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    Just woke up. I'm sitting with a cup of coffee reading this. I must at this time admit that might have been a mistake since I've partly covered my monitor in a fine mist of coffee after laughing out loud at some of the comments in here. Great stuff. I can't wait until later today when I can poke my head in and see how many colonists I can manage to eat.... eh.... manage.

    And on a different menu, I can't seem to find any patch log.
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    Everything ran fairly well for about a week, except I noticed that the supply ship never showed up causing a production blockage. Not sure what caused this particular crash, though.

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    I made it all the way to day 15, with 39 colonists, without crashing and with only minor bugs. I managed to save and load successfully, which would have been unheard of prior to r30E. Things are looking much more stable.

    That said, at this point, the game is starting to chug. Animations are still smooth, but actual movement is stop and go.

    Minor issues:
    -My Naturalist got permanently stuck on a gravestone being built, is starving, and now none of my exploration is getting done.
    -My Metalworks was under construction when a large wave of fishmen attacked and killed several of my colonists. Life continues in the colony, but the construction has been abandoned. No new Work Crews will take up the construction job.
    -Like others, I have never had an air supply drop, so I am at a construction bottleneck.
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    Hmm. Had a carpentry workshop build with double stairs on both the loading dock and door, sealing in the overseer and preventing his work crew reaching him. ...when I looked next, he had got out somehow, but the workshop modules remained unbuilt.

    Berry bushes, after forage but before renewal, won't accept jobs (so you can't clear them away until they regenerate).

    Lastly, anybody else seeing massive slowdowns with the work crew view open? (To the point of windows declaring CE unresponsive in resource monitor).
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    Yeah, Im getting that. Spontaneous fishmen massacres have left several abandoned projects around the camp. The loss of an overseer seems to break the job. Irritating that the military won't drop their current task to defend colony, even with a rally called.
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    What an excellent piece of news to get when I return from work :D time to test some more ;).

    Sounds and looks good from all the talk. Will see for myself very soon.

    EDIT: First play through on REV30E and must say some very nice changes, fixes and additions.

    - Love the new militia and will be even better when system is polished up.
    - Farming is indeed much better and I suspect that this is a combination of both improvements to the work orders and priorities and also of course the fixing of a couple bugs in regards to farming that hindered it.
    - The attacks with Fishpeople, you can actually survive with the help of militia, a quick way to obtain some form of military when really desperate.
    - AI and work crews seem to function much better and not get stuck or do silly loops, (Although one thing I continually notice, If soldiers have a weapon equipped and are trying to return one or move it to a stockpile, they cannot because they already have a weapon equipped thus they sometimes just keep trying over and over :S

    Apart from that all good but I am sure when i manage to get a seriously long play probs tomorrow, some bugs or issues are bound to arise. If not then all the better !
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    Something else I noticed in 30E is a shortage of the metal plates (Iron plates?) necessary to build the supply chain to build more of them. I assume this is intended to be alleviated by the currently broken supply ship drop. Most of the furnaces for the smithing buildings require them, and you dont start with enough to build the supply chain required to make more of them, if you don't get a drop, or stumble across some salvageable crates.
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    I think you will always find (right?) salvageable wrecks that just happen to have iron plates. And they also have bolts of cloth which look really really useful. I tried to offer them to the fishpeople as a peace gift, but they answered "bweeerlaahrlaaah kuriahwhhrr". And one of them tried to kill me. They probably just misunderstood what I meant. I felt sorry for the poor fishman, but my NCO said it was ok, they have plenty more when they come from.
  9. Cyjack

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    There was very little fog left on my last map, and I hadn't found any yet before my game ended by crash. In any event, it's probably only an issue in this build. Once the supply ship is fixed, it will probably drop supplemental plates before I'd ever stumble on any. It just happened to highlight a potential bottleneck in player progress.
  10. Wolg

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    Got an NCO with no friends and yet the memory of becoming friends with herself...


    ...a fairly creepy combination of colonist task and thought...


    ...and an 0xc0000005 to end the session.

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  11. dbaumgart

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    Supply ship is fixed! (I copied the event script to make the "starvation bailout" event and neglected to change the name of the timer that the starvation bailout resets. Oops.)

    ... As suggested by the above post, the art team here loves the idea of cannibals carrying corpses to a discreet location before eating them.

    (And now I'm on the "becoming friends with oneself" error.)
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    Me told me that he thinks it is a great idea, and that guy usually know what he's on about!
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    i'm so ansious for the final release \*o*/
    i wonder, if the game is called clockwork empires, then it means it will have more countries/empires than just british empire right?
    my suggestion for an empire
    Japanese edo period steampunk style, imagine clockwork samurai and stuff like that, perhaps even yokai (japanese monster/ghost) would appear too

    Chinese ming dynasty empire with steam terracottas xD and Jiangshi (chinese vampire/zombie)

    greek/roman empire molded into a modern steampunk style
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    It has potential. Maybe the insane can become friends with... things. Be they hallucinations, invisible beings, or even just a set of iron plates (where the friendship passes to the oven the plates are used to construct).
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    What with the recent changes to supply ship drops and starvation bailouts, I'm wondering when, exactly, I can expect a supply ship to provide me with iron plates and what not. I played for the better part of a week before it crashed, and I only received colonist drops.
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    Next update, there was a boo-boo that causes supply ships to not show up.
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    OddProphet, if you want it fixed now, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Clockwork Empires\scripts\events\starvation_bailout.go, open it with Notepad (make a copy first), and change

    settimer("Supply Ship Timer", 0)


    settimer("Starvation Bailout Timer", 0)
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    Fantastic, thanks friends!