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    Bugs found in Dredmor 1.03 + Hotfix (Windows XP Pro SP3 32 bit @ 1024x768 with a Radeon X1900 and Intel Q9400 quad core processor)

    Since its getting harder and harder to keep track of all the bugs on the forum, i am going to start keeping issues that i have found and confirmed in this list so as not to clutter up the forum with tons of posts. Until the Devs post an official bugtracker of sorts, we are going to have to resort to these kinds of methods to keep the forums clean. I would encourage the Devs to comment on these lists in an effort to help track what bugs are known, being worked on, or fixed.

    2011-08-01 - Bugs 1-18 have been added to the BLOB (Big List Of Bugs) spreadsheet. Bug 6 was reported by someone else.

    Bug 1 - Fixed 1.0.5
    Bug 2
    Bug 3
    Bug 4
    Bug 5 --------------- Still in 1.0.6
    Bug 6 - Fixed 1.0.6
    Bug 7
    Bug 8 - Fixed 1.0.6 (Shop music still does not load after loading saved game in shop.)
    Bug 9 --------------- Still in 1.0.6
    Bug 10
    Bug 11
    Bug 12
    Bug 13 - Fixed 1.0.5 (Semi-fixed: still uses quite a bit of CPU while not doing much.)
    Bug 14 - Fixed 1.0.6
    Bug 15
    Bug 16 --------------- Still in 1.0.6
    Bug 17 - Fixed 1.0.6
    Bug 18 --------------- Still in 1.0.6

    1: Holding down the control button and swapping two items in your inventory causes the item that was on your cursor to be deleted, and the item you picked up to be placed on the cursor instead. Holding down the control button and trying to swap items with the left click in your character window causes nothing to happen, however holding either shift or alt does work.

    2: If you rebind the default quest menu key (Q) to say.. N, pressing N will bring up the quest menu, but pressing N again will not close it. Pressing the default button of Q will still close the quest menu, but will not open it.

    The same behavior is seen when remapping the default menu key (M) to a different key. Pressing the new key will open the menu, but pressing the new key will not close it. Pressing the old key (M) will close the menu.

    Likely cause of this problem is that there is a permanent binding hardcoded in the game from before the option to rebind keys was added. One that needs to be removed. This issue affects the (Escape) close window/menu key, the (M) close window/menu key, the (Q) quest keys.

    3: The escape key is permanently bound to function as the menu key, and its used to close windows. This causes all sorts of weird behavior when other functions are bound to the escape key. For example, if you bind escape to any other key, it will perform that function as well. If you bind escape to walk left, your character will start to walk left, then the menu will open, and he will stop walking left and be transported back to the square he started on. When escape is bound to inventory, it will open the menu, and then when you close the menu it will open the inventory. Pressing it again will then not do anything at all. It wont close the inventory, and it wont open the menu. Same thing happens if bound to the the character screen.

    Suggestion: Change the default close/menu function to the (ESCAPE) key instead of the (M) key and then properly allow the close/menu key to be rebound to any other key, then delete both the hard coded (ESCAPE) key and (M) key bindings incase someone wants to rebind either of those keys to a new function.

    4: Pressing the (Z) key causes the player to move to where the mouse cursor is. This also causes all sorts of weird behavior when other keys are bound to the Z key. After binding the skill menu to the (Z) key, whenever the skill menu is closed by clicking on the close button, or pressing (Z) again to close it, it causes the player to move to the current mouse cursor position.

    There is a similar problem where re-binding the (-) and (=) keys to other keys and causes the keys to serve a dual function. (However the (-) and (=) keys serve their own function, they dont cause the player to walk to the cursor)

    Solution: No more hard coded or hidden key bindings. Remove them all. Replace them all with properly configurable keys in the configuration menu. Add the 'move to cursor key (Z)' the 'slow down key (-)' and the 'speed up key (=)' to the key binding menu, along with any and every other hidden key which has not been found, or not been documented. Hidden and perma-bound keys are bad.

    5: With a staff skill of 2 (Trainee Stick Wrangler and Spirit Conduit) if you equip TWO staff class weapons, it adds +1 crushing damage to your ranged attack in the character screen. With only one equipped, you dont get this bonus. This same behavior happens with other weapon classes im pretty sure, and does not seem to happen with level 1 weapon skill.

