Santa Diggle is coming to town - with FREE DLC! See inside!

Discussion in 'Realm of the Diggle Gods' started by BunnehWyld, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. BunnehWyld

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    EDIT: All five copies have been claimed, there are no more available right now. :( Stay tuned if you still need a copy!

    That's right, Dredmor fans! It turns out the horrible pink scorpion diggles weren't just a bug, they were servants for the jolly bird in the red hat and the Diggle Gods...

    After seeing a post by someone else earlier, I got to thinking. Sometimes it's fun to do things just because they're good and fun. And who better to help spread holiday cheer than the critters we have to thank for the lovely drink known as Diggle Nog?

    So! A lot of us are grabbing copies of the expansion, I'm sure, but I'd like to hear from people who can't quite yet. I'm going to give away copies of the expansion over Steam - I guarantee at least five copies total, and with one already claimed by BlackKat that means there are four more at a minimum. I'll do more if I can afford it, but I don't make a lot of cash myself so we'll have to see there.

    Official rules, such as they are, are as follows:
    -I am not in any way associated with Gaslamp Games. I'm just a loony fangirl who felt like sharing the love.
    -Copies will be gifted over Steam.
    -For now at least, I'd like to hear from those who are having problems buying it or whatever reason first; if you can afford it, let's make sure that Gaslamp has enough funding to make many more games! I'll give out more copies to whoever if I have the funds to spare.
    -you are legally obligated to have a slightly happier holiday. (legal obligation not Valid anywhere except inside Dredmor's dungeon.)
  2. Aldin

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    Great initiative. Thumbs up!
  3. RKade8583

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    Aw, my friend bought my copy for me for christmas. Are you a member a by any chance? :)
  4. Lunarius

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    Hello BunnehWyld,
    I would really apreciate if you would share a copy with me. Sadly I sat here in Germany about 4 am looking at the DLC and check panicly my Bank Account, again and again. But the balance wasn`t moving, no matter how much I prayed, but then I´d got an idea, and rapidly hammering my Keyboard, looking for my Prepaid CC and then.... damit just about 30 cents there.... not even nearly enough. Sad as i was I went back to my bed, hoping do get something like a wonder and then I awoke. I got it and running to my PC and from there to this Board, with the idea begging for a DLC copy at the doors of this great gamemakers. Then i saw the Thread and i stumbled..... a free Copy but for the promise of trying a lutefisk? I was shivering thinking about either side, I mean it`s for Dungeons of Dredmor, but then again, it`s......... lutefisk..... While i was in my own brain diskussion fight i registered here at this Forum and after that I saw this post, just 6 mins old. And I started to say thanks to every god I could remember. After all I can say is that you would save my christmas feeling and that I´m willing to honor you with everything I can, like telling your name while I doing a Le`t`s Play from this DLC, or giving the promise that I will also give away 5 Copies when I finally will again have some Money (Sadly It will be on Feb. IF i´ll be lucky)
    So I hope myy Posting and my story helps to warm your heart for my situation.
    Best regards and a verry merry Christmas to all of you

  5. BunnehWyld

    BunnehWyld Member

    RKade: you have a good friend. :) I am, yes! I've picked up a title or two on there, and I like them quite a bit.

    Lunarius: I know how that kind of thing can feel. Rest easy! It's 5 AM here, but I get off work in an hour - as soon as I get home and take a few hours to sleep, you've got a copy coming your way. Merry Christmas!
  6. Lunarius

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    I really, really thank you.
    Here it is now 12 am and also I wish you a good and nice day at work. And again.... thank you.... I really can`t say much more... I will send you the Link to the Let`s Play show in the coming day`s and hope you will like it ;)
  7. BunnehWyld

    BunnehWyld Member

    You're welcome, Lunarius! I'm sure I'll enjoy the LP, and I look forward to it.could you do me a small favor and use the forum's private conversation system to send me your steam account if it isn't the same as your name here? I'll need that to send your copy after all.
  8. RKade8583

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    The reason I asked is because their catalog is 50% off and the usually $6 games are $3 now and it'd be the same amount of money just spent elsewhere.

    No, I don't expect this to work and I will be stunned if it does.

