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  1. Fritz

    Fritz Member

    Forgot to mention, the animations for the power saw, in the carpentry workshop are no longer working.

    They do use the power saw, but no animation, sparks, or sound.

  2. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Oh, that's interesting. I'll take a look.
  3. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    And yeah, stockpile hauling utility was kind of turned down a bit. It's been fixed moving forward,.
  4. chickenbone99

    chickenbone99 Member

    Bureaucrat's cabinet

    when placing this item in a building it creates an error:

    Error: [string "forntaccessmodule | Create"]:36: module creation: Bureaucrat'sCcabinet does not have any tags! [Create | From accessmodule]
  5. Danl

    Danl Member

    I've seen the kitchen bug described above at the textile workshop too. Not only were they carrying the flax back and forth to the endlessly, but each time they did the counter on the standing order went up. It reached something like 24/10 in a few minutes. (1 actually made).
  6. Wolg

    Wolg Member

    Is it intentional that the nearest stockpile square usage change from 36a is being ignored when hauling loose items to stockpiles?

    There also still seem to be cases of animals-killing-animals raw meat attracting hauler colonists into the black mask...
  7. Viion

    Viion Member

    I've also experience this quite a few times. Was kinda surprised to see villagers move to the map edge to get some meat. Seems the prey-animal had fled to the map border before being killed. :)

    There were also some strange looking graphic at the border. The "square" with the "sea" moved along the map border in tandem with the movement of the camera.
    2015-03-09_00002.jpg 2015-03-09_00001.jpg
  8. Viion

    Viion Member

    Oh yes, please. I know I probably should be creating choke-points (and I did created a 2 gabbion thick wall around my settlement once!), but sometimes you just think "Oh Glorious Cog, this is going to hurt!" and start spamming the rally-pointers so that soldiers, ANY soldiers will hopefully get close enough in time to prevent the inevitable slaughter of the civilians.
  9. Ok, I don't think anyone else spotted this: I just loaded a game and I discovered that kitchen and workshop have turned back to blueprints... I'm not completely sure for the workshop, but I'm 100% certain for the kitchen: there's some stew in a stockpile...

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  10. Daniel

    Daniel CEO Staff Member

    So we talked internally about the global rally and whether we want to do something like that. If the way that the characters react to threats were going to stay the way that it is now, I agree that would be a great control mechanism, since micromanaging all of the military squads is a bit click-heavy right now and doesn't have a significant impact on the way they function.

    That said, I think the way that players are going to be using military squads is going to change a little bit, which makes me hesitant to want to put something like that in place. The issue at the core of this is, I think, that the military units almost all respond to problems as a whole, so having multiple squads with different points isn't as meaningful as it should be. And the reason why they're so good at responding to danger right now is that we don't have a great visual tool (yet) indicating what their area of effective influence is, so we're temporarily just making it huge.

    I suspect we will be working in a way for you to know what area a squad will actively defend, and that it will make assignment of individual squads much more important. Once we do that we'll take a look at player behavior and see if it's beneficial to set up a default location for squads without specific orders to hang out.
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  11. Daniel,
    Your tag line is CEO, but your avatar looks nothing like the CEO. Please see attached.

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  12. Daniel

    Daniel CEO Staff Member

    I wasn't wearing my tie in that picture :(
  13. FIbinachi

    FIbinachi Member

    Here's a bit of an oddity I just noticed.

    Your starting NCO and soldiers will do no jobs that aren't pushups or eating. However, if you get an Overseer with Military Training in the original colonist generation and conscript them, essentially making them another NCO... then they will do any all jobs like foraging, constructing, hauling and chopping wood.

    If you assign any soldier to this Overseer-Turned-NCO, they also begin foraging, farming, chopping wood and so on. Assign them back to the original military NCO and they become "lazy" again.

    Further, should your original NCO die from some gunshot related accident with bandits, the game assumes you have no NCO (despite the drafted Overseer-Turned-NCO in full regalia and with military training and it being registered as an NCO in the military workcrews oversight) and gives you the "Request Reinforcements" event.

    It's a bit weird.
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