[Rogue-permadeath] Streaming my adventures

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by swal, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. swal

    swal Member

    Taking my chances on Rogue-permadeath mode with a Melee oriented character.
    I hope you will enjoy it :)


    P.S.: If you know a better streaming service, please post here.
  2. afterstar

    afterstar Member

    A suggestion:Use the W-A-S-D keys or the arrow keys to move around, instead of clicking non-stop :p
  3. swal

    swal Member

    There is nothing wrong with clicking! :p
    Got used to it due to picking up the items all the time.
    I wouldn't mind if I could rebind WASD to WERD, much more relaxing for the hand :/.

    Oh, and the streaming continues, with some Butcher Monk.
  4. Bunnychaser

    Bunnychaser Member

    Believe it or not, clicking has killed me a few times by clicking on doors when I'm trying to move, then getting surrounded.
  5. Chiatroll

    Chiatroll Member

    Sometimes not clicking killed me cause I don't see the traps as well as the mouse cursor does and run over them while when I click he goes around them.
  6. swal

    swal Member

    I kinda mix WASD and clicking now...
    Managed to grab the #34 spot on all-time in "Going Rogue + Permadeth" :D
    Too bad that I died from like 40 hp from a single mine... hate unavoidable death :(

    Used Unarmed, Perception, Assassination, Berserker Rage, Deadshot, Vampirism, Fungal Arts with 2 shield and heavy armor (focued on defense not dodge).

    Few things I would like to note however: Seems like the last talent point of vampirism is totally useless (wasn't happy about it when choose it as lvl 11st talent point).
  7. NefariousKoel

    NefariousKoel Member

    Note that only keyboard move commands will allow you to switch places with a pet. Click-to-move will make your character try to go around, because the pet will block your path back through them with mouse click.
  8. swal

    swal Member

    Some more streaming today, hope, you enjoy!

    This time the build: Sword, Dualwield, Berserking Rage, Dodge, Astrology, Assasination, archaelogy.
  9. swal

    swal Member

    After some death, I finally managed to make a new useable build again:
    Vampirism, dual wield, any weapon spec, blood magic. Due to enchanted magic power, the vampirism heals a lot more.

    At the moment I am streaming a Battle Monk (or Mage?). Come if you are intrested!
  10. swal

    swal Member

    Livestream is up again!