Santa Diggle is coming to town - with FREE DLC! See inside!

Discussion in 'Realm of the Diggle Gods' started by BunnehWyld, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. lewtz

    lewtz Member

    I hate to beg, but RL issues have left me with not even $3 in the bank. I would really appreciate it if I could be one of the folks to benefit from your gifts. I'm not sure what all to say as asking for this was already tough enough. Thanks is the best words I can come up with if I am chosen.

    Steam ID: [Tribe]The Lewtz
  2. I'm aware that I'm a bit late here, but I spent 5 bucks that I'd scraped together for this expansion on Arx Fatalis, because I got tired of waiting. It'll probably be Christmas before i get any money again, so I figure I may as well ask you.

    Steam ID is TheVigilant0ne

    BTW the moment I made the purchase, I saw that the dlc was up.
  3. Luke00016

    Luke00016 Member

    Sounds fun. I'm in for donating a DLC to someone in need. Once devotfeige has given away his copies, I'll gift mine to the next person in need.
  4. Godwin

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    I have already gifted the game to 3 friends too. Currently out of money till january, but I did save enough to get the DLC of course. I do such things occasionally, also completely different but similar things. It's nice and it's own reward :)
    People are pretty nice sometimes, and that's good to know.

    So BunneyWyld: you can feel even better! More people are doing such things :)
  5. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Tell you what -- I'll pay it forward myself. I don't get paid on my current job until next week, but if someone gifts it to me now (Steam ID: Arananthi), when I do get paid, I'll gift it to 2 others who post here. How's that for a deal? 2-for-1 charity. :)
  6. devotfeige

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    I like how this is turning out! And you make three; gifting everyone now. I'm out!
  7. GeneralSalad

    GeneralSalad Member

    I too will join in the gift giving. 5 copies of Realm of the Diggle gods. If you want one post a response indicating why you want it and what is stopping you from getting it currently. Also PM me your steam name.

    ONLY RotDG, no other games.
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  8. Hey general salad! I would LOVE a copy of RotDG! I was going to buy it yesterday when it came out but my parents denied me when i asked if i could use their credit card and now i have no diggle fun D:
    Steam ID The_Dark_Harvest
  9. GeneralSalad

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    Getting an error when trying to add you as a friend, will gift you one when it comes back up! I know how parents can be that way, my Dad was the same way lol.

    Here is the error mesesage :(
    Error 503 Service Unavailable

    Service Unavailable
    Guru Meditation:

    XID: 1498699091
    Varnish cache server
  10. Luke00016

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    GeneralSalad - If you don't care, I'll take care of my DLC present and gift to TheDarkHarvest before my post gets buried in all the gift giving goodness.
  11. GeneralSalad

    GeneralSalad Member

    Not at all, It just means more people get this fantastic expansion!

    5 copys left to gift!
  12. MyrkMenethil

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    I wouldnt mind getting one of those. My steam ID is ragnarokofblood. All hail the diggle gods! Ia IA.
    Edit: didnt fully read the post. I've not got anything on my debit card at the moment, and my parents dont want to let me use theirs for something "as silly as a video game". I'll have money after xmas and promise to get as many friends as I can addicted to Dredmor!
  13. GeneralSalad

    GeneralSalad Member

    Friend request sent, please accept :)
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  14. GeneralSalad

    GeneralSalad Member

    4 Copys left.
  15. nanenj

    nanenj Member

    Now that I'm not screaming my RL name all over the place... x.x!

    I'd love to get a copy of RotDG DLC. Trinkitty is my SteamID if anyone feels like sending some love my way. :)
  16. phasmy

    phasmy Member

    I would love RotDG, General. I just spent my latest cash on toys for a charity event, :). And that was well worth it but now I'm strapped for cash.

    My SteamID is Phasmy. I appreciate the gesture!
  17. Jazper

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    I made an account just to say that you deserve lots of good Karma.
  18. GeneralSalad

    GeneralSalad Member

    Sorry to say I am in hostpital at the moment. I have limited internet acess, but I will still gift the expansions. You may have to wait a little while though. I am planning to buy a USB modem soon, then I can do the gifting.

    Just be patient pleaes, and send me a private message if you want one, first 4 will get one, soon. (5 days max hopefully).
    Thanks for you understanding.
  19. Lucentdepths

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    Me and my wife would very much appreciate the gifting of the Diggles, times are extremly rough this year, even 3 bucks is important, thats a box of wipes, gallon of milk (if your lucky) etc as of late. I sent you a PM as requested.
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  20. phasmy

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    Sorry to hear that! Feel better soon! No one should be sick around this time of year.