Para 6 (Alien Weapon did nothing to him)
    Perc 5 (I think that Eye Lasers might have been better than Alien Weapon, definitely better than Fleshbore)

    Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 2.45.42 PM.png
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    I should probably consider Perception's Eye Lasers in a Future Build(One that reflects what my IRL Skillset would be like). Hopefully it doesn't get nerfed by then.
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    Well, I am making another attempt with Random, Small Rooms, Rogue. This time I have a character which is doing very well (due to an unusual, for me, growth). However, I don't know how to finish him off.

    Basically, I went up initially Emomancy and the Tap for manna. The heal + area of effect damage did well for the mid-game (DL 2-4), where a character with these skill trees would normally suffer for me (normally I would go up smithing/knight/vegan). It is something for me to consider in the future. However, I have 2 Mage skills (Emo+Tap), 2 Warrior skills (Vegan + Knight), and 3 Utility skills (Wand, Smith, Paranormal).

    Now I am doping pretty well. I smithed myself a great axe (I would smith myself come good armor, but I am not sure to continue with Gish or change to straight up Melee; I can't smith the gish armor because I am lacking a potion). My Skill set is
    Wand 2
    Smith 4
    Lay Walker 2
    Emo 3
    Knight 7
    Paranormal 1
    Vegan 5

    I am not sure whether to take 2 more Smithing for the Warrior stats, Max Wand for the Utility/Gish stats, Max Lay Walker for the Mobility/Gish stats, Max Emo for the Gish or Take up Paranormal to 4 or 6 for the Utility.

    I don't think any of those are going to really add a lot to my end game damage or damage mitigation. If I keep with Gish, Wand might give me some very nice encrusts.

    Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 11.14.37 AM.png

    Of course this is with permanent death.
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