Roll up for the great community colony experiement!

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  1. mailersmate

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    You kind sir or madam, do you chafe against our oppressive, unrepresentative monarchy? Then sign on with our communal society preparing to set flight for distant shores!

    We need in your application:
    • username
    • desired spot in the playing order
    • suggested turn time
    • suggested biome and starter pack
    The colony is founded! All further applications for the post of colonial administrator will be gratefully received!


    Our glorious colony, in a land of temperate forest, taking for our supply, her majesties official, exciting default starters pack!

    The roll of good upright leaders in the colony (in player order)
    • Alephred (being also known as aleph31 in the realm of boiling water)
    • Mrclint
    • Unforked (being also known as Gremlin Man in the realm of boiling water)
    • Razrien (being also known as Razrien in the realm of boiling water)
    • Mailersmate (being also known as BannaBomb in the realm of boiling water)
    • Fibinachi (being also known as Fynik in the realm of boiling water)
    • Streaky Haddock (being also known as Streaky Haddock in the realm of boiling water)
    The laws of our good colony
    • That no travel shall occur into the unstable branches of reality!
    • That frontier justice shall be restrained, unless the good of the colony is threatened
    • That the time in office fit for our leaders be 3 days and nights (in game)
    • That leaders wishing to lead us into death unwarranted be buried with the bandits and other unrighteous folk
    • That we not make justified war upon bandits and other villains until we are great in number and weapons
    • That leaders failing to update the official records in 48 hours (real life) shall be removed from the post until their next time of investiture
    • That the official record shall contain a file of saved occurrences, wood carvings and other things of note as the leader of day desires, for the benefit of our inheritors and the mysterious beings who are employed in reshaping this world for the glory of the great cog
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  2. mailersmate

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    (to keep the top post for community stuff only)
    Obviously, I will be taking a turn with this. I'll leave everything else to others but I suggest two things:
    1. All play must occur on the stable branch to prevent bad things occurring
    2. Frontier justice against interesting groups of people should not occur, unless it's a choice between that and losing the colony in some unsatisfactory manner. Half the point (it seems to me) is to end up with an interesting undirected story.
  3. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    Sign me up! I'll take any free slot (I suggest you edit the first post to reflect turn order).

    • I propose a 3-day turn per player. I think, for now, shorter turns are better - if everyone takes a full hour (approx. 7 days), the save file will quickly become too large to post here after the first 4 turns or so. For this first attempt, we want to produce as much useful feedback as possible. For future stable release with more features, a week is a good amount of time.
    • by the same token, to minimize the number of experimental variables while we gather data, I suggest the starter loadout in the temperate biome - not terribly exciting, but we can experiment later.
    • In this post, Nicholas suggested we wait until after the weekend, so the first round of patching can fix the most egregious bugs
    • for now, nothing obviously self-destructive, don't deliberately make the game terrible for the next sucker to take the Administrator hat
  4. mrclint

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    Well, since it's weekend I suggest we give it a try.
    Might skype or something simular do for file transfer?
  5. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    Sign me up please!

    • Unforked (AKA "Gremlin Man" on Steam)
    • Next available spot in line?
    • Agree with Alephred about 3-day turn cycles
    • Agree once again with Alephred about using the temperate biome and starter loadout.
    • Full Agreement with Alephred reached. We shouldn't try to sabotage the colony, yet SHOULD strive to make it interesting.
    And yes, waiting for a hotfix may be wise, from what I've been seeing here and on Steam there seems to be a fairly serious issue with the military deciding not to kill things.
  6. razrien

    razrien Member

    • razrien on steam
    • I'll take next in line
    • 3 days of in-game time sounds agreeable
    • Starter pack/temperate biome is fine.
    • I agree with everyone above that we shouldn't 'try' to kill everyone or muck things up.
    Also i'd agree with holding off on this experiment until the military/morale issue is sorted out. Thats sort of a big thing.

    ~ A few extra ideas ~

    -I'd suggest not being 'immediately' hostile to bandits and.. whatever else we may encounter, at least until we've got a respectable military force to back up our words.

    -In the OP of the thread here, we should keep a list of who's playing

    -I'd say we should give each other 12-24 hours to post your save when its your turn. That should give everyone ample time and allow for timezones/school/work or what have you.

