Roll up for the great community colony experiement!

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  1. mailersmate

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    Modules do get repaired, but repairs seem to be very low priority, so you'll be waiting a while.

    Does anyone want to volunteer to end the colony in some dramatic fashion / have any ideas on achieving that? My guess is we have one more turn each at most before the next revision kills the save file. I think it'd be nice to note anything specific about playing a community game that would be helpful to the developers whenever the colony winds up.

    Also I read that as you win this, time bandits, rather than you win this time, bandits
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  2. Samut

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    Do you want a modded event that drops 50 fishpeople/bandits/foreign soldiers on your colony?
  3. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Samut, why have you not taken a turn running this? I think that would be a nice way to end it.
  4. Samut

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    You've forced me to reveal my horrible secret - I'm awful at this game.
  5. burn it all to the ground they all deserve it, the stupid apathetic buggers.
  6. Samut

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    I cannot wait for Gaslamp to implement fire in CE.
  7. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    We've been jonesing to add fire forever, but I simply haven't had the right amount of time. Oh well!
  8. razrien

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    I'm perfectly comfortable with someone using my turn to put the colony out of its misery.

    Job orders are all clogged up, shops are broken, people and things are stuck in other things like a page out of the Philadelphia Experiment, other colonists are stuck in a hellish limbo where they can no longer eat, sleep, or do anything but walk in a circle until they die.

    It was a nice little experiment, but i'm okay with letting this one slip into the abyss so we can start fresh with the next build.
  9. mailersmate

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    Well it doesn't seem like anyone is going to object, so over to @Samut for the end of the world.
  10. mrclint

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    Make it a grand one.
  11. Looking forward to see how it all ends. It has been a very interesting project.
  12. Samut

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    Well gosh, this is quite nice of everyone. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    What's the easiest way to get my install back to 41B? Do I need to uninstall CE completely and reinstall the Stable branch?

    I won't be able to get to this until tonight, so if anyone else still wants to take a crack, there's time. I'll try to do the writeup before going to bed.
  13. Are you using steam? If so you go to properties, betas and 'none'
  14. mailersmate

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    I'm going to update the OP once the the colony winds up with a brief epilogue/summary and a couple of other edits. If anyone has any suggestions for that, I'm all ears.
  15. Wolg

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    (Watching on, I'm sorta hoping to see "Empire Tax" as a tag on the next Gaslamp post regarding bandits.)
  16. Nicholas

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    (24 hour warning.)
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  17. Samut

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    I was given a simple-sounding assignment - look after a fledgling colony for a few days and return to praise and rewards.

    Upon arrival things seemed acceptable, if a bit chaotic, and with an unusually large graveyard. I assigned a crew to the metalworks to produce more guns, and was about to turn in for the night, when events conspired against me.


    100 Fishpeople? Laser guns? What sort of thing was going on here?


    On the up side, we did get that lamp built.

    I discounted these reports as pure hysteria, as well as later accounts claiming large quantities of floating guns nearby.


    So where were the people holding the guns, hmm? Where were they? The whole notion was absurd.


    Now that, on the other hand ... yes, that was certainly a group of attacking Fishpeople.

    2015-08-11_00017.jpg 2015-08-11_00018.jpg 2015-08-11_00019.jpg

    Undeniable, that.


    Oh wonderful! More colonists! By all means, send those, we'll need them. What luck!


    I placed my soldiers in a line to the Northeast of the colony, nearby the graveyard. There they would withstand the scaly onslaught!

    More to come in part 2!
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  18. Samut

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    At the end of my last missive, the colony's soldiers were about to repel the fishpeople attack!

    2015-08-11_00023.jpg 2015-08-11_00024.jpg 2015-08-11_00025.jpg

    Yes! Well done!



    Wait! Can we still conscript people in this version? We can? Splendid! I draft all remaining colonists into the Militia!


    Why, the 45 militia members have almost 10 guns to share between themselves! Victory is assured!

    2015-08-11_00030.jpg 2015-08-11_00031.jpg

    Oh my.


    I'm ... I'm not even sure what's happening in that one.


    I'm not going to lie here: This could have gone better.


    So... at this point, there logically was no colony for me to administer, if you think about it. And think about it I did, as I summoned my personal Airship.

    As the Airship's automatic retrieval cables spooled around their brass spindles, lifting me to safety, I heard the hideous screams of what I assume were the colonists rallying and reclaiming their homes in a smashing victory. Surely they will be in contact with the Empire at some point, asking for another administrator. I shall unfortunately be unavailable. I'm busy doing something else. Anything else.

    *****AND SCENE*****

    Thank you to everyone for participating, and for generously allowing me to wrap this colony up. I look forward to more futile efforts in the doomed setting of Clockwork Empires. Clockwork Empires, the family fun game!
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  19. Mikel

    Mikel Waiting On Paperwork From The Ministry. Forever.

    You WON!
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  20. As the airship slowly moves off towards civilisation the sun sets with a bloody splash on the ruins. On the freshening breeze a strange, wicked, unearthly chanting can be heard emanating from the depths.