    Username RKade8583

    Oh, I do have a story. I have $0.13 in my bank account and I can provide proof and I've been disabled since birth (and I can provide proof of that too).
  9. jadkni

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    Wow, this is very cool of you. DoD's community puts some faith in humanity back into the cold, black lump that is my heart. :)

    Merry Christmas and Krong's blessing to all.
  10. BunnehWyld

    BunnehWyld Member

    RKade: no, I don't need to see proof of anybody's bank account! Thanks for being willing to offer proof, but nah. Now, on to the business at hand. On the one hand... While good games, neither feature diggles. On the OTHER hand, you do have excellent voice in games. And on the auger-beak, it IS the holidays... So what the heck. Merry Christmas, enjoy them when I get to purchase them later today. Praise Krong, for he approves of the guts you showed in asking!

    That said, I won't be picking up any OTHER outside games for folks. Just the five pack of Diggle Gods DLC, for now... Though round two miiiight happen in a week or so once I get my paycheck in. We'll see!

    Jadkni: thank you for the compliment! Blessings of Krong and the Lutefisk God to you too.
  11. RKade8583

    RKade8583 Member

    Wow. You surprised the hell out of me.
  12. WELL after waiting for the week for the dlc to come finally does and I'm all excited, but my parents crush my dreams when they say "NO you cant buy it using our credit card." Now i have no means of purchasing....I would love to play this and do so in the next few days. I would even pay you back...if i knew you XD
    My steam: is The_Dark_Harvest
  13. Hybelkanin

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    Thats a pretty awesome thing to do, Bunnehwyld.

    I'm one of those unfortunates with 0,- on the steam wallet and ditto scraped bankaccts. Seeing the DLC taunting me on the steam store page and not able to buy it myself is driving me nuts! So, I would LOVE some help here getting it sorted out. I'd happily trade you some items from TF2 in exchange, if that's something you might be interested in also, or I can gift you something back on steam when the possibility presents itself. :)

    Heck, I'd even try lutefisk.

    Anyway, very classy thing to do!


    Edit: Sneakily inserts steam comm page:
  14. BunnehWyld

    BunnehWyld Member

    Okay, last post from me for the night/morning.

    the way Steam and gifts seem to work, I need email addresses or to have someone already on my Steam friends list. Pity, or else I'd have sent out Santa Diggle's crack team of Diggle Commandos to deliver gifts before I sleep. :( I have, however, sent friend requests to everyone I could on Steam - TDH, BlackKat, and Lunarius. Hybelkanin, I need you to either message me an email address or Steam account to use, or friend BunnehWyld on steam, and I'll get you hooked up tomorrow too. :) Likewise, RKade, if you can message me an email address over the forums, I'll gift it a game or two.

    I've still got one more promised copy of the expansion unclaimed, and that'll be it for now. Maybe more as Christmas approaches, like I said, but I can't guarantee it. For now, rest well everyone, and happy holidays! I'm off to sleep after a 12 hour night shift, and dream of diggles...

    Edit: Whoops, missed Hybelkanin ninjaing in the steam page. Got your friend request out too!
  15. NefariousKoel

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    That's very kind of you. :cool:
  16. Hybelkanin

    Hybelkanin Member

    Let it be known that BunnehWyld is totally awesome. <3
  17. Leup

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    With all these indie bundles around (and I'm in love with indie games) my wallet kept getting emptier. With christmas around the corner and using my last money on the last humble indie bundle I thought that was enough for this month. Until I just noticed that a new expansion came out for Dungeons of dredmor..
    That's why I would really like one gifted and maybe I can return the favor someday ;)
  18. BunnehWyld

    BunnehWyld Member

    Ask, and ye shall receive, for Krong is a generous god. I'll need your Steam account to befriend or an email address to gift it to. :)

    With that, the five copies of Realm of the Diggle Gods have been claimed. Two people have been gifted their copies, two are waiting on friend accepts, and one I need the info from. Santa Diggle's bag of goodies is, empty for now... but he may yet return as Christmas approaches, so be on the lookout if you still need a copy later on!
  19. devotfeige

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    Tell you what: I'm scrounging cash myself, but I'm already buying multiple copies for friends of mine who've helped me out over the past year, and while I'm at it I may as well pay it forward.

    I can only offer three, but three Steam IDs get three friend requests get three copies of the DLC. Merry Digglemas.
  20. BunnehWyld

    BunnehWyld Member

    That's the best response I could hope for. Share the love and give more people some fun! :) Merry Digglemas!