    This was tested with very low level gear, and does not seem to give the crushing bonus to the attack against DL1 diggles or lil batty's on normal difficulty. (Small Crossbow +1 piercing) + (New Bolts +1 piercing +2 slashing) = 2 piercing +2 slashing damage +1 crushing damage from range skill bonus added from having 2 staffs equipped. Actual damage done with and without extra staff equipped that causes the +1 crushing to show up in ranged attacks = 1 slashing + 2 piercing to show in the text log. (You would expect to have 1 crushing, 2 piercing, and 2 slashing damage hitting the diggle or the lil batty. Both monsters seem to resist 1 slashing damage, and the crushing damage simply does not apply, unless both of them are resisting that too.)
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    6: When clicking on the left half of the X in the upper right corner of the Quest window to close it, the window will not close. You have to click the right half, or even further past the right half of the graphic in order to close the window. (Tested only at 1024x768) It appears that the alignment of the close button function does not match the graphic of the quest window close button. The actual button appears to be shifted 1/2 the width of the graphic, to the right.

    Solution: Move the close button trigger box 1/2 of the width of the close button to the left so that it properly matches the graphic.

    7: When loading a save game with your character standing in a doorway, the door graphic appears ontop of your character. http://img855.imageshack.us/img855/8740/doorappearsontopafterlo.png

    Solution: Re-draw the character sprite last after loading a save game.

    8: When loading a save game in Brax's shop without moving from where you were standing, if you pick up an item, Brax will no longer block the doorway. But if you leave the shop with that item he will say you are trying to steal it. When you load the game, it does not check to see whether you are in Brax's shop, and does not play the shop music unless you take 1 step.

    Taking a step causes the proper shop music to load, and causes Brax to go back to his normal behavior of blocking the doorway. Doing anything that passes a turn other than taking a step lets the game continue to think that you are not in a shop (tested by giving myself lockpicks, by right clicking an item to equip it, and by casting a spell.)

    This bug only happens when you quit the game completely and re-load, or after you load a different save and then load back into the original save. If you do a save and quit to menu, then load the same save again, Brax will block the doorway when you pick up an item just like normal. So.. it seems like the save isnt being fully unloaded when you quit to the menu.

    9: Increased vision radius issues. Currently the vision radius seems to be bugged. Often times equipping items which add or subtract from vision radius do not actually have an effect even though they show up on the character sheet as giving or reducing radius. The spectacles and the bucket are both examples of this problem. Equipping the bucket on a character which has zero sight radius will not reduce the sight radius below zero in the character sheet, and does not reduce the characters actual game sight radius. Equipping the spectacles will increase the sight radius on the character sheet, but will not actually increase the sight radius of the character as far as i can tell.

    Possible cause: Its possible that the reason that the actual sight radius is not being increased is that the default value in the game is actually 5, but on the character sheet its 0. You might need to get it to +6 on the character sheet in order for it to actually increase your vision range? This is just a guess.

    Suggestion: Currently the sight radius in the status screen is displayed as zero. Since there are items in the early game that increase and decrease this amount. Perhaps the actual sight radius in the character sheet should display its true value of 5 or whatever it is? Then it would make much more sense when adding or subtracting sight radius from the character, and these items would function as intended. Why have a bucket reduce the characters sight radius, when you cant reduce it below the current value of zero (which is actually 5?), even though the bucket is usually found early in the game?

    10: Perhaps not a bug, but should be looked at. The top of the characters head is level with the center of the screen at 1024x768 windowed resolution, that means that there is way more view distance at the top of the screen than at the bottom. The character can see 6 tiles to the north, and only 2.5 to a maximum of 3 tiles to the south because the interface is in the way of the rest of it, and because he isnt centered to begin with. My recommendation is to move the default character positioning on the screen 1 (maybe two) tiles to the north. That way he (actually) shows up centered in the screen, and would then have +5 view tiles to the north and +3.5 or +4 view tiles to the south, depending on how much of the interface obscures the view.

    Please see my other post for more information and screenshots which illustrate this problem. http://www.gaslampgames.com/forum/discussion/290/dredmor-view-distance-problem-at-1024x768/p1
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    11: Tutorial issues:

    Tutorial progress does not save between game sessions. The gold stars go away after you quit the game.

    You get a gold star in the tutorial menu for exiting a tutorial without completing it.

