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Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by lccorp2, Feb 22, 2012.

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    MotGG is nice, but the negative to vision is a deal breaker for me. I really load up on vision since I play ranged builds. (Caster usually, archers too from time to time.)

    I also find the grab bag wands all but worthless. I rarely even pick them up since they are so cruddy most of the time.
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    I hate to say it, but -1 vision won't cripple you at all. Besides, while it hasn't happened to me yet, Krong can still bless it with +2 vision probably.
    Perhaps I'm lucky in some aspects, that even my ranged characters have decent enough vision, even with it on. It still only displays 0 visual radius on the Character screen.
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    I think the current 1.0.10 build has a bug with vision radius. I am still using 1.09 RevB with the RC9 beta patch, so I can enjoy better than normal vision if I get the pluses. (I will certainly upgrade once I can, but Gamefly still does not have a working download, and I am willing to wait before I make another throwaway build for Steam.) I know I am crazy. Sorry to even mention it. I can run Gamefly in a Sandbox and get the content once it gets there. I will check again later today too, as I did yesterday and the day before and the day before that...

    *Edit* I got sidetracked. My point was that for a ranged character an extra tile is an extra shot before melee. And if you ever try that nice little mod called Radiant Wizardry you know how valuable that can be. :) (Yes, I know we are discussing that mod here and now.)
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    I think it's possible I am crazy too.
    I got a Spear of Rot from a Deluxe Box. :confused:
    I could have sworn I never really got good stuff from those boxes before.

    I still wish I could find how to adjust their spawn rates though.
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    In the zip, there is ../mods/spellDB.xml
    Edit it and look for "<!-- Dinner wondermail effect and grab bags -->".
    The effects of each is listed right below that. Edit as you see fit.

    Or were you speaking of the wands themselves?

    *Edit* Oh, remember that sanity is relative. Thus *Everyone* is insane. At least to someone else. You and I have the tendency to go off on odd tangents. But that is more a sign of creativity running its coarse than just garden variety craziness. Do not feel bad. We like you here. Or at least I do. :)
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    Okay, Swamp Wyrmlings have an ability that forces you to lose a turn. This seems bad.
    It may be only one turn, and it may only be in melee range, but that's not exactly fair play for a game like this.
    Not to mention you run the risk of having the player die because he can't do anything while swamp wyrmlings swarm him from a monster zoo and attack.
    It also does not wear off at all, despite having a one turn timer.
    They also do about 8 acid damage in melee, which is fairly mean too, with only one acid resist.

    Dungeons of Dredmor has no Paralysis resistance, They have no indication in their descriptive text that they were Floating Eyes that wandered in from ADOM/Angband/Nethack and decided to look like Swamp Wyrmlings. . :)
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    Unfortunately, I am going to take Bergstrom's advice and stand my ground on this one - multibuff="-1" simply means you cannot attack in melee. You can still use an item, a skill, or run; the whole point is to shake things up a bit. The monster is intended to be anti-rogue, and I play almost exclusively melee characters these days; the on-hit effect is only 10%, and if you get RNG screwed that's another thing. During playtests I had toactively try and get the ability to trigger to make sure it was working. It's no worse than, say fighting Bowyer in SMRPG.

    If you are surrounded as melee, it raises the question of why you let yourself get there in the first place, but as I said, it's not as if there's nothing you can do. Drink a potion, use a skill, cast a spell, use a wand - you should be able to fire bolts and use thrown weapons as well, but I'm not entirely sure on this last one.

    You can comment out the spell effect if it bothers you too much. Nevertheless, your pointing it out has reminded me that I should add a bad="1" tag onto the end of that buff, so it can be properly purged if a curse removal effect is used (even if it's just one turn).

    I will consider moving some acid damage to blasting, but it has the stats of a DL5 monster - there needs to be some edge over there to warrant it being a DL6 monster.
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    Okay, first, didn't really mean to sound like I want to beat you with sticks for it. :)
    I was a little disorientated at first.
    At least I can kill them via counters even with it active. :)
    And with 50 odd counter, that won't be a problem.
    Got past floor 6 just fine. On floor 7 now.
    I edited my post a bit so it didn't sound like I was being a giant annoyance.

    Thankfully, I'm stocking up on potions of purity.
    Also, the game doesn't want me to find a bone thingy at all. :( I haven't found any lairs. I really want to turn my mail armor into bone mail.
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  9. lccorp2

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    Players are only expected to find one Dragon Skull and Perfect Obsidian per game, so don't worry about it. More is typically a bonus.

