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  1. Aquaman

    Aquaman Member

    I leave this open to all discussions regarding your most and least favorite PS3 games.

    However I personally am looking for some fun multi-player split-screen & or online PS3 games and would love some suggestions.

    My top 10:

    10. Fallout New Vegas: This game was fun, however it hides in the shadows of Fallout 3. I could never bring myself to go through the whole campaign on this one.

    10. Battlefield 3: Sorry fallout but this is the winner. Not much of a great singleplayer game however, the multiplayer is loads of fun. Unless I want to play zombies...I play this.

    9. Rocksmith: Its a really cool game that actually teaches you how to play a real guitar as you play it. Similar to rockband/guitar hero....only this is the real thing.

    8. Uncarted 3: It didnt feel as amazing as the first two. Dont get me wrong this was an amazing game, one of the best, but it had some extremely hard competition among it's predecessors.

    7. Fallout 3: Open world shooter. I really dont need to say why I like this game, if you have played it, you already know why. It's the type of game you either hate or love.

    6. Oblivion & Skyrim: I liked both, I'm not going to say which I preferred(at least in my main post...this is really an argumentative topic...haha) however I have been a huge fan of all of the elderscrolls games.

    5. Borderlands: Fun singleplayer...amazing multiplayer. I really got into this game, and singleplayer/multiplayer seamlessly flowed together not taking quality away from one another.

    4. Ratchet and clank: This goes to all of the ratchet and clanks, it's truly a great serries.

    3. L.A Noire: Mystery crime solving fps. This game really had me guessing at many of the cases, or rather had me put some good thought into my answers. I might have been a reckless driver but this game was long and fun...yet here I sound like I've beaten it...I cant imagine Im even close. This game is huge.

    2. Uncharted 1&2: flawless game design. Great stories. Amazing Graphics. Definatly set the bar for ps3 games.

    1. Little Big Planet 1&2: Create Share Play! this game is every game you can imagine...all in one.
  2. jadkni

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    I have nothing else to contribute.
  3. klaymen_sk

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    My response in the thread poll prevents me from further discussion in here. :)
  4. Aquaman

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    I've been looking at that one but have not played demon souls yet. is there any story between the two, or are both standalone games?
  5. Daynab

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  6. jadkni

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    There are some references to Demon Souls but they're more to the tune of easter eggs than anything. The story is very much in the background anyway, and while it's steeped in tons of lore, mostly in item descriptions, you can ignore the story and basically get what you're supposed to be doing just fine.