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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Damien, Jan 26, 2012.

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    I understand you guys are already working on a game but I would like to bring your attention to a game being worked on intermittently by 4chan's /k/ board. It is called "Innawoods" and it is a survivalist/tactical game a la X-Com and Jagged Alliance. Unfortunately it is struggling to develop, though a large portion of the art has already been made, it is in limbo.

    The reason I bring this up is:
    The art style is somewhat reminiscent of Dredmor.
    It is a niche game, like Dredmor.
    It is of a foundering genre in need of revitalization.
    You guys are really good at what you do.
    Without professional help the game will likely never be made.

    With your recent success with Dredmor and current projects, I understand if you would be unable to commit, though I ask you as a gamer who misses the traditional genres so much, please take a look at it, and if there's nothing you can do, pass it along to your friends who are looking for something to do, there's so much potential and it would be really sad to see it gone to waste.

    Contact the dev:

    1327607839783.jpg 1327608093455.jpg 1327607539668.jpg
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    It looks like a cool idea for a game, and I am a big fan of Jagged Alliance 2, but the short answer is that it isn't in the cards (and there are lots of reasons for this).

    Basically: game ideas are cheap and they are plentiful. Every game developer has a long list of them, as does every gamer (as you all know, no doubt). Even concept art is rather cheap in the grand scheme of things. Making finished games is very, very hard and it's all that matters in the end. If there was a half million dollars to dump into the game development, we might be able to talk, but even then we're more interested in making our own thing -- it's why we got into our indie game development business in the first place.

    So: I wish the project the best of luck. It's a long, hard road making a game from nothing and Gaslamp definitely knows it.
  3. Damien

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    I understand, following your development and that of SPAZ was really enlightening on just how much blood sweat and tears goes in to bringing a game forward, especially for an indie developer. Still, I thank you for your consideration and response and am really looking forward to what you guys have in store in the coming months, something about dwarfs and their mastery of the eldrich plastics I think .

    Edit: I bought a lottery ticket the other day on a whim, if I win the 110 million dollar jackpot, I would easily have a half million to invest in to development, so I'm glad I can count on your support in that case :p
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