    -I also think it'd be neat if we included an optional journal entry with our saves.
    Sort of like a short little paragraph of what you accomplished, odd things dug up, things of note that occurred.
    "Day 6. The farms are coming along nicely, and morale is high. We should soon see an abundance of cabbage. We set up the carpentry shop today.... "​
    Make it as detailed or to the point as you'd like.
    Also screenshots should be encouraged.

    I think we should document this as thoroughly as we can, for future generations to look back on. :D
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  7. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    I may need about 48 depending on the day of the week... life with a toddler and all. If I'm unable to finish in a reasonable time I'll forfeit my turn.
  8. mailersmate

    mailersmate Member

    Hey folks

    Updated the first post with the suggestions / comments ect everyone's given. Let me know if anything needs altering.

    Also, further players and suggestions are welcome! Unless something becomes contentious, I'll make the rule list final the day the hotfix is up. (post and let me know if I miss it somehow).

    I put myself at the back of the player list because my desk chair broke last night :)
  9. razrien

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    "the realm of boiling water"
    Took me a minute to get that, then I snorted in my coffee.

    The only other 'rule' (or more like guidelines?) I could think of would just be maby a heads up if you're building something huge, like if you're making a map-spanning line of gabions or something.
    It wouldn't be very fair to use up all the logs so the guy after you would have to spend his days chopping wood.

    Perhaps we could have little goals, like buildings we'd like to make first?
    Could we put together some little list of priorities that each of us could attempt to work on?

    I mean, you wouldn't 'have to' follow the list, but it'd sure be handy, and might extend the life of our little experiment here if everyone was roughly on the same page.

    Everyone should play however they want, but at the same time i'd like the colony not to starve to death in a week because no one built a kitchen :)
  10. FIbinachi

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    Fibinachi here.

    I'll take a spot in the order, if'n there's room please, guv'nor. I see the list of suggestions and find them most pleasing. Especially the one about not out-right destroying anything.

    Might I suggest that everyone who posts the save game adds a little note about the proceedings they were attempting to the journal? It might be more fun not to (Why is there a large line of gabions and land mines around this area on the beach?) but on the other hand, given the 3 days and night, it would be useful to have a little explanation of manpower divisions when loading up the save (eg. "Day 9 done, leaving the colony in other hands. Everyone assigned to mine stone so that the kitchen can be built post-haste, which is why you'll find every work-crew diligently picking at rhyolite upon embarking)
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  11. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    I'll notify folks when the hotfix is up.
  12. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    Since we seem to be exchanging Steam names, mine is aleph31 .

    As for transferring the file around, I suggest attaching the save files to your colony reports here on the forums is the most convenient way, until it gets too big to be attached. After it exceeds 8 megs (the attached file size limit), I suppose we can consider skype, or dropbox, or email or something. Since I'm first on the list, I'll start things up when the first hotfix goes through.

    ^ This popped up in the middle of writing my post.

    Oh, one more reminder: turn your Steam auto-updates OFF after the first hotfix so you stay compatible with the 41a. Stuff often breaks and save files become unusable between revisions.

    In keeping with the post after this one, keep your auto-updates ON, but make sure you've switched back to the Stable Branch (if you were subscribed to the Experimental Branch).

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  13. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    The hotfix will be pushed to the main branch, and then we'll just carry on with regular updates to the experimental.
  14. mailersmate

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    @FIbinachi you are on the list. I considered adding your changes to the rules but they seem to already be covered by the actually tell us what you did and don't screw the colony on purpose points (I'd rather not make this too structured or burdensome). We can always ask why something is the way it is.

    @Alephred Let me know when you get started (just want to make some format changes to the info post once we are running)?

    @Nicholas Is there any way to tell in steam or in game that the hotfix is applied?
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  15. Daynab

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    I don't know that it will have a letter added to the version but you'll see it when the game will have downloaded a patch.
  16. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    It is being released as 41A. I'm just waiting for David to turn the FINAL KEY and we can begin this nightmarish exercise in Community Fun!
  17. Mikel

    Mikel Waiting On Paperwork From The Ministry. Forever.

    So you are going to blame David if it doesn't work? :)
  18. Nicholas

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  19. razrien

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    Alephred is on point.

    No pressure :D
  20. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Well, he also has to make the Rev 41 video. No biggie. :)