    Any keys changed in the real game are not reflected in the instructions in the tutorial. If you change your keys to up/down/left/right, the tutorial still tells you to use the WASD keys even if they no longer function.

    No ability to rebind keys from within the tutorial.

    Real game always gives warning about not having played the tutorial, even if tutorial menu shows all gold stars.

    12: There is a fair amount of inconsistency involving the left and right clicking methods to equip things.

    Left clicking any equippable item onto your character sheet causes no turn penalty. (Needs penalty)

    Right clicking to equip weapons causes no turn penalty. (Needs penalty)
    Right clicking to equip helms, boots, shields, rings, and armor causes a turn penalty. (Correct behavior)

    Right clicking a weapon when you have 1 weapon and 1 shield causes a swap with the weapon. (Correct behavior)
    Right clicking a shield when you have 1 weapon and 1 shield does not cause a swap. (It should swap with the shield)

    Right clicking a shield when you have 2 weapons in your hands does not cause a swap. (Should cause a swap in the right-most hand)
    Right clicking a weapon when you have 2 shields in your hands does not cause a swap. (Should cause a swap in the right-most hand)

    Right clicking to equip or swap a crossbow does not work.

    Right clicking on any item on the paper doll does not cause an un-equip. I think it should.

    Extra thoughts: For balance reasons there should be a penalty of 1 turn for either equipping, removing, or swapping items. Each should be a penalty of 1 turn. Swapping by left or right click should serve as a single function and have a penalty of 1 turn, and not 2 turns.

    13: Launcher causes more CPU usage than actually running the game. When starting the launcher, my intel quad core Q9400 goes from 0 to 25% cpu usage. This is spread out among all 4 cores, and not limited to a single core. Since there are no animations, nor any sound being played while the launcher is open, this seems like some sort of bug. The launcher actually uses more CPU than the game itself.

    This probably isnt a big issue for most people since they dont keep the launcher open for long but is probably something that should be looked into. 25% cpu usage across 4 cores (2667mhz * 4) would probably equal 100% cpu usage on nearly a single core system and could be causing some of the launcher crashes or failures to load game that are being mentioned in the bugs section. Perhaps the launcher should be slightly less aggressive and should not eat up cpu cycles when minimized.

    http://www.gaslampgames.com/forum/discussion/602/launcher-causes-high-cpu-usage.-1.03-hotfix/p1 for more details.

    14: Manually setting "setting name="currentResolution" value="10"/" in the config.xml to 11 or higher causes the launcher to turn black and crash. 1024x768 "10" is the smallest available option on my machine with 1600x1200 "0" as the highest.

    Solution: Perhaps there should be a check to see if the resolution value is accurate, and if it is not, it should default to a lower resolution so that it does not cause the launcher to crash.

    Extra thoughts: Does dredmor detect display resolutions that the current monitor is capable of displaying? If so, perhaps resolutions should count upwards from the lowest possible resolution. 0 should be 1024x768, that way for monitors which support higher resolutions, if the configuration files are copied to a different machine you dont end up with 0 equaling a different setting on that machine that is out of range of the monitor's max display, thus causing a launcher crash.

    Alternatively, it would be so much better to store the correct resolution info in the config.xml. Instead of 0 = 1600x1200, store 1600x1200 in there. User readable configuration files are generally a good idea. Though this might cause problems with people trying to change to an unsupported resolution through the configs.

    15: When binding keys, using special keys cause strange behaviors in the key binder:

    F1 - F7, TAB, Insert, Delete, PGUP, PGDN, Home, End, and Pause/Break, all four arrow keys, and all of the numpad keys except numlock cause the key definition to be blank.

    When setting any of the keys below, it causes the key display to become off center.

    F8 displays !
    F9 displays "
    F10 displays #
    F11 displays $
    F12 displays %
    Left shift displays 0
    Left control displays 2
    Left alt displays 4
    Right shift displays /
    Right control displays 1
    Right alt displays 3
    Caps lock displays -
    Print Screen displays (The less-than sign)
    Scroll lock displays .
    Numlock displays , (But only when its being turned OFF, does not overwrite previous bind when being turned ON)

    Solution: Add proper key descriptions for all of the above keys which display funny or blank characters. Left shift should be "L Shift" and not an off center "0 " The config.xml file should also reflect this change. If you bind a key to the Q key, it should be displayed in the config as "Q" not be displayed as a number. (Config files should always be user readable for editing or customization when not in the game.)

