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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Null, Nov 19, 2011.

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    How many different skill ids are supported? 254? 65 thousand? 2 billion? some other odd number? Can it handle having 33 and 35 but no 34? Mainly it's for the sake of compatibility between mods (though I don't even know at this point you can combine them I assume you can) that I want to know about the ids. Of course you could always make it pick them automatically so in the mod if they're id 1, 2 etc and it's not total conversion it would stack on them on the end. Of course then it makes it difficult to edit old skills in a mod but that might be an idea.

    Also is there a changelog to the xml somewhere?

    And if you do read this I really would like to be able to have 1.7 so I can properly make mods and not have to have them in one format to test and convert them to 1.7s and make sure that it works in 1.7 then after having tested, and all the fun and annoying other stuff. I've even made (modified an existing one heavily) a new icon for a skill.
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    I've asked Nicholas to remove the need for the skill ids. They'll obviously cause conflicts between mods (I think back to the fixed weapon type ids being parcelled out by the mod community for Total Annihilation and what a mess that all was).

    And let me get you hooked up with a beta key.
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