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  1. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member


    soldiers without weapons and sufficient morale will use a knife or sabre or whatever they're holding to fight in melee combat
    added Naturalist's Office
    workers will wander near their overseer if idle during the day
    "Call Favour" event will no longer appear if you can't afford any favours
    removed the bit of the tutorial that said you must shoot fishpeople
    balance: landmine crafting output tripled
    balance: bandit, fishpeople, foreign attacks should no longer show up so early
    balance: lowered morale threshold for retreat (requires more negative morale to trigger retreat jobs)
    balance: lowered chance of receiving aristocrats during immigration
    balance: added 3 pistols to all loadouts that start with supplies
    FIXED 40A: scripterrors related to cults and nightfall
    FIXED 40A: scripterror related to bandits fleeing
    FIXED: sabre used incorrect attack animation
    FIXED: cannot clear stumps after tree chopped (broken in 40A)
    FIXED: gear for clicking on individual objects sometimes appears in the wrong place
    FIXED: some objects cannot be interacted with after save/load
    FIXED: issues with stockpile UI
    FIXED: issues with office UI
    FIXED: issues with scrollable list boxes.
    FIXED: various issues with despawned characters
    FIXED: you will no longer get middle-class immigrants from the "more immigrants" immigration option
    FIXED: people's heads popping off when you conscripted them into the colonial militia
    FIXED: ore tutorial won't fire when you mine clay (which is not an ore)
    FIXED: characters would stop animating when their model was changed due to skill
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    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    I'd like to get your help balancing overseer and production stuff this patch, which means: I want your console.txt files! Ideally from play sessions that were 20 minutes or longer. Your console.txt on windows can be found under My Documents/Gaslamp Games/Clockwork Empires. (Note: Your console.txt is overwritten every time you launch the game, so loading a game that you already played for a while will give me a blank-ish log - I need actual playtime)

    Thanks a bunch!
  3. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    Wow, that was quick.

    What stage of colony development would be most useful to you? Early in the game, or perhaps after some significant development? Or possibly as late in development and as large a population as possible?

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    To be honest, the -most- useful would be as much of a "start to finish" as possible, haha. Early/midgame is probably more useful, if I had to pick - CE doesn't really have much of a lategame yet. But really, I'll take what I can get!
  5. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    Here's the first hour of a new colony, with the My First Colony Starter Pack in the Temperate Biome (relevant files attached).

    On an unrelated note, did something to do with the save system change in 40b? The game's not recognizing my manual saves for loading purposes, although the the Autosaves are appearing as normal:


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  6. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    Here's a second hour of the same game, from later on.

    Also, I love the beetle swarm event. When I got the alert, I thought 'well that's interesting, I'll bet it's going to be a small swarm of beetles like the kind that come out of the mine shaft', which proved to be very wrong.

    Two giant beetles and an assortment of regular and small beetles swarmed the town. My corn field was right in the middle of town. My colonists either ran around stamping on the tiny beetles, or ran away from the bigger ones. The giant beetles literally flattened a route through my flax field, utterly ruining the burgeoning flax harvest of my sleep-deprived town. And then we finally brought the giants down with concentrated gunfire. And a new swarm of beetles scattered from their corpses.

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  7. Drumhead

    Drumhead Member

    Played a game to try out the new build. I gotta say I think if I carried on much longer the colony would have been wiped out. The rate I was loosing people to various attacks was much higher than my colonist immigration rate. Got hit by bandits, then enemy squad and more bandits in quick succession. Maybe it was just poor luck this round I'm not sure.

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  8. Akuma

    Akuma Member

    Played for a couple of hours. No major problems, but I did encounter some behavioral issues.

    • Fish men got stuck contemplating life goals for almost the entire duration (Should I have taken that Art Degree...?)
    • Same with some foreigners, got stuck contemplating life
    • So many bandits. Alot of bandits spawned over the course of the game, but whenever they tried to attack they got stuck or ran away from the contemplating fish men. I now realize there's no limit to the amount of bandit factions that can exist at any one point, might need to reconsider that.
    • If Bandit relations are set to 'Don't shoot unless they cause trouble' my soldiers ignored them stealing things
    • Been documented before, but no one picks up berries to store, but still picks them up to cook
    • Nobody wanted to harvest the flax plant for some reason, even though it was grown and ready to go
    • I built a mine just outside of the main colony area, a solider who I sent running over there got stuck in a loop of 'Return to Civilization' that'd take them back to the mine until they got so hungry they managed to push through their fear of the wilderness.
    • Couple of footsoldiers got stuck in 'Return to Civilization', standing just outside the colony. I could force them to return with a military marker, but the system really didn't like me doing that and hanged for a while before executing the order.
    • Very few events, I had a high criminal population so every now and again something would 'drop off' from behind an airship (Which one of the patriotic colonists would then complain about). But other then that not much occurred.
    • And at the start of the game colonists walked to the edge of the map to collect some meat. It kind of looked like the starting bones also came with meat (Is this a case of where were trying to cheat by killing an animal in order to spawn the bones? Good idea if so, but I found their mystery meat).