    Suggestion: Add an option to reset to default keys, and add an option to delete a key function so that you dont HAVE to rebind it to something else.
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    16: When you click on the plus sign to add a copy of the skill Radiant Aura to the skill bar, the mouse over popup shows that the skill also gives you +1 aetheral resistance. It probably shouldnt show this. (The aetheral resist is a passive from taking the astrology skill tree, and is granted by simply having the radiant aura and above skill trees.) As far as i understand, this bonus should only show in the skill tree, but not on the mouse over text for adding a new skill to the quick skill bar. This 'problem' does affect other skills. http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/4928/radiantaurashowspassive.jpg

    17: You can steal a crossbow from Brax's shop by equipping it, picking up any item from any other pedestal, then putting that same item back down on its own pedestal again. As soon as you put the other item back down, Brax lets you out of his shop with the stolen loot. (Thanks to snakebite36 for reporting this one: http://www.gaslampgames.com/forum/discussion/687/stole-from-brax-by-placing-other-item-on-stolen-items-spot/p1)

    18: When attempting to right click to shoot a non-hostile Brax with a crossbow, he asks if you want to sell him your arrows. Not sure if this is a bug, or a protection to keep people from accidentally shooting him.
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    Reserved for bugs 21-25
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    This section for unconfirmed or unreproduced bugs:

    Unconfirmed bug 1: Crafting tools appear to sometimes autofill a slot with an upgraded item, instead of the base item you have in your inventory. More checks need to be made to make sure it always selects the base item first if its in your inventory, and never automatically selects an upgraded version of the base item.

    The ability to manually put the upgraded item into the crafting tool should remain, if you can, and or if that is an intended behavior.

    Notes: I think this happened to me in 1.03+hotfix when i wanted to upgrade a staff or a sword and the auto-fill grabbed an enchanted version of it from my inventory, instead of the plain version. I crafted the item without giving it a second thought, and then wondered where my upgraded item went to.

    Unconfirmed bug 2: Buying bolts (or maybe any stack of items) from Brax lists the cost per individual item, and not the cost per the stack. Since theres no option to buy individual bolts, (i dont think?) it should list the stack cost, or give you an option of how many you want to purchase, and then calculate that price. A person looks at some bolts that Brax has for sale and then buys them because they seem to have a low cost, but ends up getting charged more than expected.

    This bug may only apply to 1.02. I have not seen Brax selling any stackables in recent games to test. (The video linked below is not my own)

    (Cruelly Barbed Copper Bolt(7) (246 Zorkmids) Clicking buy charges the player 1722 Zorkmids) Skip to 4:25 to see the problem. (Time code included in link)


    Unconfirmed Bug 3: Monsters can stack. Stacked monsters seem to be able to perform more attacks than there are monsters in the stack, almost as if they can cause your turn to be skipped at times. This has happened a few times when picking up a quest item that needed to be found and causing blobs to stack. This might be related to trying to perform an action in the middle of an enemy round, and might also be related to the bug that allows you to sometimes skip a monsters turn if you act before their animations. Danswan reported that he could curse a monster with the golden ratio, and then spam the space bar to keep it from moving towards him.
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    This section for minor issues and suggestions:

    1: Suggestion: Ability to re-bind ALL KEYS used in the game, including the 1,2,3 and shift 1,2,3 hotkeys. This includes the hidden speed up keys, and the hidden "Z" key which acts like a left click and causes the player to move to the location of the cursor when pressed.

    2: Suggestion: Ability to 'equip' items or wand usage to the hotbar. (Not to use as storage space, just item usage for items still in your backpack.)

    3: Suggestion: Ability to remove items from the hotbar...

    4: Suggestion: Can we get the resolution, sound, and key configuration settings accessible from the main menu instead of just in game or from the launcher? Not being able to turn down the volume, set the resolution, or change your keys until you are actually playing your character seems a bit silly. Being able to set the sound and volume from the launcher also seems silly since you have no way of telling how loud the sounds or music are. (Launcher has no sound or music.)

    5: Suggestion: Give us an option to make the game not use cpu cycles when idle/minimized. I keep the game open while doing other things in the background and it eats up a lot of cycles unnecessairily. I would prefer if the music stopped playing when i swapped out of the game.

