Roguish Renovation

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    (Roguish Renovation is now on Dredmorpedia. Turn it on with the 'Mods' tab)
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    You just wanted to beat my zoo didn't you :p
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    Wow, this mod looks very interesting. I will indeed give it a go. Combining this with Interior Dredmoring, will completely change this game. :)
    Also, I'm a little confused how Soda pop causes bad effects..considering it heals your pokemon.
    Unless I misread your statement on the first page.
    Regardless, going to enjoy this.
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  4. Essence

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    Soda Pop gives +Nimbleness and -two other stats, so it's kind of a balanced thing.
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    Ah. Okay. I was wondering why Soda Pop would be considered a bad thing.
    I also have to admit, while playing this for a bit, I did see what happens when you ate the Pokemon egg. :)
    Karmic Justice indeed.

    This mod is really fun, especially since I got lucky with Brax, and managed to get the really high level axe I needed to use to craft a really good staff class weapon. So, now, I need a lot less items to make the Halberd.
    I like to mix up the weapons I use when I play different characters.
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    On a side note, I would push the red button that said "Do not push." >.> (in a video game at least.)

    Oh, do I get any kind of special prize for being hit with haywire karma?
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    There are two more Obsidia shrines coming up in the DL5-10 range (once I come up with appropriate dragons to populate them with, currently bouncing around on the idea of a swamp wyrmling that has a small chance to prevent you from attacking), you can probably get a mention on one of the prayer candles, if you'd like. It's not as if I don't already have enough references to the DoD modding community as is.

    I'm a little worried about some potentially overpowered combos of some of the new thrown weapons I'm testing - they're meant to encourage intelligent combos of different thrown weapons to maximise damage and coverage, but I'll wait and see what the community thinks. I may increase some of the levels on thrown weapons to above 10, if need be.

    In the meantime:


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    Wouldn't it make more sense for a Swamp Wyrmling to poison you? Preventing you from attacking seems more like something you give a Hound of Tintalos, I.E. a Time hound. :)

    Also, speaking of the Obsidian stuff, I have quite a few recipes that use it, but I have yet to find it. I'm at floor 8, so I assume it spawns in the last 5 floors. Which due to how slow I usually am in this game, will be quite a bit away.
    I did enter a mysterious portal, that spawned a really nice artifact sword that I believe is from your mod, it was 25 slashing and 10 piercing I think, and various other bonuses to it. I forgot to take a screenshot of it. I could sell it for 43,000 on Elvish Easy, but I did get 6000 odd experience for sending it to the museum. I am a staff user here.

    Also, out of curiosity's sake, why make Soda pop act different than it did in Pokemon? It doesn't heal you here, and it gives you a sugar rush. That's some seriously powerful soda. :)
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    I just found another inventive way to die with this mod. Barely survived battles with some random enemies on floor one, and then... Death by Grimy Food! o/
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    I was kidding around about the special prize bit, but I wouldn't be adverse to having a mention if you so choose. Also, I'm a big fan of dragons, though most times in this game you fight them. :/ Might be able to use that though for something humorous. XD
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    I've eaten Grimy Food before. It drops your health 5 points from max, temporarily. So, I guess it could kill you if you ate it at 5 health. :)
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  12. lccorp2

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    *I really just wanted an excuse to use a multibuff="-1" tag somewhere. Originally I was going to go with a disruptor monster that did that as well as silenced, but could be killed with a mere tickle; I eventually dropped the combo when it plainly wasn't fun in playtests. Acid bolt + gunked up for a turn should be fine, though, although I haven't gotten around to making the monster yet.

    *That's right. Obsidian gear is seriously overpowered, but balanced by the fact that the player is only expected to get 1-2 pieces per run. Perfect obsidian only spawns in Obsidia shrines from DLs 11-15, and only those in DLs 13-15 have a 100% chance of holding the item, as opposed to 50%. Since I'm making players jump through so many hoops to get the stuff, including the 3x obsidian warder boss fight in the lower shrines,they ought to be rewarded for it.

    If you do make it that far, tell me how it goes. The obsidian warders are largely unplaytested (or at least, not as much as the mana hunters and others are), so watch yourself. The reason there're so many pieces is mainly because I had to make perfect obsidian useful to as many archetypes and craft skills as possible.

    If you want the Black Sword, the sword blank spawns in the Forge of Virtue room on DL13. There's a mini-story to go along with it, and the bookcase in the room will 100% give you the recipe if you don't already have it.

    *Savvarius is a base game item, so I take no credit for that.

    I take it you like the Obsidia shrines, then. :D
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  13. DavidB1111

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    Interestingly, I did run into a shrine of sorts, on level 10. Got besieged by a bunch of fire dragons. They all died though. :)
    Got a dragon skull out of it, sadly the recipe I had was only a helmet, and I can't make it due to not having a great helm. :(
    Also, I noticed how the soulbooks work, with the bonus to Smithing, which is what allows you to make the new 6 and 7 rank recipes.
    That's a rather neat gimmick.
    I actually found a soulbook lying around. I suppose that can happen, but really rarely?
    Also, what do you mean by this? *Savvarius is a base game item, so I take no credit for that. Was that the sword I found? Okay.

