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  1. Yushatak

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    I just noticed that runes are gems, and that transmute can create runes or turn them into gems. Every rune room I've ever found had a pillar, growth/decay, and scrutiny.

    Anyway, while transmuting around I found a "Rune of False Hope", and some others. I haven't found a combination in the room that works with any of these other runes - is it possible, or am I wasting my time..?
  2. Null

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    There are none.
  3. AvzinElkein

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    Yeah; these runes seem to be dummied out or something like that.
  4. Essence

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    Well, Duh. It's called a "Rune of False Hope". What else did you expect? :p
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  5. Velorien

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    Could people contribute a list of the combinations they've discovered that *do* do things, so we can ultimately put it up on the Wiki?
  6. Essence

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  7. Xen0nex

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    Newb question: What are runes and what do they do? I found a few, tried right clicking it, tried placing as a trap... sold it in the end. Do you need Tinkering skill to make it into a trap? What is it for?
  8. TheRani

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    Typically they are found in a room with 3 slots in the floor, and a lever. You insert the runes in the slots in the floor, and pull the lever. Depending on which runes you put in which order, it may produce a vending machine of some kind. Once you get your vending machine, the runes disappear.
  9. Xen0nex

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    Ahhhh okay now I remember seeing rooms with slots and ignoring them. Thanks!
  10. Gerk

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    All I remember is that Growth/Pillars/Scrutiny heralds a Crafty Crafts machine.
  11. TheRani

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    If you put the round one in the middle and pillars at the bottom, it gives you thrown items I think.
  12. BadBeat

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    I, ummm, can't remember the names, but if you put the left hand rune up top, the middle rune at the bottom and the right hand rune in the centre, you get a Bolt Seller. Pretty handy for looking for squid bolts.
  13. Velorien

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