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    Hey guys, this is my absolutely spiffing modification for the game of Dungeons of Dredmor! (its not, really :p)

    All it has is one skill in it, although its not much, its a start for me.
    Its based around absorbing mundane damage, piercing damage, reflecting and or absorbing magic.

    If you have any constructive critique on the matter, feel free to tell me about some of the horribly broken stats I may or may not have implemented, so i can tweak them to be on even ground compared to other skills :D

    oh and its ID is "357' and its class is Warrior by the way. There should be no conflicts with the ID as far as im aware.

    Become a walking suit of armour! (Well, not really, but you can roleplay it :p)

    This skillset makes you more resiliant to mundane damage and piercing (slashing, crushing, blasting) through copious amounts of Armour Absorbtion! Along with some added Magic Reflection and Magic Resistance!

    Sentient Suit - Abilities

    Metallic affinity - level 0
    "Although you might not(most certainly don't) have any flesh, you're still as tough(not as tough) as a nut(as anything). Your sense of smell might come back in the future (it will never return, ever)."
    +1 Stubbornness:stubborness:
    +1 Armour Absorbtion:armor_asorb:
    -10 Nimbleness:nimbleness:
    Resistances: Asphyxiative +1 Piercing +1:resist_aphyxiative::resist_piercing:
    Animation Empowerment - Level 1
    "Your efforts to hold your armour together strengthen and repairs any dents in your suit. You still cant smell."
    +1 Stubbornness:stubborness:
    +1 Armour Absorbtion:armor_asorb:
    +2 Health Regeneration:life_regen:
    Resistances: Asphyxiative +1 Piercing +1:resist_aphyxiative::resist_piercing:
    Metal-Morphasis - Level 2
    "Your armour has become harder, better, faster, and who could forget, stronger! This doesn't change the fact that you can't smell, however."
    +1 Stubbornness:stubborness:
    +1 Block:block:
    +1 Armour Absorbtion:armor_asorb:
    +1 Magic Resistance:magic_resist:
    +5 Magic Reflection:reflection:
    Resistances: Asphyxiative +1 Piercing +1:resist_aphyxiative::resist_piercing:
    Reflective Magesteel - Level 3
    "The blood of diggles and amateur magic has strengthened your armour to combat more ameteur magic, this includes your own ameteur magic. Your inability to smell still remains."
    +1 Armour Absorbtion:armor_asorb:
    +5 Magic Resistance:magic_resist:
    +20 Magic Reflection:reflection:
    Resistances: Asphyxiative +1 Piercing +1:resist_aphyxiative::resist_piercing:
    "This comes with a passive ability that increases Armour Absorbtion, Magic Resistance/Reflection but reduces Savvy and Sagacity, it activates when you are hit and stacks up to 5 times."
    Protective Magnetism - Level 4
    "The clash of metal, leather, flesh, magic and vegetables against your armour against has made you strangely magnetic to their forms of protection, regardless if they even have any."
    +1 Stubbornness:stubborness:
    +1 Block:block:
    +1 Armour Absorbtion:armor_asorb:
    +5 Magic Resistance:magic_resist:
    +10 Magic Reflection:reflection:
    Resistances: Asphyxiative +1 Piercing +1:resist_aphyxiative::resist_piercing:
    "This comes with an active ability that heavily reduces their Armour Absorbtion, and increases your own."
    This is available on the Steam Workshop:
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  2. Alistaire

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    - Skilltree
    - Relies on Stubbornness
    - Gives shitloads of resistances and armour
    - Uninspirational last skilltree levels

  3. Vitellozzo

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    Therefor, this mod is finished. I'm glad it doesn't cover exactly what I was thinking, so I can do my mod.
    Let's sum all those stats, until the 4th level:
    + 4 :stubborness:
    + 5 :armor_asorb:
    + 2 :block:
    + 5 :resist_piercing:/:resist_aphyxiative:
    - 10 :sneakiness:
    + 1 :life_regen:
    + 15 :magic_resist:
    + 35 :reflection:

    In comparison, Master of Arms gives you
    + 3 [​IMG]
    + 15 [​IMG]
    + 10 [​IMG]
    + 3 [​IMG]

