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Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Omoogle, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Omoogle

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    Hey guys! I'm new to the dredmor fourms and just wanted to say hello, but I also wanted to ask, what skills do you think would be best in a Santa Claus build? I was thinking something like :

    • Tinkering - Since Santa puts out a lot of toys in his job, i figure he must be a pretty good tinkerer, with all the super-advanced technological toys these days.
    • Commmunism- While santa himeself isn't a communist, he does live at the north pole, and this it was the most winter oriented skill in the game
    • Golemancy - We all know the story about the stories about Santa's magic elves, but are they really elves? Could they not all be, perhaps, summoned ice golems cleverly disguised as toy making midgets? I think so.
    • Big Game Hunter / Veganism - I feel as though either of these two skills would fit into this Santa build, what with his magical tamed reindeer, I assume that either A. the reindeer serve Santa out of fear because he killed their loved ones or B. Santa made friends with the reindeer
    • Tourist - On the off chance that Santa isn't busy with his Santa duities, he might just like to take Mrs. Claus on a nice vacation in the sleigh and visit some random country, and he's probably pretty well versed in the matter.
    • Well thats about all I can think of, feel free to leave you opinions/comments and help fill in the last 2 skills!
    • *EDIT*
    • Burglary- Santa is clearly to big to fit down the average chimney, but with his top notch sneaky breaking & entering skills (which always seem to get left out in the stories) no house is safe from Santa!
    • Polearms- Santa, being quite a large fellow, may not have the energy nor the time to get right up in a monsters face in order to serve up holiday justice, but, with polearms, not a single sweat shall be broken when Santa decides to bring the pain.
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  2. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Santa is too fat to be a Big Game Hunter, but nothing about Veganism prevents you from overconsuming processed carbs (Cookies and Milk), so I vote Veganism. On the other hand, Milk -- but I'm not familiar enough with Veganism to know if that's actually a no-no.

    He also obviously has Burgary because sneaking through houses and up and down chimneys silently in the middle of the night.

    Santa is also clearly Communist. He doesn't pay his workers anything. :p
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  3. Omoogle

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    Ah, how could I forget burglary?
    and yea, Santa probably would be a little too big to hunt speedy reindeer, or any animal for that matter
    For the main weapon skill ( If Santa would even use weapons), I think polearms would be a good choice. I mean, Santa really couldnt be bothered to get up close and personal to take out a diggle, and polearms let him kill a whole squad of em' from where ever the heck he wants to.
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  4. mining

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    He also has chronomancy/warlockery for time manipulation.
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  5. Turbo164

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    Soy Milk. Haven't you seen The Santa Clause? :p

    Speaking of which...

    Magical Law - Rune of Objection delivers gifts! And you can Confiscate cookies instead of tripping over angry dogs.

    Perception - He knows if you've been bad or good! Also gives Coal.

    Psionics - Make sure those kids are asleep! And keep those reindeer and elves working for free.

    Promethean Magic - Sometimes the fireplace is still lit...:resist_conflagratory:
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  6. Omoogle

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    Seems like santa has a wide variety of talents that can only be covered with an equally large ammount of skills. If one was to try and create the ultimate santa build, the perfect combo of holiday cheer and well, some other good factor, what skills would you pick?
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  7. Incompetent

    Incompetent Member

    Also he gives everyone stuff rather than selling it to them, and dresses in red. Plus there's the whole winter theme of the Communism tree, which fits (unless we're talking about Australian Santa). Communist Santa is best Santa.
  8. ScytheKnight

    ScytheKnight Member

    ohh dear god.. an Australian Santa....

    Alchemy - BOOZE!.
    Throwing - boomerangs.
    Burglary - with even fewer chimneys then northern hemisphere B&E skills are a must.
    Promethean - it get's bloody hot here at Christmas.
    Warlockary - time manipulation.
    Tourist - already a globe trotter.
    Big Game Hunter - Reindeer control, also meat for BBQ Aussie Christmas Lunch (and for having skills from all x-packs!)
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  9. Loerwyn

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    Best statement on this forum ever.

    I would argue Santa would be unarmed. Weaponry is, well, not particularly Christmas-y, and on top of that he's a big, strong fella. He should be able to throw one hell of a punch.
  10. mining

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    I dunno, I'm personally still partial to the diggle wanking into a blink trap.
  11. OmniaNigrum

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    Nicolas will never hear the end of that petty typo. :D Nor the "I think I'll do drugs" incomplete quote. That was my favorite since I was directly involved in the thread leading to that statement.
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  12. Shreeper

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    I have this theory that Communist Santa is really a retired Carl Marx, using his magical powers of socialism and equality to bring equal amounts of joy and potatoes to all the good hardworking little boys and girls out there. When he's not destroying the imperialistic machine that is.
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  13. OmniaNigrum

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    This thread is soooo doomed. :)
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  14. Shreeper

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    It died the second Santa and Communism were put together in the same sentence, or rather, it was reborn. Now it's better, faster, stronger and 98% more socialistic!

    EDITS: It's 98% because we don't want any 1%ers in our parthay.
  15. Omoogle

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    Its true, this started out as a simple santa build question, but has evolved into so much more, the perfect combo of cheer, socialism, and overall humor!
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  16. Essence

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    Yep. Great first post, oMoogle! :)
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  17. Omoogle

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    Thanks Essence! I really appreciate everyone else's hospitality too!
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  18. Vitellozzo

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    For vegetarians it's a ok-ok. For strictly vegans, it's a no-no, since it cames from an animal. ^^
    I read that as "better, fatter, stronger..."
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  19. TheJadedMieu

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    He definitely won't forget as long as my signature continues to grow!
  20. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    You keep that up and someone will demand you put all that in spoiler tags. ;p
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