BETA 54B Send me big colony saves!

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    I join the round with a colony of 94 with version 54A...but i must admit i don't need more than about 80 of them, all above could only be used for military. The game is lacking now the content for higher populations since all the middle stuff like small iron oven or iron crucible is enough to support the whole colony.

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    I am trying to upload a couple game files from 54a but both are telling me the file is too big for the server.... If there is an email address I can send them to (if you are still actively looking for saves) post it in here or private message me and I will send any game files I have over. Have a 72 population on day 100 and a 56 pop on day 50 and I think I have a couple more games going from 54a but didn't go as far. But every building is built in the 100 day- not all are used though- but I had to quit that game because I for the life of me can find no chalk on the map and in the 50 - 100 hours I have played this game I have still yet to be able to build the lathe stamper or grinder and I have no idea what any of them do, I don't want to know what any of them do until I build them. (I know they'll prob build the same stuff in bulk but dammit I can never have a game get to the point where I can build these things before bugs are too rampant or the game performance is rough - which in the 100 day game, its getting rough.. Days are taking 20-25 minutes sometimes)
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    Larger 55A save

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