    6: Suggestion: Allow Brax to sell partial stacks of items to the player. When buying stacks we should be able to specify how many we want, and then he should give the total charge for that partial stack of items.

    7: Suggestion: Scrollable text history so we can see what happened on a big turn with too many actions happening. Sometimes if too many actions happen the list will continue to slowly scroll for ages after the battle has finished. Like in a monster zoo.

    8: Suggestion: Spread the damage out over the top of a characters head, and allow it to fade it out more slowly so that we can see all the different types of damage that are being done on an attack a little better. (Or give us a bigger or scrollable combat log history)

    9: Suggestion: Health regen and mana regen display changes. Currently the game lists starting health and mana regen as zero for a default character and then shows the positive or negative modifier. Perhaps the game should show the current regen value as 1 per X turns. And then be modified. That way the player could more easily see how much of an impact its actually having by looking at his character sheet, and would realize that they are different depending on difficulty level. This change might be slightly confusing to a player since higher values would be BAD, and lower values would be good. If the display counter showed a negative default value instead of a positive one, that could be interpreted at 1 regen every say "-9" turns, and getting +2 bonus would then show up as every "-7" turns.

    10: Suggestion: Make anvils of krong generate the random bonus when the anvil is created by the map. This will stop players from save scumming the reward they want from the anvil. Technically the bonus will still be randomly chosen (but only at the time it was created) thus it wont give you a different random bonus each time you try to use it, and will only give you the static bonus that was determined on its creation. This should help prevent some cheating on the leader boards. Sure a person could still find a way to re-load their save file, but if they do they would only have the choice to either use the anvil or not. Instead of what they can currently do which is to keep re-rolling till they get what they want, which usually means re-rolling when they get a curse, and re-rolling when they get a crappy bonus.

    11: Suggestion: Dealing with infinite experience gain after stealing an item from Brax and fighting debt collectors:

    Perhaps what might balance this out better would be to allow any debt collector who hits you, to have a high chance to steal your items, including any item you had equipped, and some gold. If they manage to steal all the items that you stole from Brax back, they would then take a chunk of your gold as a punishment, and all stop spawning and disappear in a cloud of smoke, keeping any item they stole from you and removing them from the game.

    This would keep there from being an infinite amount of experience, and would reduce the 'reward' for stealing and then hanging around. Sure you can drop all your gear somewhere else (except for your gold) but that would make it hard to fight the collectors. And you wouldnt want to risk losing your gear, gold, or character just to fight them for experience. Or simply make them not give experience.

    12: Suggestion: With regard to lockpicks and spores, increase the amount given per skill usage, and increase the cooldown accordingly. It would be a lot less of a hassle to cast them once every 400-500 turns, than once every 40-50. Would be less disruptive to the gameplay to do it less frequently. Also make spores and lockpicks non sellable or lutefisk-able.

    13: Suggestion: Save games.. It would be nice if the save games showed a date and a time. The delete save button is right where i would expect the 'load game' button to be.. and the "Done" button which loads the game is somewhat unintuitive. Perhaps it should be called "Load" Also, the delete save game button has no confirmation.. we really need one.. i suggest moving the button and adding a confirmation.
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    Since its getting harder and harder to keep track of all the bugs on the forum, i am going to start keeping issues that i have found and confirmed in this list so as not to clutter up the forum with tons of posts.

    And then when winter comes, it'll freeze the gorillas!
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    "10: Suggestion: Make anvils of krong generate the random bonus when the anvil is created by the map. This will stop players from save scumming the reward they want from the anvil. Technically the bonus will still be randomly chosen (but only at the time it was created) thus it wont give you a different random bonus each time you try to use it, and will only give you the static bonus that was determined on its creation. This should help prevent some cheating on the leader boards. Sure a person could still find a way to re-load their save file, but if they do they would only have the choice to either use the anvil or not. Instead of what they can currently do which is to keep re-rolling till they get what they want, which usually means re-rolling when they get a curse, and re-rolling when they get a crappy bonus."

