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  1. crystal

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    so the price for the game will be 5$.i really don't feel good with feels like i am stealing from them or something.a good game like this should be at least 15$ i might actually buy it twise just to feel a bit better and help them more
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    Think of it this way---say it were $15 and then you, and only you, bought it. When their next project comes around, only you are there as somebody familiar with their level of quality. Now let's say 3 people got it for $5 each, that population of people to spread the word becomes quite a bit higher.

    Mindshare and casting many seeds into the wind is important, especially for an Indie aiming to build an ultimately supportive audience.
  3. crystal

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    that's true but only when there is a lot of competition.there are not many roguelike games out there and if you want one this is probably the best one so people are going to buy it either way.i don't think there are many people out there who are not willing to give 15$ for a game they like.they just needed to give this game some more publicity.the only reason i know about this game is because of blue's tweet and i know blue/terraria because of pbat's maybe they should give this game to more big youtube people except paulsoaresjr and then even with only 5$ per copy they would get a lot of money