Questions regarding functionality of doors

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  1. A couple of questions for those who can answer them, I've looked around and googled a bit as well, but haven't found anything regarding the following.

    * Can you close doors you've opened and if so, can you spike them (block it from your side with an item, buying more time before a monster can bang it open) or lock it if you've found a key?

    * Can monsters (in general or some types) open doors or move around the level before spotting you?
  2. satoru

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    You can close doors you have opened. Though I'm not sure about ones you kick open.

    I don't think monsters can open doors, but since monsters do respawn occassionally on the level they can wander around once you've opened it up
  3. tiptoes

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    Doors kicked open appear to be destroyed.
    I don't think monsters can open doors (though they may block you from closing doors).
  4. Too bad, thank you for your replies.
  5. swanee

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    Can you kick a door when you have lockpicks?
  6. Noven

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    Um... I think it defaults to lockpicks, and the only way I know to change that is to manually remove them from your inventory then pick 'em up again. Saving them for chests, I assume?
  7. mwoody

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    Yeah, with the penalty for kicking a door so low - a few points of damage - and the penalty for crushing a chest so high - losing the item inside - it really only makes sense to use lockpicks on chests. I wonder if I could hide lockpicks inside another item (like an anvil) and just take them out for chests? Still, I wish there was a gameplay way to say "I kick doors."
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