    How about we don't. As it stands, unless you have the archaeology reroll skill, the bonuses you get are not powerful enough to justify that kind of nerf.
    Unless I'm really unlucky, and you can get 3 to all damage type on level 4. :)

    Seriously, there's no cheating on the leaderboards that this is going to fix at all. Unless you think the 2 billion score was done using Krong Anvils. :)
  12. Ratha

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    Im not sure implementing a simple measure for anti-cheating is a nerf exactly. But im fairly sure that people do sit and roll and re-roll krong mods so that they can get the bonuses they want as opposed to taking what the game gives them. Thus they get further in the game and score more points. If it was an intended feature the Dev team probably would have simply allowed you to pick the bonus or curse you get. I do respect that your opinion differs from mine on this though.

    Dont get me wrong, im all for people doing what they want with their own games, but allowing those players to be ranked will cause the leaderboards to become flooded with illegitimate player scores, and at some point, legit players will no longer rank on the lists.
  13. Tacroy

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    Ratha, there's way more problems the devs need to address first before handling that kind of leaderboard balance. Currently, you can make diggles grant a billion XP by adding a couple of zeroes in the right place in an XML file and the game won't notice.
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    Thats why i put them in the suggestions section at the bottom which bears the label of "This section for minor issues and suggestions" while the rest of the other bugs at the top in the first few posts.

    EDIT: Also, i believe that the Dev's are aware of your diggle health bug, because its listed as fixed in 1.04 "FIXED: infinitely long Diggle health bars."
  15. Tacroy

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    Then in that case, see my first post.
  16. Ratha

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    Quote: Tacroy "And then when winter comes, it'll freeze the gorillas!"

    Your first post does not make any sense to me. Would you please elaborate?
  17. DavidB1111

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    @Ratha Um, Ratha, don't get angry, but is English your native language? You're good at it, but you seem to be confused easily. Don't kill me.
    Tacroy was talking about the only exploit the leaderboards has, which is to give monsters really high experience. Which is completely different from having an infinitely long health bar.

    "Dont get me wrong, im all for people doing what they want with their own games, but allowing those players to be ranked will cause the leaderboards to become flooded with illegitimate player scores"

    Ratha, you do realize that the scumming done to get good stuff makes zero difference in the scores in the game? There is nothing you can gain from Anvil that is going to make even a 50 point difference between not cheating/scumming the Anvil and cheating/scumming it.

    There is no big score you can get from getting + 1 counter on your weapon, and then getting +2 crushing resistance on your amulet.

    Unless you think people can scum until they get +20 to all stats. :)
    Which is impossible.
    You're trying to say that someone scumming for a slightly better roll is totally illegitimate, and should be blocked from having a score that is almost no different than a legit score.
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    I have a reproduceable crash when charging (lucky the game autosaved when going down to level 2 or would not be able to load it again) I find a stony wand, left click on it and drop it into belt/quickbar (in the shift 2 spot, not that I think it matters) use Rod charge on it, and the game crashes out instantly, using rod charge by selecting it from spell bar and rightclicking on the stony wand. The wand is at entropy 30/ 5 burn rate.

    ... further testing, seems that the game crashes whenever I use rod charge once i have picked up the stony wand, does not matter if I use it on that wand or not...

    If someone could tell me where to find it I could upload the save file for testing.
  19. Zakalwe

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    Further update: found another stony wand on the same level (after leaving the crashy one in its chest unopened) was able to pick this one up and rod charge it just fine. only differnce I can tell is one was in a chest and one on the ground.
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    @DavidB1111 Apparently i misread Tacroy's post about experience, and thought he was talking about the health bug, i dont know for certain but the post looks like its been mildly edited for clarity. Still, my bad, but to answer your question, yes english is my native language. Must have been tired when i replied.

    To respond to your point directly, do i think scumming one anvil is going to make a huge difference in the game? Depends on the character who does it, and how often they do it, but yes i do. Your argument is that scumming weapon upgrades does not have an impact on the game, where i am saying the very opposite. Without good equipment you stand less of a chance of getting further in the game, thus having lower scores.

    With all due respect, im not sure i understand what your side of the argument is exactly. You seem to be arguing that anvil scumming is a 'feature' and that it shouldnt be 'nerfed,' that its not an exploit of the ability to save the game? Do i think its a high priority fix? No probably not, thats why its in my suggestion list instead.

    Do i think its an exploit that should get fixed at some point? As with any exploit, yes i do. Save scumming is generally not considered 'in the spirit of a roguelike.' Will people still find a way to cheat once its fixed? Yep they most certainly will, and there may be even easier ways to do it, but is that an excuse not to patch what is effectively a bug regarding the ability to save scum?