ALPHA 49B Question about quantity/quality of colonist influx.

Discussion in 'Clockwork Empires General' started by Cyjack, Apr 6, 2016.

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    In my first game in the new build, I recall receiving 3 workers at a time when the immigration event occurred. In my subsequent games it has only been 2 at a time. In addition, in my first game my Overseers all had a specialty they were slightly better at than others. In subsequent games they have no "strongest skill".

    What determines this? Simple luck? Have I inadvertently changed a difficulty setting someplace?

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    Lower-class: Depends on colony size when the event occurs (which I think is on a set timer, not sure though). Is random, though.
    Usefully, for the first wave of lowerclass, you'll usually have 2 (80% of the time) but can get 1 or 3 (10% each). In my case the first and second waves usually get pushed into the farm & kitchen, though it's safe to fiddle about a bit. I just like to be careful.

    Overseer skills: Random, both in how many skills they get bumped up and how much they get bumped up. There's other factors maybe, but basically don't count on getting a particular skill.
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    Thanks again!