BETA 53 Script errors and general feedback

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    This save is from a 6 - 7 hour session. No crashes but plenty of script errors and other annoyances. I decided I probably can't go much further than this in the game with the script errors becoming more frequent.

    Thoughts -

    -The dead are still listed in my colonist listing. You can see their last state in the list. I had a strange bug where one of my colonists was just standing on the graveyard and starving to death. I had to mark him for frontier justice and he was killed. The mark can still be seen next to my graveyard as if he is still just standing there.

    -I'm notified my Barber is constantly out of the office even though he is in half the time. Same with the Vicar. This might be an issue with my misunderstanding of how these two offices are used\work.

    -Some items in the global stockpile listing are gone even though I can click on the individual stockpile and get an exact number on what I have. Example would be tea from this save. I know I have 5 but the stockpile doesn't list them. I don't usually filter the stockpile view so I don't think that is the issue.

    - I had 1 quaggy event that was fun and another quaggy event where he spawned and ran off the side of the map nearly immediately. I don't know if this is because I found and killed the cult leader or if he just pathed off the side of the map. I had left it on 2x game speed during this event and sometimes I feel like weird things happen in 2x.

    As a side note - Is it bad that I wanted a massive purge of my colonists because anger and hunger was over taking the colony and I had no real way of fixing it other than letting quaggy rampage?

    - Upkeep is a good addition to the game and I have figured it out enough to set it and forget it until I need to bump the min every few days. However, mid game and with only 30 colonists it gets a little hectic with no ability to see the amount of resources I have vs the amount required. More on that below.

    - I'm still not sure how to make excellent quality items and some of the tool tips for rugs and carpets need to be adjusted. I'm not sure how to explain the issue other than to say that placing a carpet in a sawmill and a kitchen use the same boxed rug but different icons and descriptions when placed. It makes it confusing when you build 3 carpets for your sawmill then realize that rugs should be built instead and you just wasted 16 planks making 4 bric-a-brac.

    - I started 4 different games before I spawned in a more or less flat starting area. This might be because I generated a new world 3 different times before playing on my 4th restart.

    - Events seem to happen either too frequently or not for weeks. I think I spent the first 15 days in this game not really getting any interesting events other than the occasional genealogy report or a fish person patrol. Not sure if this is intended but sometimes it makes for a very boring time.

    - The UI needs to give better feedback when queuing up items. I can't immediately tell how much I have in stock vs how much something costs when I try to build items in a hurry. This causes the whole workshop to stall until I cancel it or get enough of the required item to make it. As an example, I find myself looking at queues for a stone smelter and wondering why it's not working. Then I figured out it's because the iron ingots I want to make requires 3 Hematite but I only have 2 in the stockpile. Same goes for sand to glass or glass to glass pane.

    Overall, the game is fun but the "fun" slowly degraded as time goes on. It became harder and harder to keep up with everything and I think I burned myself out with such a long and continuous game. I can't wait to see what improvements you make the next time I pick up Clockwork Empires but for now I think I will put it back on the shelf.

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