Windows Vista/7 64-bit Quest Items Unusable on Shrine

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by DuckAndCower, Aug 11, 2012.

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    Suffering through a pretty bug-riddled game here. The newest one is that I can't use any quest items on the necessary shrines to complete quests. I'll attach a save where I'm right next to the shrine that's required to complete 3 or 4 quests. For the first few levels, I think I could do so with no problem. It seems to have started on the previous level (I already deleted the incompletable quest from that level from my log).

    Anyway, kind of a bummer. Between the melee-induced crashing and this new quest bug, I think it may be time to scrap this poor character :(

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  2. SaintWacko

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    I used to have that problem. Have you tried the latest hotfix?
  3. DuckAndCower

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    Is there some official place that these hotfixes get posted? Along with a changelog, preferably? Also, is it true that they break Steam achievements?
  4. SaintWacko

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    They're in the Current Bugs thread, along with a changelog. And yes, you can't get Steam achievements if you're running a hotfix, but in my opinion it's well worth it to make the game playable.
  5. Also, I'm not sure if the hotfixes fix this, but:

    If you go into the Pocket Dimension (and/or Wizardlands) after picking up the quest item, it clears the quest item's metadata, which means the game doesn't recognise it as a quest item anymore.

    Fix: After getting a quest item, don't go into the Pocket Dimension until after you've used the item on the shrine.
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    I believe this is covered by a hotfix, as I was able to go into the PD, take my quest item, drop it on the floor, leave, come back, take it with me, put it back again, take it with me once more, and then use it to successfully generate a quest mob via the Monolith, which I summarily whallopped into submission.

    Overly-thorough Man, awaaaaaaay!
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