    If things get too diluted out, though, I may have to add additional rooms at the risk of having two spawn on the same floor.
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    Ah. Well, I must have gotten lucky that one game, because I found 2 dragon skulls!
    I haven't even found a single shrine to Obsidia. Hopefully before level 15 I'll get bone mail.
    I miss fighting dragons.
    The horde of weak dragons on floor 1 don't count. :)
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    Upcoming quick update:

    *Couple more rooms and items. Experimenting with shops now, as well as one more kind of shrine.
    *Mad Milk Traps (and molotov milk) nerfed.
    *Swamp wyrmling vile gunk chance slightly increased.
    *Rooms have been reworked so the flags are hidden in walls (no more stairs spawning into one-room squares)
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  12. FaxCelestis

    FaxCelestis Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Paralysis, like all other status conditions, can be resisted with magic resist anyway.
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    I know sometimes I get the message resist when I walk through a noxious brimstone cloud, or any cloud, but still. I'm just not sure how that magic resist ability works. I know how magnets work, but, "Magic Resist in Dungeons of Dredmor, how does it work?" Even the ICP want to know. :)

    On a side note: I'm glad Monstrous Masks no longer attack me with Arctic Vortex, but Arctic Swirly which does no damage.

    I'm not saying the idea is super horrible but it does give me flashbacks to Zangband with Stormbringer in it. Forget those Floating Eyes.
    "Stormbrniger hits you, you have been heavily stunned, Stormbringer hits you, you have been knocked out, Stormbringer hits you x20, you die." :eek:
    Just, oh, god, the memories...

    Also, Fax, I think the skill applies something that prevents you from attacking, not grants you a paralysis effect.

    So, from 10% to 12%? 15%? And is it magic Reflectable? So, I have a reason to carry around 2 mirror shields if I get them by floor 6? :)
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    *Resist = 1/2 damage taken from exotic damage, 1/4 from mundane and additional effects (knockback, paralysis, DoTs, etc) do not take effect.

    *I really don't get the concern; I've playtested the monsters on GRPD. This is not paralysis, this is simply the equivalent of locking your attack button. Use a wand or skill. Cast a spell. Drink a potion. Move out of the way. Plan ahead. If you're a mage character, the debuff has absolutely no bearing on you. Consider the main game, where antimagic field lasts for 20 rounds, and is potentially spammed by mummies on floor 2 if the RNG is unhappy with you. As spell mines. That's twenty rounds in which mages lose their primary abilities, yet they're not helpless. I doubt it's the end of the world if I take melee away for 2 rounds.

    It's now 20%, but the debuff should be properly dispellable if you absolutely must get that one extra attack in. Only missile spells are reflectable, I'm not sure what you mean. As I said, if it really is troublesome, you can go to the spellDB and comment out the multibuff tag in the spell. I know there are folks who comment out things like corruption and hungry/thirsty diggles because they don't like that, and that's perfectly fine. It's the whole point of modding, after all.

    BTW, if stunlocking worries you so much, never try Fax's MM. His hydras can full-on stun you, making you lose turns completely.
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    Thank you for explaining resists.
    I'm not trying to be mean. :(
    I'll play with it, it's not really a big deal, since ranged attacks still work.

    And it's minor in the grand scheme of things. So, it won't really bother me that much.
    I'll just make sure to make sure they don't live long enough to use it against me. :)
    At least it makes me actually use wands instead as having them as selling fodder except for the coral/zodiac wands.

    I know it seems like I'm making a big deal, but I'm not. I just have a very unusual sense of humor, and sometimes, when I freak out about something, I use humor to diffuse it.
    At least you're better at dealing with people who complain about something in your mod than Zappara of the Rise of Mankind mod for Civ 4.
    He just ignores complaints. Except rarely.
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    This round of playtesting has been fruitful, caught a couple of rooms spawning off-key and a door where it shouldn't have been before I died on level 13. Silly me, forget my own head next.
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    At least you were not eaten by a grue. :)
    I do look forward to the new version.

    The new rooms will be cool, I hope.
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  18. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    There totally needs to be some way to code in a magical monster called Grue that only spawns if you have a visual radius of zero, and eats you horribly. :)
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    I have created a monster!
    Let's make it like ADOM, and also give you a 1/1000 chance of it. :) And only if you're Doomed.
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