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    Great improvements - stockpile filtering works again, colonists get better at their jobs, etc. Fun.

    That said, here are some issues I'm having with this build (this is on a late 2012 iMac with newest OSX build):

    NCOs NOT REPLACED: If I only have one squad of troops and my NCO is killed, I do NOT get the "send a new NCO" event. However, if I have two or more squads and one of the NCOs dies, I DO get the "send a new NCO" event.

    NCO COWARDICE: I mentioned this elsewhere, but seriously, ALL of my NCO's go into full panic mode after one or two brushes with danger. At one point I had 2 of my 3 NCO's get stuck in the 'retreating' bug where they just walk in place forever. NCO's just would not tend to panic like this.

    FOOD: No one seems to want to eat Lingonberry preserves. I've had issues with last two games where I'll have 20+ crates of it and people start starving. In my most recent game I had probably 50 sacks of flour and a bunch of fish steaks and my kitchen going balls out making food, plus 22 crates of lingonberrys and I STILL got a rash of 'colonist is starving' messages, then an emergency food drop from the ministry, which triggered a crash-to-desktop.

    MODULES TRAPPING COLONISTS: People tend to get stuck 'inside' modules, I suppose when they are newly constructed? I haven't seen it happen, I just get a 'colonist is starving' message and find someone stuck inside an altar or a desk. Usually I can release them using the 'move module' feature.

    MOVE MODULE COMMAND STICKINESS: After loading any save, if I go to move a module that was created before the save, the green arrow/red x command pop-up sticks, as in it never goes away. Also can't seem to actually destroy or move modules at this point.

    WORKER PORTRAIT WEIRDNESS: When I go into the work squad menu to assign newly arrived colonists, I get all sorts of weirdness, such as:
    -Sometimes when I click and drag on the unassigned worker portrait, the portrait gets HUGE (as in, 1/4 of the portrait fills my 27" screen) and UPSIDE DOWN, obscuring the whole screen and making the assignment impossible. I cannot seem to find a solid fix for this. It seems to be better after saving, quitting and loading the same game, but even then it occurs I would say 80% of the time. Also happens less when the game is NOT paused, although the opposite is true when filtered for military units only. I just sort of have to keep clicking pause/unpause and scrolling up and down the list until I can get them assigned to a squad.
    -Lots of 'jumpiness' in this menu - the squad list jitters up and down unless I am paused.
    -Still having the issue where workplace assignments disappear from work teams menu upon loading a save game. Have to click on each building and reselect the work squad to get them to show up, then re-do their work filters, etc.
    AIRSHIP TOWER: Sometimes the tower is invisible upon completion, except for its shadow. Seems to still work properly.

  2. Nicholas

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    Do you have a save game that exhibits any of these issues?
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    Hi Nicholas,
    I was just about to make a post like this, here's a save that exhibits the following:
    1) Overseers stuck in cots, with "eat food job"
    1a) on closer inspection I suspect that more than one person is sleeping in the cots in some cases. Based on name tags.
    2) Worker portrait issues in work group UI panel, 1 in 20 attempts to drag move a worker portrait results in the reported behavior.
    3) On save/load work groups no longer show assigned workshops in work group UI

    I'll put a save together that shows the berry issue as well as a mine crash issue on OS X, should have it for you soon.
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    I really like the polishing you guys have done. The game for me feels like it's running more smoothly. like the combat is fluid and not so choppy and seems a bit better balanced.
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    Just realized that the save in message #23 also exhibits a crash when you cancel a job in the job menu
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    Got a couple more, It seem I messed up trying to be clever about building my mine, getting some funky looks from it..

    Second, If I try to destroy it whit the button in UI, it crashes the game..
    Adding console and save.

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    Not surprising given the number of adjacent buildings there; buildings touching each other or having modules in the corners are prone to such fun...
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    Here's a save with the NCO issue - this is first day of the game; NCO goes exploring, sees one fishperson, panics immediately, runs, dies, no replacement is sent.

    Let me know if you need other files.

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  9. Grizzo

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    Here is where I had a horrible time. I was chugging along really happy with the improvements made thus far. When the game did an auto save. Feeling safe that the game did just ten minutes ago. Crash!!! lol. So I reloaded the game and to my surprise the game does not detect the auto saves :-( Here are my save and console.txt

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    I've noticed the 'meat wandering' behaviour is still a problem - colonists will wander far into the dark to collect meat from the undiscovered wilderness, or they'll take meat from the colony to another pile of meat outside of town, presumably with the intention of making a meat stack for the sake of tidiness.

    I suspect the problem is that meat created by colonists (e.g. by slaughtering aurochs) is treated the same as meat created by fishmen (who also slaughter aurochs, but much farther away). In one session, I saw the usual meat-delivery conga line travel across the map to a fishman with a cleaver, standing on the bones of an aurochs.
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    I encountered a script error in an unusual edge case with the bandit factions. The scenario was, 1 bandit attacked my colony, and happened to be the only bandit in a faction. they died very quickly, disbanding the faction. At this point I clicked the notification that I was being attacked by one brave bandit, which gave a nil reference error. I assume because the faction had already been disbanded. Sorry I don't have a screenshot. Cheers.
  12. dbaumgart

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    Huh. The exact error message would be super useful, or the console.txt, if anyone sees this happen.

    I will add a defensive check for what I imagine is going on in this case though, so it might be fixed for the next update.
  13. Drumhead

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    yeah...sorry I sort of closed it without thinking. oops :(