Possible 1.0.5 bugs/glitches

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Termy, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. eastwind

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    Where's this bugsheet that I would check before I reported something if I knew where it was?

    The generator can place zorkids and potions on the same square as the eyeball shrine and you can't pick them up (the zorkids and potions, not the eyeballs - you can't pick those up either but that's not the bug). I saw this with some other interactive piece of furniture than the eyeball shrine but cant recall what now.

    Not a bug, but it would be nice to be able to move the character sheet. When I'm at the left side of a floor I can't see the floor without closing the sheet.
  2. Haldurson

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    One thing you CAN do is, with some kinds of attacks, move the objects. With unarmed, for example, I've been able to attack the shrine, making the item under the shrine move further than the shrine itself, releasing that item. I'm wondering if that is by design, or just a lucky coincidence.
  3. Enchanting an ammo stack of Iron bolts caused every Iron bolt I picked up, made, or retrieved to be added to the enchanted stack even when those found / made / retrieved bolts were all non-magical.

    ...does firing enchanted ammo have any effect, for that matter? I rerolled the enchantment with 'This Translation is All Wrong!' till I got one that added one Voltic damage but I didn't check the damage after the fact. I'm sure other enchants dont work since you can't equip ammo.
  4. competentfake

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    @celestialokami: (from wiki) Damage bonuses gained this way will affect the damage caused by these items, but no other bonus or negative attribute will affect your character as you cannot wear these items....Any normal item of the same type as an artifact bolt or throwing item can be placed on the artifact stack, allowing you to increase the size of the artifact stack.

    @Haldurson: I think it's by design, because all of the knockback effects also move stationary items, and the distance seems random. You can use this trick to knock items off of the little islands.

    Is there a reason why the Handy Wand can only be used when clicked on an enemy, and not if you want/need to move inanimate objects?
  5. SanderJK

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    Possible bug:
    I'm definitely seeing monsters standing in the same square, something I haven't noticed before.
    I noticed that if you cast a spell on that square, it hits both of them.

    Balance/Gameplay issue:
    I'm also not sure if mage characters should be picking up this much sneakiness just through savvy. Apart from a +5 sneakishness crossbow, my character isn't focused on sneaking at all, but since mage talents gives +savvy levelup, and savvy gives sneak, he appears to be mostly invisible to everyone on the map. (He has +55 sneak, his highest secondary stat at clevel 15 / dungeon level 5. Next best is Magic Power, which is at +41, even though I really try to focus on it)
  6. competentfake

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    I found the lutefisk bug I referred to last week. If you save and quit with lutefisk in the cube and are using your ingot press as a 4-slot bag, when you load the save, the lutefisk has migrated to the ingot press and shoved one of the stacks there into the crafted item slot. Also all the ingots I had put into the alchemist's kit are gone. Sigh, guess I have to find room for all this stuff in my bag before I quit.
  7. Derakon

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    Lockup (the burglary skill) doesn't use up lockpicks, though the description says it should. This is a pretty abusable skill for monsters you don't want to melee, and the bug just makes that worse...
  8. eastwind

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    I am at 0/100 on the Monsters With Omelettes achievement, even though I've eaten lots of omlettes.
  9. chodelord

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    first time poster here, thank you for the great game

    the alchemy multiplier appears to be bugged, at level 5 an apple makes 1 applejack and 1 applejack makes 1 brandy
  10. Derakon

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    As far as I'm aware, the only multipliers you get with alchemy are for grinding and for healing potions (in both cases, you get 2 instead of 1 output if you have at least 2 ranks in the skill). Crafting multipliers were mostly removed, to discourage hoarding ingredients until you had maxed out the skill.
  11. Haldurson

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    With alchemy, you can only get 1 or 2 items as a result, and it may (or may not) be intentional. I THINK it's all intentional, but a dev would have to confirm that.
    potions -- the max you can get are 2 with the skill -- probably intentional
    distillation -- distilling Pinot Noir and Cabernet (?) yield 2 brandy, Every other recipe only yields one item I don't know if this is an oversight or not
    grinding -- you only ever get one item from grinding EXCEPT when grinding aluminum and iron bars, as well as aluminum armor. Again, I'm assuming this is how it's supposed to work since 1.05.
  12. Derakon

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    If you cast a damaging debuff on a monster (e.g. Golden Ratio, Arctic Vortex) and then walk around, the monster will often freeze in place, losing its turn.

    Also, I accidentally cast Xeuclid's Translation instead of Recursive Curse on this Snow Baal, with this result:


  13. Haldurson

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    One thing I've noticed in my current game -- Gray Heron Takes Flight (the Unarmed AE attack) can push enemies back without actually agroing them -- I suspect that's a bug (either that, or my stealth is good enough to hit enemies without them noticing it).
  14. Vykk Draygo

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    That sounds like Oblivion, there. Stabbing people in the back, and they don't know where they got hit from. xD
  15. Derakon

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    Fighting a Deth, when it does its attack animation, any taunts it is giving get moved up:


    (The slime is a fungal pet)
  16. Marak

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    Still in 1.0.5: you can double-click (with click to move enabled) to walk without spending any turns. Completely destroys any difficulty for caster builds and Crossbow builds, because you can back away from monsters by rapidly double-clicking across the room and they never get a turn, so they cannot follow you. I believe mashing the arrow keys or WASD very rapidly will also produce this result, put moving one square at a time, with the mouse, double-clicking each square seems to be the most reliable way to )re)produce this bug.

    In addition, there are many times where, after being struck by a foe, my next square of movement will be free and the enemies' turn will again, be skipped. Not sure exactly what causes this "free turn", as it only seems to happen after I've been struck by a melee attack or spell, and only for the first step I take.
  17. echo85

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    I can't say for certain and I may just be wrong, but it appears that blink bats may sometimes just completely blink out of existence. I first thought it happened when I was clearing a zoo on floor six and two of the mobs I needed to kill just are not there. I checked the room of the zoo and room I entered from twice and saw nothing. (wasn't sure I just didn't have a dual zoo with only 2 in the other zoo since I haven't finished the floor) Then I think it just happened again. The bat blinked a few times then was just gone from the room I was in and I didn't see it in any surrounding room. I'll edit if I see it happen anymore
  18. Derakon

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    There were known issues with the game generated disconnected portions of the dungeon (specifically mentioned in threads where Dredmor could only be found by destroying walls); perhaps the blinkbats went into one of those areas?