Procs randomly not happening? (Vampirism, others)

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Gaidren, Aug 26, 2012.

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    So...I'm in a game currently where I have Vampirism. I'm noticing that though the message comes up saying that I performed a Vampirism attack each time I melee, a good chunk of the time I receive no healing. The last time I played with Vampirism was ages ago, way before CotW. This never happened before.

    This same run, my Unarmed special attacks also randomly fail to push things back. I played with Unarmed very recently and never had this happen unless knockback was impossible due to position, or the attack failed. Now its happening often, randomly, that an attack that clearly hit and should have knocked something back....just doesn't.

    Anybody else experiencing this currently?
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    Vampirism only heals when attacking animals, demons, and "others". Specifically, that means that Undead and Vegetables will give you nothing.

    Makes level 2 pretty challenging!
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  3. Gaidren

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    Hmm, that might explain the vamp thing. I think back in vanilla DoD vamp worked on everything, thanks for the info.

    In other news, Astrology's Radiant Aura seems to be proccing a TON. I think Sparkle might have some sort of on-hit proc effect too, and maybe that's what I'm seeing rather than true RA procs? The description just says the on-use thingy Sparkle but maybe there's a proc effect built in as well.