    And I did actually get the black sword recipe. I think I'm going to go through with a sword build soon. :)
    The funny thing, is do to all my equipment, including the clockwork armor set and my Shirke's ring, I have 90 block give or take. and 68 Counter. :)
    With two staff weapons. That's nice to put it mildly. :) Also, doing well over 100 damage a hit do to blind luck finding that Lapris? Whatever the name staff with a poison damage power upgrade from an evil chest.

    Also, Dungeons of Dredmor crashed when I hit save and quit, so I hope it saves my character.
    I really can't wait to find those obsidian armor and weapons. Even with 1 or 2 pieces, it's got to be amazing.
    Also, I take it, unless you're lucky, you better make sure and make the soulbook and it's upgrade with +1/+2 smithing before level 10. :)

    Oh, I do love the rooms that spawn every so often where you push the lever, and get attacked by upgraded monsters of various types.
    On D10, though, that turned Arch Diggles into Muscle Diggles. :eek: That was only easy due to having the holy arrows that do a lot of damage over a large range. And it wasn't really that easy even after that.
    Even if I did manage to funnel them through the Hot Gates, where their numbers counted for nothing. :)
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  14. lccorp2

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    *I believe that was a level 9 room (the fire level). There is no Obsidia shrine on DL10 as of 0.2.4.

    *Bone items are a little lacking at the moment, as I'm waiting for 1.0.10 to be released to be able to use the new buff tags. I've got most of the stuff already, but it's commented out at the moment.

    *Soulcraft can be found in the DIY Smithing and Smithing Shop Class rooms. It's a static spawn. Otheriwse, special="1" and craftoutput="1" prevent it from spawning randomly. There are other ways to get smithing 7, either via MC mod or taking CK, but I'm not going to make people use other mods in order to access content in mine. That's just bad design. Although if MC is fully integrated into the base game, I may take the soulcraft books out.

    You can also dual-wield level 1 soulcrafts for the required +2 bonus.

    *Savvarius is a base game item and comes along with RoTDG. I take no credit for it.

    *Those rooms will always spawn enemies one to two levels deeper than the current one (usually two).
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  15. DavidB1111

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    Ah. Okay. Cool, thanks for telling me about that.
    I will keep it in mind.
    I guess I was a little mistaken on the floor I found the dragon skull on. Regardless, 18 dragons to fight was fun. :)
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    If you say so. :p
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  17. lccorp2

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    Upcoming changes, mainly focusing on rooms and monsters (while I source for item sprites and witcher mod icons):

    *Swamp wyrmlings added; acid bolt + vile gunk (on hit) spells.
    *monDB utterly revamped thanks to me now understanding how it works exactly (with the help of Dredmorpedia). Monsters should now have proper stats.
    *Some Inconsequentia, Krong and Lutefisk rooms added, including a church of all faiths.
    *Cake rooms added.
    *Oil and mad milk traps added.
    *Oil now reduces armour a little.
    *Obsidian Warders can no longer be charmed.

    Other thoughts:

    *Fiersome is in testing and has the Obsida Shrine in DL10 all to himself. Based off Brax, with a few tweaks. Defeating Fiersome will yield two to three pieces of bone gear.
    *Terrable is in testing and has the Obsidia Shrine in DL15 all to herself. Based off the current level 10 incarnation of Lord Dredmor. Defeating Terrable will yield two to three pieces of obsidian gear.
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  18. DavidB1111

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    *Some Inconsequentia, Krong and Lutefisk rooms added, including a church of all faiths.
    Thank you for this. I've always wanted more Krong anvils.
    Now if only their penalty chance could be adjusted by mods. :)

    These two seem like a bad idea if you run into those rooms immediately upon entering the floor they're on. Wouldn't it make sense to have them spawnable only if you clicked on the items in that shrine, kind of like the way too overpowered curse that hits you?
    I mean, there are circumstances where even going up the staircase, to another floor, and back down another staircase won't help you at all.
    What if Dredmor is blocked by Terrable's spawning right before the room he is in?

    I only play on Elvish Easy without Permadeath, but that's only because I kind of suck at Roguelikes. :)
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  19. lccorp2

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    The room is scripted such that players are given two warnings, first from a set of large, noticeable blockers, then from the ticker. The boss monsters only spawn upon the player forcing his/her way into the shrine; they have the warnings, they can choose to fight (since one doesn't need to enter the main shrine to reach the doors), and they have all the time they need to prepare. No excuse if they die.

    Also, Draconic Curse is intended to be strong - divine punishments in other roguelikes are a lot more severe. Brittle hits can wear off really quickly if you know what you're doing, so I'm not particularly concerned about that. The regeneration debuff is intended to make the player WANT to take hits to make it wear off quickly, but of course, if you take too many within too short a time, you die. :p
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  20. DavidB1111

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    Okay, that makes more sense.
    And yes, most divine punishments are stronger in other Roguelikes, but don't fall victim to the "It's in other games, so I have to put it in this one" curse :)
    It took over a floor to reduce that curse, and that curse hit me on floor 5. Floor 9 would be a death sentence. Or a good time for a Potion of Purity. Also, it cursed me with -10 fire resistance, more than anything else. I didn't see any loss in damage.
    At least now I know never to accidentally pick up the crappy food items, it's totally not worth that nasty of a curse. :)
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