Roguish Renovation

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    Hey all. Haven't been updating as much, because I've been busy finishing up my final year project and writing up my bachelor's thesis (on yeast, no less). I've contracted an artist to do some art assets for 0.59, and intend to push it both here and on the steam workshop once 1.1.3 goes live.

    In the meantime, have a little preview:

  2. Ruigi

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    to gain the ice dagger, you must solve the riddle of the god beast or have knightly leap.
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    That is possible, yes. I could have blocked off access to the central chamber via targeted teleports by making the blockers visblock="1", but that wouldn't have accounted for random teleports and I needed to advertise the prize while still making sure players played the portal puzzle to get to it.

    In the end, the room checks whether the puzzle's solved when the dagger's removed. If it isn't (either via confiscate evidence or teleporting in), then players are slapped with a hefty 100-brittle curse. Ample warning is given by two signs and ticker messages, so I believe it's fair enough.
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    Not instadead? No problem. *finds a gnome*.
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    On some of the obsidia shrines... or groves or whatever... on the lower levels I just get numbers instead of the guardians being displayed

    EDIT: Oops, didn't see that the current version was newer than the one on steam. Will see if it works now
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    I Updated it and now I'm getting this problem with the Deathlt Ferrywoman too.
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    It's a side effect, it seems, with using monster sprites as blockers.

    Just ignore it, it happens from time to time and I have no idea what causes it.
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    The "Grave Robbing" room seems to be missing an impassible tile above area 1

    Also, the graves in the "Grave Buster" room don't seem to line up properly with the walls above them (and some of them also seem to be missing a few impassible tiles)
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    Updated with phoenixes. Finally.

    Bohandas, that room should be fixed now.
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    Encounter creation, scripting and testing:

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  11. Alistaire

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    I like how it's still "Roguish Renovation" with a wizard and warrior skilltree, loads of bossmonsters and non-rogue items.
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  12. Kazeto

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    And I like how the room is called "Unwanted Dump of Corn", and it clearly is not corn but hot (as distinct from cold) lava.
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    You forgot to update the revision number. Twice.
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  14. Bohandas

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    Has anybody else noticed that mind thrusters seem to turn up inordinately often in Mysterious Portals?
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  15. Kaidelong

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    Yes, although for all of us it is something different. The whole "Lirpas everywhere but not a Doul's Possible Sword in sight" sort of thing for items has been around a while.
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  16. lccorp2

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    <wizardspiel text = "Believes yellow robes are unlucky." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Cannot swim." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Does not like ponies." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Does not trust newfangled clockwork." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Graduate students soundly whipped." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Is currently indisposed." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Is currently seeking tenure." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Is not a vampire." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Is REALLY not a vampire." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Majored in Dracological Studies." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Often forgets his medication." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Once performed services for Lady Svetlana." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Organiser of the Elf-Dwarf annual get-together potluck." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Magic carpets rethreaded." />
    <wizardspiel text = "May or may not be partially or wholly imaginary." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Papers graded with negotiable leniency and affection." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Patron of Never-Under-Land." />
    <wizardspiel text = "President of the Plastics Proliferation Party." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Proponent of horseless carriages." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Published famous thesis on correlation between wearing red clothing and untimely death." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Pulls pastries and wine out of thin air." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Rejected for tenure from Evil Alchemists University." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Served in Wizard War 2." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Studied aerial trajectories of Minotaur wrestlers." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Terrified of gummi bears." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Walks the void between the spheres." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Wand-blindness cured." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Will not consider positions that involve teaching." />
    <wizardspiel text = "Will not turn you into a phoenix." />

    <wizardtag text = "A one-stop provider for all your summoning needs." />
    <wizardtag text = "Alcohol extracted from wizardly containers and remnants." />
    <wizardtag text = "All elements of Magicka conjured." />
    <wizardtag text = "All rights reserved." />
    <wizardtag text = "Buying zinc powder at competitive rates." />
    <wizardtag text = "Do not ask about the peas." />
    <wizardtag text = "Does not do kingdoms or magic axes." />
    <wizardtag text = "Enjoys wine with cheese." />
    <wizardtag text = "Evisceration chute cleaning performed only on Fridays." />
    <wizardtag text = "Has prime tower real estate for sale." />
    <wizardtag text = "Last seen 'chasing the phoenix'." />
    <wizardtag text = "Last seen conducting blood alcohol experiment." />
    <wizardtag text = "Last seen face-down in beer keg." />
    <wizardtag text = "Last seen in the maw of a monstrosity from the Dungeon Dimensions." />
    <wizardtag text = "May or may not contain nuts." />
    <wizardtag text = "Metal powders tasted for impurities." />
    <wizardtag text = "Moonlighting for moonshine." />
    <wizardtag text = "Needs money to support dream dust and ice wine addiction." />
    <wizardtag text = "One hundred percent dwarf guaranteed or your money back." />
    <wizardtag text = "Phoenix down gathering done on the cheap." />
    <wizardtag text = "Selling sensitive insider information on Evil Alchemists University." />
    <wizardtag text = "Specialises in swords and stones." />
    <wizardtag text = "Will not reveal identity of secret meatloaf ingredient." />
  17. Bohandas

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    One of the decor text entries in text.xml is conjugated incorrectly:

    " <decor text="a thrusty's last words"/> "

    Produces jarringly grammarically incorrect item descriptions; It would scan better if you just shortened to "thrusty's last words"
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  18. Bohandas

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    The description on the "Blocks of Ice" in the "Hell's Frozen Over" room is outdated. Level 9 is no longer the closest thing to hell in the game.
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  19. Bohandas

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    This could probably, then, be solved by placing an unpacked version of the sprite (generated with the Convert Sprites utility) in the mod and calling that instead.
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    Updated to v0.62.