Proposition for a Quick-Skol! Hotkey/Option

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Lavastar, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. Lavastar

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    Hail, fellow Lutefisk maniacs! I am lazy guy, with the OCD of picking up everything useless to me and then Skol! it right away, i.e. transmogrify it into a pile of stinky lutefisks for the glory of the Lutefisk God! However, there are just so many items to Skol! (even though I don't split a stack to Skol! one at a time anymore; and I was playing a character with no crafting skill; and I had Vampirism and Blood Magic so I didn't need to hoard cheese and booze), so the frequent drag-and-drop-into-Skol!-cube process feels more repetitive than it needs to be.

    Perhaps some of you share my passion of Skol!ing and also believe there should be a more efficient means to this splendorous activity. Since we have asked and received such conveniences as the autoloot and quick-sell functionalities from the wonderful developers, perhaps it would not be too unreasonable to request some shortcut to using the Horadric Lutefisk Cube at a more ravenous rate fitting for us Skol!ing fanatics. I'm thinking something similar to the autoloot (ctrl+click to automatically pick up and drop an item into the Skol! cube) or like the quick-sell function (hold down ctrl while clicking on items in the inventory to insta-Skol! them).

    So, what do you guys think?
  2. Patchumz

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    Yes, there needs to be a hotkey to auto SKOL!
  3. Nuro

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    I was thinking this just last night when I eventually decided to not even bother with the cube anymore. It's simply too repetitive right now to skol a few hundred items over the course of a game.
  4. Tacroy

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    It's not that bad, I just leave the cube open at all times and drop things directly in to it. It helps that I have a large monitor, I guess.

    Auto-SKOL sounds a little bit dangerous honestly.
  5. why not shift-click with lutefisk cube open?
  6. You wrote "I don't split a stack to Skol! one at a time anymore" .

    How is this even possible? I myself haven't found a way to split stacked items once they were stacked. Is there a key I don't know yet?
  7. J-Factor

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    Only way is to drag the stack into a crafting window. Extremely tedious.
  8. Thanks!

    I hope you will be able to split stacks after the next patch though!