Railguns, Plasma, Black Holes and all manner of nonsense.

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    I had a big big answer based on erroneus size data. Anyway yes those numbers are off, by three decimal places. I suspect the decimal that crept into Jupiter's size simply should not be there(When I multiplied Neptune's size number he gave, by the mass difference I got 5623.8, small enough difference that we could simply be using mass numbers with different imperfections due to rounding). It could also be that he typo'd a dot instead of a comma. IE: he meant it to be 5,639.
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    Yeah. He probably made a typo. That happens.
    I made a big typo myself earlier and called the Beatles the Beetles. :(
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    Although now that I think about it, neptune is the one that is off by 3 decimals, not jupiter. After all the sun is 1047 times jupiter's mass.
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    Since this thread is talking about all kinds of physics stuff it can stay here. I updated the thread title to reflect this. Either way the railgun discussion was over.
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    That works. Thank you.
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    And just for fun, as a side tangent to the gas giants that came up in discussion: Name the law of physics that causes astronauts to need to breath pure oxygen for hours before they take off and leave earth's atmosphere, or suit up for a space walk or risk suffering severe medical complications.
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    Pressure? Gravity? If not one of those, I have no idea what you are speaking of.

    The near vacuum of what we call space is a property of pressure being very low. That is a result of gravity. But what physical law dictates this? Wikipedia has no list of physical laws that would apply.
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    It's called Henry's Law. It states that liquid absorbs gas, and the amount of gas it absorbs is dependent on the surrounding pressure(I'm paraphrasing from memory). The human body cannot metabolize nitrogen, so we always have some unused nitrogen in our bodies because we're mostly liquid, different tissues have different absorbsion rates. If the pressure is reduced too rapidly, we risk the nitrogen in our bodies to come out of solution too quickly, and form bubbles(kind of like taking the cap off a shaken soda bottle), this can cause anything from rashes, to intense joint pain, to embolisms(which has the same effect as blod clots, and has stroke-like symptoms if it happens in the brain). By breathing pure oxygen before entering a lower pressure enviroment, they're reducing the nitrogen in their bodies, because there is less partial pressure of nitrogen, so they breath it out, without risking it forming bubbles because the surrounding pressure isn't actually reduced.

    So the severe medical complications I'm speaking of is decompression sickness, also known as the bends.

    I've met one person in real life who is in a wheelchair because he and some friends of his went for a dive outside their training, made some stupid decisions, and had to come up too quickly(still better than drowning). He got a bubble in his spine, and is paralyzed from the waist down.

    /Diving instructor.

    EDIT: I'm a doofus and got the name wrong, mixed it up with the law for compression of gas. Memory is imperfect and all. ;)
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