Possible 1.0.5 bugs/glitches

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Termy, Sep 6, 2011.

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    I had that happen to me once, Meldinoor. Hitting the sort button fixed it. This isn't new in 1.0.5 either; it happened to me in 1.0.3.
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    Confirming for the three posters above me. This issue has been around since 1.0.3.
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    I'm not sure if this is known or not, but I was fighting an enemy who was standing on a satanic displacement glyph. I had a weapon with the knockback bonus from anvil enchantment, and when I knocked the enemy back the glyph disappeared. After killing the enemy and standing on the square where he got knocked to, the satanic glyph activated. Seems the glyph actually moved to the knockback square with the enemy, but the actual glyph graphic disappeared. Odd...
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    I've just had a regular bucket stack with an artifact bucket.
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    Glyphs are subject to being knocked back, as are all the various furniture items. About all you can't knock back are walls and doors, really. The glyph didn't disappear; it was just under the corpse of the enemy.
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    Okay, with glyphs maybe bad because they're teleport thingies linked to each other but... the odd chest flying away is fun!!
  7. I had a game saved on the last floor and was waiting for the heavy armor giving piercing resistance in this latest patch before confronting the horde of arch diggles I knew awaited me.

    A few things happened. Brax looked like Lord Dredmor (a bug I already heard about)

    Unfortunately, Dredmor himself was... a robot. -- http://i.imgur.com/AOoH5.jpg. He hit very hard, like I presume Dredmor should hit like.
    Killing him resulted in a kill message for "The Robo That Loves," and as you can see that's what the game calls him when he goes hostile (I don't have Golemancy). I assume once you kill him the game ends but that didn't happen either nor did I get an achievement for killing him.

    I hope this is fixable, since I would like to get my achievement for fighting my many hours to this last floor. I had this character since the bug where the game crashing resulted in character loss!
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    Presumably you can finish the game by killing Brax.
  9. Yep, after some experimenting that was indeed my solution.
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    I've also found an eely on the first level, which was fine, but it appeared to have some graphical glitches - when the eely changed the direction he was facing on the same square, it didn't erase the previous image, so that it appeared there were serveral eelies stacked on the one square. (Or else several eelies WERE stacked on the same square, and this could only be seen when they changed their direction, so they weren't overlaying each other.) Either way, when I killed one they all died. Haven't been able to replicate outside of the save game.
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    Ive died and loaded my save next to two fountains about 50 times and it would seem that it is currently impossible to drink acid.
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    Eat a Fell Truffle then drink a Potion of Dire Empowerment. The potion buff replaces the truffle buff. When the potion wears off, you have the truffle buff perm. It lasted through save and reload as well.
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    Like hell it is impossible.

    It IS possible, maybe those particular two fountains didn't give you acid for whatever odd reason.
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    think i found a bug too just now:
    was messing with alchemy on a few chars and i noticed that when you put up a recipe, hit autofill, mix it together to get the new item, but then chose a new recipe hit auto fill and mix the new item gets placed as result and the previous one is "gone"...
    might be better to drop the previous one on the ground instead so its not "lost" ?

    also the elven grinder has no autofill. (but might be nice to have there too)
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    Ever since the patch, I've noticed that, no matter what my smithing level, I make two ingots at a time when forging ore. Is that intended?

    I mean, it's not the end of the world, but getting to level 5 in order to get a buttload of ore and have everything I need was kind of nice.
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    I loaded a game and saw that I must have picked up five Lutefisk Cubes (am around 1/3rd through Lvl 2). I though it was hilarious that I found that many, there was even one in a strange chamber very near the start area guarded by 2 Eelies. :|

    I know I had at least 90 lutefisk stored there (as I would store other items in other tools), but they were gone. Not sure if leaving one's lutefisk in the cube overnight was unwise on my part or if it is a glitch.

    Is it possible that my 90 fisk are in one of the five cubes I have, but since they stack, I only have access to the last one I gathered every time I load the game? At the end of the game, i usually have dozens of crafting kits stacked together, which never made sense to me, but I can't resist collecting them, in case there is some hidden benefit. Bulky items like weapons and armor don't stack...why do Anvils and Ingot Presses and Lutefisk Cubes stack up, especially when they can be used as containers? Regardless, take your precious fisk out of the cube before you call it a night!

    PS: A LOT of the time when I get hit by a trap, I hear, "HAYWIRE!", even if it is a rock falling. :) ~Fake
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    It is intended.
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    Possible bug:
    It seems at least some area effects do not apply to your character if you press space to skip a turn. I noticed it specifically on the spell the pumpkin heads on l4 cast.

    Question about Pet behaviour:
    Is it intended behaviour that a pet that's on fire will ignore any enemies, and run back to you? (As a pyromancer, this is quite common, and tedious at times)

    I also noticed that the four fountains in my game so far all gave me the 'Prince' buff. Did I just roll nicely on the rng, is there some code in place to give samey results, or is something off?

    Spawning (Both rate and location):
    I had a 150 mob monster zoo, which took a great deal of turns to deal with. I noticed both mobs spawning in my LoS during this (at one point, just 2 or 3 squares away from me, in the corner of the square room I was standing in), and a great deal of spawned mobs once I backtracked through part of the dungeon after, to the point where it almost seemed repopulated. This was on GR. I'm not sure if either is intended behaviour.
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    The description for cruelly barbed steel bolts says they're made of iron.

    @SanderJK yeah, damage fields only affect you when you move through them. Standing stationary in one is perfectly safe. If this gets fixed then pumpkinns will be even more deadly than they already are...