    For the same levels. So, I don't think it's too much overpowered, but maybe you could give to the whole skill tree some more malus on another stat (since :sneakiness: it's pretty useless to full warriors, and it's just a -10 to it). Maybe a - :nimbleness: since you're becoming metallic, or - :resist_hyperborean:, :resist_conflagratory: and :resist_voltaic: since being metallic doesn't protect you from temperature variations and thunders.
    Also, every level continue the joke of being inable of smell things, but I don't think this is symbolized by any change of gameplay/stat at all, so it's just a death joke for the purpose of itself. Maybe you can make the skill tree incapable of eat anything, like vampires, since your organs are made of metal, or you can give to the skill some bad proc (de/buffs which appears upon something, like being hit or something like that).
    And the last three levels are just crappy, they are the same, without flavour and very underpowered to bot your other levels and to every other capstone. Maybe you can summarize all of them in a single level, or give yourself something to help mitigate some problem of the skill, or... maybe even more regen, or a skill similar to the Cycle of Demonology: some kind of buff which helps you being an inamovible wall, at the cost of losing the possibility of movement; upon the first step, it breaks itself.
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    Thank you for your imput! Ive removed the last three skills, so it only goes up to level 4 now. And ive also created a debuff that reduces Armour Absorbtion, Block and Magic Reflection by 50 when you eat something (including booze). Though it wont reduce it all the way to 0, because of stuff like passives, im not sure if its enough in terms of how long it lasts and what it reduces. Oh and ive removed -some- of the sense of smell jokes, now theres less of em, changed the sneakiness reduction to nimbleness instead and increased the hp regeneration by 1 on level 1.
  5. Alistaire

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    Magic reflection by 50? What more did you add; 100 meleepower on drinking oil of vitrol?
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  6. Vitellozzo

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    This could be a cool idea, since the character is made of metal. Maybe a smaller bonus.
    Good, very good. Debuffs upon eating are a novelty; but maybe it's just too much for level one? Perhalps a Veganlike formula, that consist in incrementable debuffs upon leveling up, could be a better idea since the first floor can be a pain in the ass sometimes.
    Maybe you can just split those debuffs upon the first levels of the skill, and after that you could use the Alistaire's suggestion or something like that. And recall all those things in the "no smell" joke - you can't smell, therefore you lost your sense of taste: everything seems different.
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  7. Kazuhiro

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    I love the ideas being thrown in here! I definitely agree with making the last levels more flashy and with adding big downsides to this that shunt you into a playstyle and/or nerf you by imposing restrictions. I particularly like the idea about food and drinking acid. In fact, maybe you should make it so that these characters really want to drink acid a lot--that would be a really fun mechanic, especially because a lot of items can be turned into acid!

    I mean, pure alcohol isn't exactly acid, but it serves the same in-game purpose and has the same flavor of being harmful to humans but maybe useful to a machine. Maybe have this be a powerful effect that you earn at 3-4.

    Other random ideas while I'm here that could add more fun elements rather than just buffs:

    That sneakiness penalty really should be huge instead of how it is now. I think you should have penalties for mages too.

    Eating gems for buffs.

    Eating equipment for buffs.

    Giving you equipment (either custom equipment or just platemail and whatnot) upon leveling up.

    A "self-repair mode" that gives you massive block and resist and a medium-weak regen effect, but completely blows away your mana and melee power.

    Polymorphing you into a Living Statue. Doesn't matter what the purpose is, just that it makes sense and would be flavorful and fun. Maybe this could be the self-repair mode.

    I really hope that this idea gets developed into something cool--it's definitely a skill I'd use!
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  8. Semigall

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    Could somebody please upload this mod on some normal host, not that Steam nonsense ?

    I'd really like to give it a try.
  9. Von Krieger

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    Gave this a try and found it rather fun, with one rather annoying side effect. The starting armor starts appearing EVERYWHERE with incredible frequency. Unless I'm specifically playing a Sentient Suit character, I've taken to turning the mod off.
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    There seems to be some kind of crash associated with Eigsthirn.