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  9. Wolg

    Wolg Member

    Has naturalist behaviour changed now they have their own office? I borrowed one with prestige and she did nothing but cower and idle (though she did have the Craven trait), no exploring, mineral surveys or poking at tree stumps.
  10. razrien

    razrien Member

    Got my first app hang/crash. (not a proper crash, but the jobs and crew window was lagging so hard that the game froze up when I tried clicking around, had to close the program)
    Good game too, almost 30 days of in-game time.

    Please pardon my potato of a camera. It wouldn't let me alt-tab to paint to save screenshots.

    I noticed foraging seems to be fixed, as well as the severed heads thing. Huzzah! :D

    A few bugs that stood out during this session -
    -Friendly soldiers never leaving, just running in place or 'deciding what to do next'
    -Ceramics shop has trouble 'finishing production' on occasion. Had to demolish the shop each time and start fresh.
    -Kitchen couldn't finish production of beetle meat after someone had eaten it raw before it could be cooked. (eeew) Had to demolish the kitchen and make another.
    -Very, very scare iron deposits on the map. I mean like maby 10 chunks on the surface. (This could've just been a crappy random world roll)
    -Missing soldier loadouts, even when theres weapons and supplies in the stockpile
    -Odd FSM script errors around day 24. The game didn't seem to agree with the creation of ammo supplies.

    Heres the console.txt. It got freaking huge

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  11. Akuma

    Akuma Member

    I actually noticed this as well but thought it was just a random world roll. Maybe not.
  12. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    I'll reply to a few of these in the time I have to do so -

    @Alephred : Haha, glad you enjoyed the beetle event :)

    @Akuma :
    • For the fishpeople "contemplating goals" -- were you friendly or in denial? Is this after delivering gifts or just scouting?
    • For foreigners, is this allied foreigners visiting or neutrals scouting your town?
    • There is a limit to number of bandits, but it's high. And it sounds like it's spawning too often. I should add a case for bandits fighting fishpeople if bandits are attacking, or something, too ... logged as OC-3610.
    • And I'll double-check bandit hostility state settings after the attack event fires.
    • Stockpile/stack jobs are getting a fix-up, I believe. Nicholas may have more explanation to add.
    @Wolg : Yeah, I broke the favour Naturalist. Sorry! If you build a Naturalist's Office and assign someone, it'll work. The favour will be fixed for 40C.

    @razrien :
    • Will double-check allied solder visit mission state updates!
    • Surface ore has indeed become more rare. You will find, however, that there are a lot more mineral survey beacons not necessarily associated with a cluster of surface nodes.
    • Will check on the creation of combat supplies error.
    Okay, off to fix some of these now!
  13. Blyn

    Blyn Member

    - Aristocrats equip guns
    - Soldiers equip guns when they already have guns, I think it's cuz I put them to work building. 2 NCOs ate 9 pistols...

    - Bandits don't steal or attack during raids, just hang out (I did say avoid conflict)
    - Allied foreign soldiers just hang out forever. This was great cuz Stahlmarkians attacked twice in 2 days and they were working as intended.
    - Fishpeople hang out (I denied they exist)
    - Got a beetle swarm event but they just hung out and I got free meats.

    OH and the distant meat run... I turned off hauling on everyone and used it instead of frontier justice.
    Someone started a cult? .... send them... TO THE MEAT !
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  14. Krentz

    Krentz Member

    This is the greatest thing

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    Thanks a bunch for the text files, all three of you! I'm getting quite a bit of info already :D
    Important lessons for me from this:

    1. I need to add a few more analytics to get a full picture of how things are going.
    2. Food needs to be removed from the economy score system - it's vastly inflating figures and turning the system into more of a timer than I'd like.

    I'm going to need to wait to do the serious overseer-acquisition balance until I've redone stuff based on the removal of food-score, but this has been super helpful, so thank you all a bunch for the consoles :D

    (Also, Alphered, I was able to piece both of your consoles together into one long playthrough, so that worked out very well :D)
  16. Akuma

    Akuma Member

    I was peaceful with them, it was one of the early ones that came to town. I do think they came with gifts.

    It was allied foreigners. There was even one stood south of my colony I didn't notice for ages.

    And glad to help MOOMANiBE
  17. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    Thanks -- digging into these mission states and I'm finding some cases that needed cleaning up. Should get these working properly for 40C!
  18. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    Is scroll speed slower now? It feels more sluggish to me, and with a little blur as the scene moves. Since 40A I think? Maybe I'm going crazy.
  19. Kiojan

    Kiojan Member

    A single vermin destroyed half of my field (while it was being tended to) because no one bothered to stamp it.

    Raise the priority on squash vermin or put a LIMIT on the number of crops a single small vermin can consume.

    Also, colonists continue to be unable to bury bandit corpses. This is starting to get annoying.
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  20. Alianin

    Alianin Member

    A colonist was killed a little ways away from the town and the whole town flocked around to where he died with the job of "Fleeing to civilization".
    I had to set a rally point to get my soliders over there to kill the foreign invader. Now, I can't seem to clear any squad's rally point. They walk around the area and only return to town to eat/sleep.
    I also have another foreign invader stuck on my screen with "Running A Long Way Away".
    I can't seem to butcher any Aurroch. There's two dead in town and I triggered the "Butcher" job, but they're still sitting there.
    The beetle invasion is fun, but they can wipe out a whole bunch of crops really quickly.

    Will there be no criminal immigration now? I seem to have only seen them on the favours window.

    Finally, I am very happy that standing orders are fixed!
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