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    I mailed this to the contact address, but figured I'd post it here also.

    So I've logged a few hours on DOD so far. Thoughts, in no order:

    * I ran into a door that I couldn't open, because there was a table or something right in front of it.

    * walking into enemies doesn't seem to attack them; is this intentional?

    * it'd be great to lose the "play the tutorial" message every time I start a game

    * similarly, I died on two tutorial levels and it auto-advanced me to the next one; should probably allow me to retry it, instead

    * would really love a "pick up item underfoot" key

    * would really love a "stack all similar" either key or default option for inventory sorting

    * Tinkerer seems to be a quite powerful skill. It's much better at dealing with traps than Perception is, and you get experience to boot for disarming them (which seems to be most, at least on level 1; there are few traps that have the chance-to-disarm popup)

    * numpad movement would be nice!

    * why is there no diagonal movement? I can pick up items on the diagonal but not move that way...

    * is there any hidden downside to Nerve Stapling? There's the SMAC joke in the text, but it seems like a crazy powerful spell. (also, I'm not sure if you've been told: Deidre's got a network node)

    * I'm playing at 1600x1000 windowed on a 1920x1200 screen, and the various icons are all pretty small; it'd be great if there was a way to resize, say, character and inventory boxes

    * similarly: every time I start the game with my config, the game window (not the config window, but the actual game) is offset to the right and I have to reposition the window

    EDIT: forgot one:

    * in the games I've played so far, not only have I not found a crossbow, I've not found an iron ingot to make one. on the other hand, bolts are plentiful.


    * Is there a way to mod the art files for the game? Is this planned? Please say yessss~


    * music is quite good!

    * really enjoying the aesthetic and the various references. (also, just caught a "please don't go" message as I was quitting the game.. but the volume on the voice was too low and I couldn't make it out)